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We offer two excellent British made timber greenhouses with combo sheds attached. We have the wooden 6ft wide Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouse Shed Combination and the 8ft wide Swallow Raven Greenhouse Shed Combination. Both of these buildings are handmade here in the UK from high grade tantalized redwood pine and feature toughened safety glass as standard as well as automatic roof vents and inward opening doors with proper key locking mortise locks.

A greenhouse and shed combination building is a great way to easily fit both requirements into your garden. The combined greenhouse and shed allows you to make the most of the space available in your garden or on your allotment.
The Gabriel Ash Rosemoor Combi Greenhouse/Shed is a 6′ W x 8′ L greenhouse attached to a 7′ W x 4 1/2′ L shed. The entire structure is made from western red cedar, which not only looks great, but contains natural preservatives allowing greater longevity and resistance to rot. The greenhouse is covered in toughened safety glass while the shed’s roof is made of powder-coated corrugated aluminum. The cedar roof spars are protected by exterior capping with neoprene gaskets to secure glass and ensure weatherproofing.We understand that you may want to talk to an actual person instead of ordering online. Call us toll-free at 1-888-281-9337 to speak to a Sales Representative. The Rosemoor Combi also features an automated ventilation ridge that runs the length of the structure and opens when the temperature rises to release excess heat from the greenhouse. The included gutters and downspouts are constructed from powder-coated aluminum for durability and ease of connection to existing tanks or rain barrels. These hobby greenhouse kits, special ordered from their UK factory, have a 90 day lead time, and require full pre-payment prior to shipping. Shipping will be quoted per order.While there is generally color variation in the cedar, as it is exposed to the weather and begins releasing absorbed moisture, it will begin to mellow into a silver gray color. This is natural and not an indication of faulty or bad material.

Keep an eye on the thermometer, especially when heading toward spring. In many regions, temperatures can be in the 30s (-1 to 4 C.) one day and in the 60s (16 to 21 C.) the next (in a buttoned-up greenhouse it can be much higher). Plants don’t often recover from sudden overheating, so be sure to open the greenhouse if temperatures threaten to soar.Perennial herbs are another option – oregano, fennel, chives, and parsley (biennial) do well. Cool-hardy flowers, like calendula, chrysanthemum, and pansy, not only thrive in a cold house but will bloom through the winter. Many annuals and perennials that may not be hardy in your climate outdoors will actually flourish in the greenhouse, even those that are seeded in fall will grow and produce a bounty of blooms in late winter to early spring.

Can you use a shed for a greenhouse?
You can easily convert your old storage shed into a practical greenhouse with some DIY modifications. Many wooden shed plans are available online that show you how to build the perfect greenhouse from scratch.
Besides greens like spinach and lettuce, you can grow cold tolerant veggies such as cabbage and broccoli in your unheated greenhouse. Celery, peas, and the ever-popular Brussels sprouts are also excellent cool-weather veggie choices for unheated greenhouse growing.

Chances are good your unheated greenhouse is a simple cold frame or hoop type of structure. This structure is very simple to use in the winter and fairly low cost. It should be situated so it is getting the most natural sunlight possible, out of the way of winds, and as close to a water source as possible.
Other winter greenhouse plants that thrive during winter months are root vegetables. Winter temperatures actually stimulate sugar production in some root veggies, so you end up with the sweetest carrots, beets, and turnips imaginable. Don’t stop there with your winter greenhouse gardening though.An unheated greenhouse can be used to grow greens during winter, start warm season annuals, propagate landscape perennials, and shelter frost-tender plants through the winter chill.

When you have a temperature-controlled greenhouse, the sky is the limit as to what can be grown through the winter months. However, if your greenhouse is a simple affair, lacking any heat, don’t despair. Using an unheated greenhouse can still provide you with plenty of options.
During the day, a typical greenhouse will trap heat from the sun, which allows the plants inside to stay warm at night. However, when winter nights get really cold, frost damage in the greenhouse can occur without added protection.

What types of protection are available in lieu of greenhouse heaters? This can be as simple as the addition of one or two layers of horticultural fleece over your plants (remember to remove coverings during the day so they do not overheat) and placing some bubble wrap around your pots to help insulate plant roots and prevent clay pots from cracking. Horticultural bubble wrap also can be used to layer the inside of your greenhouse. The much-needed sunlight will still come through, but the extra layer of protection will keep your plants safe at night.In an unheated greenhouse, growing anything during the cold months of winter may seem impossible. Alas, it is not! Knowing how to use an unheated greenhouse and what plants are best suited are the keys to success. Read on to learn more.An unheated greenhouse in winter will not only allow you to grow hardy veggies, but you can start tender annuals, propagate perennials, and overwinter cold sensitive plants. Of course, it helps to know how to use an unheated greenhouse (or “cold house,” as it may be called) effectively and what plants will be most suited to this cooler environment.

As you’ll be visiting your greenhouse regularly, particularly during the summer, make sure it’s easy to get to and as near to the house as possible. Whether your visits are for damping down, daily watering, opening and shutting doors and vents, or just nipping in to pick a few tomatoes for your lunch, you’ll want it to be close at hand.
Avoid putting your greenhouse on a slope. Although it is technically possible, it would make things complicated, as the staging inside needs to be horizontal. Definitely don’t site it at the base of a slope, as this is often a frost pocket where coldness lingers – which doesn’t make for successful winter growing.

Which direction should a greenhouse face?
Site your greenhouse east to west It will also help it to heat up more quickly after cold nights. If you only intend to grow summer crops, aligning the ridge north-south is preferable as it gives an equal amount of sun to each side and helps to reduce overheating on the hottest days.
Don’t put your greenhouse directly under trees. They’ll cast shade, which encourages green algae to build up, blocking even more light, while falling branches and leaves can cause damage and block guttering. Honeydew from insects on the foliage of trees can make the glass or plastic sticky and dirty. Tree roots can also upset the foundations and make planting directly into the beds inside tricky.If you’re planning on planing directly in the beds inside your structure, choose a spot with decent soil, if you can, as you’ll be asking a lot from it. Poor soil can be improved by digging in organic matter, and raised beds an be a good option. Try to avoid stony or rocky ground, as it can make the construction process problematic.

Can you have a greenhouse outside in winter?
The answer is yes! There are plenty of plants you can grow in a greenhouse in winter, and while they won’t grow as fast as they would in the warmer months, they’ll still flourish with a little protection from the elements.
Of course, there may only be one site for your greenhouse but if you do have a choice, it’s worth giving it the best possible position. You’ll need a spot with maximum light and sunshine, away from frost pockets and cold winds.

Ensure there’s at least 1m of space all around your structure. Not only does this make putting it up easier, but it’s useful when panes or covers need replacing, and when cleaning or simply walking past. Leaving this space will also mean that fences and other structures aren’t close enough to cast shade or hinder ventilation.
If you want to grow crops all year round, it’s best to line up the ridge of the structure to run east-west, as this will maximise light during the winter. It will also help it to heat up more quickly after cold nights. If you only intend to grow summer crops, aligning the ridge north-south is preferable as it gives an equal amount of sun to each side and helps to reduce overheating on the hottest days.It may seem a shame to sacrifice a prime location or an already productive spot in your garden, but when you weigh up the increased benefits – being able to grow crops all year round, extending the growing season, raising seedlings and overwintering tender plants – it’s a sacrifice worth making.The advantages of an Annexed Shed/Greenhouse combination are: Any size and style of building is possible using our Bromley, Kings Bromley, Kingsbury or Bespoke greenhouse frame. Built to your exact specification- door placement, additional doors, shed size, extra windows or partition style. Choice of felt, cedar shingles or TapcoSlate roof options. Just let us know what your dream is and we do the rest for you Written quotations available on request.8ft wide x 12ft deep Kings Bromley shed combo greenhouse with cedar shingle roof, includes partition, partition window and maintenance free roof as standard @ £11,075. 8ft x 22ft Bromley Greenhouse installed in Hampshire including an 8ft x 4ft felted shed roof. Optional extras include aluminium capping and double doors in long side. 10ft x 20ft Bromley Greenhouse installed in Hampshire including a 10ft x 6ft felt roofed shed. Optional extras include aluminium capping, door in long side and 6ft x 3ft Cedar Coldframe

Should a greenhouse have a floor?
One of the most important reasons to install a floor in your greenhouse is to provide a surface that is durable and easy to clean. A good greenhouse floor will protect it from moisture and pests, and it will make it easier to keep the interior clean.
Short of space, or need storage as well a growing space? Woodpecker joinery has been including shed elements within our customers cedar greenhouses for many years. After receiving so much interest, we have taken the opportunity to showcase our range of different solutions we have offered customers over the years. Each structure has been designed to our customers’ exact specification, to ensure the most practical use of space available in there garden. Our team at Woodpecker Joinery can offer you a full design service. Including 3D sketches to fully describe door placement, roof engineering & partition location. We can manufacture anything to complement your surroundings and make your gardening dreams come true, giving you everything you have ever wanted from a garden building. If you want something out of the ordinary, intricate or something you perhaps thought was not possible – we have the perfect solution. 15ft x 24ft Kings Bromley Greenhouse installed in Cheshire including a 10ft x 15ft aluminium capped shed. Please note – customer arranged installation of the aluminium roof by a separate contractor Cedar shingles make for an excellent lightweight roofing option for a shed. The shingles carry the same self-preserving and insulative properties as the rest of the cedar used in the manufacture of the greenhouse. Each cedar shingle is fixed by stainless steel nails to ensure the roof lasts as long as the greenhouse does! We use the highest quality blue label cedar shingles, which are free from faults and give a perfect finish. Depending on the environment of the greenhouse, we expect a shingle roof to last up to 30 years with good routine maintenance.The colour-matched powder-coated paint finish has a superior level of durability over conventional PVC gutter design and provides a robust guttering system to protect against both installations in coastal areas or places with diverse temperature changes.

Please be advised that our show site is open for viewing during Hartwell Nurseries opening times but the buildings will be locked unless we are on site. Our show site office does not have fixed opening times but an appointment can be arranged by emailing us or calling on 01296 820 537.

The ultimate shed and greenhouse combo, our potting sheds incorporate an area for your plants with plenty of growing height and an opening window for ventilation. The door can be positioned on the left or right hand side and it comes complete with front guttering, ideal for collecting rainwater for the garden.Built in our local workshop, using only the finest treated timber to last a lifetime, our potting sheds have a reputation for durability, standard of finish and beautiful design.

BBD Leisure Buildings offer a standard style potting shed – we can also build bespoke to your exact requirements. As one of our best selling garden buildings, our potting sheds offer the best of both worlds: a greenhouse for growing seedlings and a shed for storing all those garden tools.
Our potting sheds are an excellent choice for the green fingered but they have also proved extremely popular with many art and craft hobbyists who need the extra natural light. Our potting shed prices include FREE 30 mile delivery from our show site near Aylesbury and FREE installation by our experienced team. For an extra cost, we can also build a shed slab and even paint your potting shed to save you the trouble! We now have a new garden buildings show site at the fabulous Hartwell Nurseries (near Aylesbury) where you can see our sheds and buildings, before placing an order.

Do I need potting shed or greenhouse?
If you need a larger place to be able to grow plants all year round, then a Greenhouse would be the right choice for you. However, if you’re needing a smaller space where storage is the main function, but you still need room for seedlings, then a Potting Shed would be a better option for you.
No bespoke job is ever too small – just give us a call or send us a message. Every bespoke building is manufactured using only the finest timbers by our trusted team in Buckinghamshire. We can design and build the perfect garden building to your exact specifications.

The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place.

A further important factor in guarding against heat damage within a greenhouse or conservatory is the maintaining of a good level of atmospheric humidity during bright sunny weather. This can be achieved by thoroughly damping down (wetting hard surface areas such as paths and sitting areas with water) within the greenhouse or conservatory periodically, typically at least three times a day.
Opening vents and doors helps to release some of the heat but it is often insufficient and therefore shading is usually required from mid-spring until early autumn. With larger glasshouses, one square meter of ridge ventilation for each five square metres (20%) of floor area provides the ventilating capacity to give one complete change of air within the greenhouses every two minutes. Unfortunately, shading limits the light plants receive. As plant growth depends on light, only the minimum amount of shading should be used to keep temperatures below about 25-27ºC (77-81ºF). Otherwise, allow as much light in as possible, particularly when growing edible plants such as tomatoes. There is often no need to shade sun-loving plants such as succulents although the greenhouse is more pleasant to be in when shade is provided.Leaf temperature is mainly controlled by movement of water through the plant and out through the leaf surfaces in the form of transpiration – this process has a cooling effect on the leaves.Shading paints: are diluted in water and painted onto the outside of the glass in spring. Examples include SunClear, Varishade and Nixol. As the season progresses, thicker applications can be applied. In early autumn the coating is washed and brushed off. Shade paints are less suitable for unpainted timber structures that are left as natural wood and for structures glazed with acrylic or polycarbonate because even thorough cleansing may fail to remove all visible traces of the shading paints. Some paints are designed to become translucent when wetted.Polyethylene mesh or netting (shade netting): is usually placed inside the glasshouse and fixed with clips. External fitting is better but harder to arrange. This is a cheaper option than blinds. The plastic is likely to biodegrade over a number of years but is not expensive to replace.

The aim of gardeners is to prevent leaf temperature rising to levels at which tissue damage occurs. By September, shading should be reduced gradually, and removed as soon as ventilation alone can control overheating. Blinds and netting used for shading can be deployed on cold winter nights to limit heat losses.However, with sufficient air circulation, humidity and shading, many plants will tolerate high summer greenhouse or conservatory temperatures in the same way that they survive in the tropics and subtropics where many greenhouse and conservatory plants originate. Greenhouses are vulnerable to overheating from spring until autumn. Without protection from heat, few plants are likely to survive unharmed when subjected to prolonged high levels of heat and dry atmosphere within a greenhouse or conservatory. Internal blinds: do not have the same cooling effect as external blinds since sunlight is allowed to pass through the glass and generates heat. However, they are probably more easily automated than external blinds in order to provide shade when it is most required. There are a wide variety of materials available in a range of degrees of shading and with varying permeability to allow air exchange.Smaller greenhouses have a higher glass to floor area ratio, and should ideally have an even higher percentage of ridge ventilation. Unfortunately, this is seldom provided and amateur greenhouses are very vulnerable to overheating. Extra shading is commonly needed which can cut down on light falling on the plants to a degree which reduces growth and cropping. Thankfully, the door of small greenhouses offers an alternative means of ventilation which partially compensates for lack of roof ventilation. Side ventilation, commonly by louvres, is less effective than roof vents.External blinds: give shade and also provide the maximum cooling effect by preventing the sun’s rays from passing through the glass. In periods of dull weather they can be easily drawn up again to allow maximum light on to plants. However, they are likely to be one of the more expensive options (and may interfere with vents).

The ultimate in design and style, the busy gardener will enjoy the space to pot and potter to their hearts delight all under one roof. No more trips back and forth for just the right garden tool or piece of equipment, and services like water and electric can be easily accessed all in one place.
The ultimate in form and function, the combination shed with a greenhouse attached offers the advantage of having everything you need for gardening all in one place.You have the flexibility to adapt your shed into a potting shed for plants, keeping them out of the cold during winter months, or you can use it solely as a storage shed for your lawnmower, gardening tools and other garden equipment. It can even be used for bikes and garden furniture if that’s what you prefer. The options are endless.

For many, a timber potting shed can be an attractive and desirable gardening structure that is tough and resilient. If you are thinking about a potting shed or a greenhouse, why not combine the two and invest in a Grow and Store Greenhouse? This versatile garden structure provides two buildings within one structure, giving all the advantages of both a greenhouse and a storing shed under one roof.
This is an ideal solution for an allotment, as you have everything you need in the storage part of your shed, and seedlings and plants can grow in the greenhouse section. They offer great value for money, and these buildings can be attractive as well as practical.

By combining both a greenhouse and a storage area, you are able to grow rich organic food and easily store it in a secure structure. All your gardening tools are at hand while you are working in your greenhouse, and the overall space it takes up in your garden is minimized.
Grow and store potting sheds or greenhouses are every gardener’s must-have garden building. They provide a dry, warm environment that is secure from damp, rain and the cold, encouraging plant and seedling growth. Traditional styles with angled glazed frontages are especially good at providing plenty of light and the heat that many plants depend upon.Gardeners have been enjoying the various designs of greenhouses for decades. Traditional timber structures can be attractive, and they can blend into your garden design beautifully. Glazed frontages allow for light and warmth to penetrate the greenhouse, keeping your plants warm and encouraging growth.In a grow and store greenhouse, you have all the benefits of a greenhouse along with a shed. An integral door allows you to keep heat in when it’s closed or allows the heat to escape when it’s opened. Perfect for those people who don’t have enough room in their garden for a separate greenhouse and a garden shed, the grow and store greenhouse is multi-purpose and makes effective use of space.

Should greenhouse be in full sun?
Greenhouses, whether of glass or plastic, can overheat in sunny weather. Plants can be protected from excess heat by shading and ventilation.
We work hard to design all of our garden buildings to adhere to the planning permission guidelines. However, we cannot guarantee that planning permission will not be required. Therefore, before constructing your garden building we advise checking with your local authorities.

We have also created these super handy Maintenance Guides to help you take care of your shed. They are full of our expert advice and useful tips so you can enjoy your shed for years to come!
Before purchasing your new garden shed be sure to check the specific measurements of its size in the Specification section of the product listing. As often in product titles, we round up measurementsto make it easier for you to find your perfect garden building.

We use premium, fully opaque paint that offers exceptional durability with a low maintenance finish. The paint not only looks great, but also acts as a preservative to protect against weathering, UV degradation, mould and fungal attack.
The shatterproof styrene glazing allows natural light to filter in to provide a warm, sunny environment for your plants to grow. As with all our garden buildings this combi greenhouse and wooden shed comes complete with a ten year anti rot guarantee, you can spend many happy years pottering in your garden. Simply treat your building with a high quality preservative after installation and annually and your building and the guarantee will be good as gold. Our drivers DO NOT need your help during a delivery. They will not ask for your help and they can manage all the items themselves. We are not insured to cover any customer injuries and therefore we ask you NOT to help or try and help our drivers while they make a delivery. Your new garden shed will be supplied as a flat-pack DIY kit with full instructions. If you’re taking on the project yourself, be sure to check out our Self-Installation and How to Build a Shed advice pages for plenty of helpful tips.

What should you not put in a greenhouse?
For a greenhouse, filling containers with common garden soil would be a disaster. Soil compacts, killing the roots. In large containers, the top part of the soil dries out while the bottom of the container becomes bogged with water.
A flat, level base is essential when building your new garden shed. We recommend the following bases; concrete, slab paving, ground-level bearers or a wooden frame.Our delivery driver will unload your new garden building piece by piece to prevent any damage. Yourself, a friend or neighbour will need to be present during the delivery process. This is to ensure that you are happy with the building and are available to sign for the item where required.

Please note that all our deliveries are kerbside only. Our drivers are not permitted to enter your property. If you live in a terraced property, please be mindful to this.
We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all of our items. The guarantee commences from the date which you receive your item and we offer a free collection service as part of this agreement.

Your garden building will be delivered using either a 3.5t, 7.5t or 18t flatbed vehicle. If you believe there may be difficulties accessing your property or the delivery location, please inform us of this prior to your delivery date.The walls of this combi building are constructed from shiplap tongue and groove cladding, the interlocking nature creates a tight bond that will keep water out, these panels are supported by thick interior framing for additional strength and support. The floor and roof are also made from tongue and groove cladding, this is ideal for storing heavier gardening equipment and tools. The shed is supplied with quality roof felt to protect against weather damage and a pad bolt is included with the braced single door to keep your items secure. The single glazed door to the greenhouse features a lock and key door handle and an opening roof vent for ventilation.

To ensure your garden shed stands the test of time its important to follow the guidance outlined in your buildings product instructions and Manufacturers Recommendations.
The building must be returned in its original, untreated, resalable condition. Until the item is collected by our courier, it’s the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the building remains in this condition.During our manufacturing process, we dip treat our garden sheds. This involves applying a water based colourant to your garden building, protecting your shed whilst it is in storage and transit. However, it is important to note that this treatment is not a preservative. Therefore, your garden building will still require a high-quality timber preservative and waterproofing top coat as soon as possible after construction.

These conditions include treating your new garden building with a high-quality timber preservative and waterproof top coat.Treatments of this sort should be applied as soon as your garden building has been constructed, and reapplied annually thereafter. This will enable you to maintain your 10 Year Anti-rot Guarantee and will keep your garden shed in tip-top condition!

Let us do all the hard work for you. This building is available ready painted and installed, just select the option before you add the building to your basket. Choose your favourite colour from one of our four serene shades, and your painted garden building will have a stylish and eye-catching look, with a great quality finish.
We will contact you on the morning of your confirmed delivery date by email and/or SMS with a 2-hour delivery time slot. We aim to meet these delivery times but during busy periods, deliveries may take a little longer, however we always work hard to keep delays to a minimum.

Also, on your confirmed delivery date, we will send over a link to the Delivery Portal. Here you will be able to track the exact location of your delivery driver.
Our drivers are only contracted to provide kerbside drop offs and deliveries. They will NOT bring any of our orders through your home. A driver may offer to take an order further; for instance a back garden but this is ONLY at their own discretion. If you have added our installation service to your order please be aware that they will require full access to your garden. Our installation team will not bring a building through your home as they are not covered by insurance to enter a customer’s home. If you have any questions about access or you live in a restricted access zone please contact our sales team on 0800 029 1000. Our team will be able to provide you with more information and specific building information.

In certain situations, we may be able to leave your new garden building in an assigned safe location. If this is a service that you require, please contact our Delivery Team on 0800 029 1000, prior to your confirmed delivery date.
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Please note that our 10 Year Anti-rot Guarantee does not cover your garden building from the movement of timber that takes place over time. This includes; the twisting, warping and splitting of timber.

All of our Dip Treated garden buildings benefit from our 10 Year Anti-rot Guarantee. This will cover your garden building against fungal decay as long as the conditions of the gurantee have been followed.As the buildings are sold as DIY kits, we cannot dismantle on your behalf and we cannot be held liable for any third party costs. Once the building has been received by our factory, a full refund will be issued within 1-3 working days.

How do greenhouses do in the winter?
Using an Unheated Greenhouse in Winter During the day, a typical greenhouse will trap heat from the sun, which allows the plants inside to stay warm at night. However, when winter nights get really cold, frost damage in the greenhouse can occur without added protection.
The windows of our garden buildings are designed to fit well. However, over time due to the natural movement of the timber small gaps can occur. To prevent this from occurring make sure to seal your Styrene windows with a silicone sealant.

What is the purpose of a greenhouse shed?
Grow and store potting sheds or greenhouses are every gardener’s must-have garden building. They provide a dry, warm environment that is secure from damp, rain and the cold, encouraging plant and seedling growth.
On the morning of your confirmed delivery date, we will contact you by email or text message assigning you a two-hour delivery slot. This means that there is no need to wait in all day! We aim to meet these delivery times wherever possible. However, please be aware that unforeseen circumstances can cause deliveries to take a little longer. But rest assured, we are always working hard to keep delays of this sort to a minimum.Prior to building your garden shed be sure to check your base is level in both directions. If the base of your shed is not level when it is constructed it will cause the building to twist and warp with the natural movement of the timber. Therefore, it is really important to adjust your base accordingly to achieve this before constructing your garden building.

We strongly advise if you are planning on using a third party installer to construct your log cabin that you do not book their services until you receive and are happy with your garden building. As we do not cover any third party cost in the instance of a failed delivery or a damaged item preventing installation.
A clear film is used to protect your Styrene windows. Once your shed is installed and treated this will need to be removed. This can be done by simply scoring around the edge of the window and peeling back the plastic covering.Please note that this shed has been dressed to look its very best in our product images. Any accessories or fixtures featured are not supplied with this garden building. Also, unless our Ready Painted and Installation Service is selected, all of our garden sheds are delivered unpainted. As standard, this garden shed includes a 1 year Manufacturers guarantee, as well as a 10 Year Anti-rot Guarantee* Just make sure to follow the product instructions and our manufacturers recommendations and your guarantee will be good to go. If you’re looking for a unique and large space that will allow you to grow a variety of plants and vegetables, then you will love this 8ft x 8ft Tongue and Groove Combi Greenhouse and Wooden Shed. Combining a storage pent shed with a lean-to greenhouse, you get the best of both worlds, meaning you can store all your gardening equipment in the shed, and then all your plants potting benches in the greenhouse. This high quality garden building has been made in the UK, using FSC certified timber.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed just call us and tell us what you’re looking for. We’d be glad to help make your greenhouse shopping experience a breeze!

While Greenhouses are great for starting your crops early in the year, they’re not the best structure type when it comes to storage space. That’s where Combo Greenhouses can fill the gap. By adding a Lean-to style greenhouse to a Garden Shed, A-Frame, or basically any style of shed, you can have the perfect all-in-one potting shed.
Combo Greenhouses are built to the same quality as all of our other freestanding Greenhouse options, built with the same twin-wall polycarbonate panels. You can customize the Greenhouse dimensions to ensure you have enough space for all your seedlings, and you can customize nearly every facet of the shed portion it’s attached to.Did you know that you can add a greenhouse to nearly any style of shed or garage we offer? A combo greenhouse can give you the same climate controlled space of a greenhouse with the extra space needed to store potting materials, tools, and soil.

Gardening can require a lot of tools and materials. For a successful growing season you’ll need pots, soil, fertilizer, as well as a myriad of hand tools like shovels, and trowels. Most importantly, you’ll need a space to organize all these tools to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. So instead of stashing all those things in your garage or basement, you can have everything packed neatly away in the same building you start your grow.
In place of vinyl trim, we also offer paintable MiraTec composite trim, which is moisture, rot and termite resistant. And if pressure-treated framing is a problem, Douglas Fir can be substituted as well.

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We know shopping for a greenhouse might be overwhelming, which is why our helpful team is always on hand to help you make an informed decision on our product range.Buy greenhouse combo sheds online with free delivery and installation across the UK mainland, including all types of combi greenhouse (half shed half greenhouse) and potting sheds, all built with treated wooden frames.

Should a greenhouse have a concrete floor?
Greenhouse floors need to have excellent drainage. Floors can be made of concrete, stone slabs, brick, sand or even dirt. Gravel floors provide excellent drainage and can be used in conjunction with a weed barrier to keep weeds from growing up through the rocks.
Are you wondering whether you should put up a greenhouse or a shed? Why not build a traditional wooden potting shed! These cute and practical structures are the perfect mixture of greenhouse and storage shed offering you the best of both worlds. Greenhouses | Small Greenhouses | Wooden Greenhousese | Lean to Greenhouses | Potting Sheds | Aluminium Greenhouses | Large Greenhouses | Greenhouses Sale If your goal is to make your wooden greenhouse as safe as possible use polycarbonate glazing. Polycarbonate glazing is not glass so it will not shatter like glass will. However, be aware that you will lose some of the crystal-clear clarity of glass with this type of glazing.Toughened safety glass means your greenhouse will be durable. Toughened safety glass looks just like traditional glass allowing in all the natural light your plants require. This high-quality glass is stronger than traditional glass making it the most popular choice in greenhouses. You will love the look of the slanted roof on our shed with a lean to greenhouses. These shed combinations are very popular for storing gardening tools and extending the growing season at the same time. If you want to extend your growing season and you need a dedicated space to keep all your gardening tools take a look at our variety of storage greenhouses. There are plenty of options to customise your greenhouse shed, including number of doors and partitions. We stock all of the top manufacturers, including Swallow and Clearview. “Fantastic build quality, the shed extension is brilliant, and the attention to detail is first class. The thermowood look and feel makes it look more expensive than it is and certainly competes with some RHS ‘certified’ versions where you will pay 4 x the price! The large building was erected in less than 4 hours and the guys arrived promptly.”

If you are looking for an inexpensive option, go with horticultural glass. Beware that horticulture glass is not as strong as toughened safety glass and if it breaks it will shatter and potentially cause injuries.
We offer a selection of greenhouse shelving and staging when you’re on the product page, and you can choose between 5 slat and 2 slat shelving options. These are ideal for extra storage of plants and pots.Shelves on one side and glass greenhouse windows on the other make for the ideal space. Use the boarded side with functional shelves to store all your tools, containers, fertilizer and other gardening equipment. On the opposite side, your plants will thrive in the greenhouse-like area.Start by ensuring that your shed is in good enough condition to bother with this project. If the answer is yes, you now have some decisions to make. One of the most important is what type of glazing will you use? Polycarbonate, horticultural glass, toughened glass, fibreglass or plastic? The easiest materials to work with for this type of project will be sheet plastic or fibreglass panels. Whatever you choose, you will need to get rid of the old roof shingles as well as the guttering, and capping. Instead of shingles, you will want to cover the roof with your translucent material and secure it tightly under the roof frame. Alternatively, you could consider installing fibreglass panels by simply attaching them to your existing studs and rafters. Fibreglass panels can be easily cut using a saw blade.Some of our more popular 8×10 combo greenhouses are the Clearview Cambridgeshire here, and the Swallow Rook Potting Shed here, which is similar to a lean to shed greenhouse. The next step is to remove the siding and replace it with translucent material. If you are using plastic, measure it out first and cut it long enough to wrap tightly around the perimeter of your shed. Use the siding you removed to secure the bottom and make it look nicer. In the summer, you could leave two opposite sections of your greenhouse open to provide ventilation. Fibreglass panels or another type of translucent material may be used in place of plastic. Considering how your greenhouse will be ventilated is an important step. Control the heat to your greenhouse by adding roof vents or automatic vent openers. We also have louvre vents and auto louvre vents available as well.

We have a variety of greenhouse sheds to satisfy any gardener. All of our greenhouse shed kits come with simple and detailed instructions. Our sheds are made with high-quality glass and timber. Delivery is free of charge to anywhere in the mainland UK.
A greenhouse shed is a garden building design to offer the capabilities of both a greenhouse (with growing plants in maximum lighting and heat) and a shed (with excellent storage capacity and organisation). They often have generous headroom, and are made from durable materials like treated timber, designed to stand the test of time.Greenhouse building has never been easier! With our easy step by step instructions and all of the materials you need right at your fingertips, you can feel confident in building any one of our greenhouse sheds. Or let us delivery and install it for you.

“The potting shed was delivered on the arranged date, and erected very efficiently. I am delighted with the design, quality, workmanship and functionality of this shed/greenhouse, which complements my existing greenhouse.”
“Had to wait (understandably) a while for my greenhouse due to the lockdown rush. However, Swallow kept me informed of progress and my greenhouse arrived when promised. The installation team were incredibly helpful, efficient and polite and made sure that I was happy before they left. The greenhouse, which I chose in Bracken Green is beautiful and also functional. I absolutely love it and would recommend a Swallow Greenhouse to anyone.”We offer free delivery on all greenhouse sheds to UK mainland postcodes, with some exceptions of the Scottish Highlands and other hard to reach areas (which will require a custom quote). You can click into the individual product pages to learn more about delivery of each type. Visit a product page for more information on availability, free delivery area, affordability, and product lead-time.