Signs Of A Curse

If you know the book but cannot find it on AbeBooks, we can automatically search for it on your behalf as new inventory is added. If it is added to AbeBooks by one of our member booksellers, we will notify you!Sudden divisions are another sign of a curse. This can happen with any kind of relationship, romantic, family or platonic. Curses are meant to ruin lives, and what better way to do this than to separate them from the people they love?

Historically you have known yourself as a man of good fortune. Things change all of a sudden, without a specific reason. Day after day you have to face the most difficult situations and you feel that bad luck has chosen you. If you think you’ve done enough and haven’t moved on, you might believe that someone has tried to “curse” you. Bad luck includes: financial problems, health problems, accidents, technological equipment problems, etc.
If you are mostly a healthy person and all of a sudden you start to feel bad, or you see signs in your body that you can’t remember where you did them, you may be overwhelmed by bad energy. Remember that this disease is simply a reaction to something happening in your body, mind or soul. If the doctor cannot explain this illness, it means that another force is acting against you.

If you know yourself to be a positive and very optimistic person and are suddenly overwhelmed by black ideas, you have to worry. Keep in mind that these are not your thoughts, but of the dark force that will overwhelm you.
Not everyone has good energy and gives us light! The truth is that when jealousy or envy comes into play, bad energy (witches) tries to invade you to give you out of her negativity.Before we list you the signs of “a curse” we need to clarify something. The idea of “conquering bad energy” is not impossible, but it is rare. A good portion of people who believe in a curse simply choose not to face reality and leave themselves in the grip of bad luck. Sometimes this is life, bad things happen to us for reasons we cannot know. In 99% of the cases, we’re assuring you no, you’re not damned!

Let’s face it. Often, bad things happen to good people, without any logical reason. When we all get sick of things or things that we usually say “go wrong”, we think someone has “cursed” us. How do we know if this is true?

Have you ever lost a towel, underwear or a hairpin? These objects hold your DNA and are often used by witches for magic. If someone has come home recently and after that day you no longer find any of the above, it may be such a sign.
Once inflicted, the character’s portrait gains various arcane sigils around their left eye. During gameplay, casting a spell causes the doom to increase by 3%. This compounds with spells that either add or subtract doom when cast. For example, when Expel Evil is used a net -3% doom occurs.

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Some people believe that curses, hexes, and other types of black magic are real, serious threats that can negatively affect their spiritual and physical well-being. Although there’s no hard, conclusive evidence that witchcraft exists, it can still be really scary to think about—especially if you suspect that someone has sent some bad mojo in your direction. To help ease your worries, we’ve outlined some commonly-reported signs of black magic, as well as some alternative explanations for these symptoms. We’ve even outlined a few ways to cleanse and protect yourself, so you can have some peace of mind.
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Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Keep in mind that anyone can view public collections—they may also appear in recommendations and other places. View Etsy’s Privacy PolicyFeeling empty, lost, and upset are also cohabiting symptoms. It is also normal for vivid nightmares to happen at the same time. If you wake up every day feeling very lethargic and spiritually drained (especially if you have no history of significant mental disorders), you’ve been spiritually compromised. This usually takes place midway through the curse. I have been cursed before myself and it literally feels like something is sucking my soul away. It is horrible. Many people ‘break’ at this point, descending into hysterical spirals of self-isolation. This only helps the curse take root more and consume them fully. In extreme cases, it’s not unusual for it to end in death.

Here’s where your bubble has been broken enough and darker energies start to latch onto you. Even if you’re someone who has never been able to see or hear the supernatural, at this point you’ll be able to. A strong curse involves the binding of spirits or deities to your soul so the lines between the earthly realm and the ‘other world’ gets blurry. You know those marble sounds you hear at night? Isn’t it odd how they only happened at certain timings?If you’re experiencing this, then you’re almost compromised and you need to seek help immediately. Coughing out blood or feeling like you have an object stuck in your throat, is a sign of possession. These are extreme curses I turn down even if my client pays me well. There are just some things I’d rather not meddle with. Possession starts with more subtle spiritual vampires that feed off your energy. Then your health deteriorates rather quickly with no medical explanation. Oftentimes, they present themselves as an illness so the victim won’t suspect they’ve been cursed. If I evoke such a hex, I want to make sure the victims do not catch wind of it and cleanse it early. I want the hex to fully latch on and take over their life. By the time they manage to actually seek help, it’ll be too late and a lot harder to reverse.

Upon arriving at his place to cleanse his ‘room’, I was shocked to see that there were extremely dense entities clinging to the corners of his walls. This was a case of an extremely powerful hex where the practitioner managed to directly send malevolent entities through a portal.
The thicker this bubble, the weaker the effects of the curse. What I’m paid to do is to destroy this bubble, and turn off the lights in the person for the curse to penetrate like a sharp knife. Some targets need a variation of curses to get the desired results. If you think you are a target of a curse or have been a target, here are the big symptoms you need to look out for to mitigate its effects ASAP. Just think of the worst day you’ve had in your life where everything just went wrong for no apparent reason, and repeat it. The worst part is, nothing gets better, only progressively worse. When a curse starts to take root, a very obvious sign is a sudden onset of lethargy and feeling s**tty for absolutely no reason. It almost feels like a really bad hangover; one that doesn’t go away. Your mood gets unstable and you have increased moments of angry outbursts for no reason at all.One of my clients, who had been cursed through a demonic entity, kept hearing the sound of waves and horns at night. Whenever he walked out, he could hear knocking sounds following him. Like footsteps from behind the walls of his room. He also felt like there was something watching him while breathing down his neck.

A curse is designed to be hidden; you’re not supposed to know about it. That’s why, contrary to what we see in movies, it’s extremely hard to spot until it’s discovered via hidden artefacts. When I have successfully placed a curse on someone, they won’t suspect a thing. I mean let’s be honest, no one is going to break a leg and immediately attribute to it a hex.
A curse is like drugging a person without them being aware of their ‘addiction’—it gradually does its harm and eats away at you until someone else notices its effects and points it out to you. It becomes so detachable from the daily events of your life that most people gaslight themselves into thinking it’s internal. A strong curse that is not cured usually ends with extreme mental instability, depression, accidents, or even death. Have you ever had a random day where you just experienced bad luck at every turn of the corner? Lost your wallet, missed the train and the bus, missed an email and got humiliated by your boss, almost got into an accident, lost all your crypto investments? These auditory ‘hallucinations’ are often coupled with constantly seeing shadows at the corner of your eyes. You might start coughing up strands of hair in the morning, getting goosebumps and chills even if it is evidently hot, and hear ‘voices in your head’.Last week, I shared my story on how I got into practicing hoodoo and what goes into making an effective curse. Here’s a summary of how exactly a curse destroys someone before I detail the four symptomologies of a curse:

If you believe that you have been cursed, don’t worry, there are ways to remove the curse. A curse is a negative energy that has been directed towards you with the intention of causing harm. Curses can be caused by a spell, hex, or jinx. Whether the curse was put on you intentionally or not, it is important to take steps to remove it.Disclaimer: This article is not to be considered advice of any kind. We are not liable for any damages caused of any kind by you reading or using this information. This article is merely a best effort representation of the information that is currently available, and personal opinions. Note that this article may contain affiliate links that helps us run this website. If you feel that this article is missing valuable information, please contact us.Nightmares are another common symptom of being Cursed. If you find yourself waking up in a cold sweat more often than not, it’s possible that someone has placed a curse on you. These nightmares may be related to your fears or anxieties, or they may be completely random and unrelated to anything going on in your life. Either way, if they’re happening more frequently than usual, it’s worth looking into whether or not you’re under a curse

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Priestess Faith’s Curse Removal rituals are recommended by thousands of people online. If you feel like a dark curse is hanging over your head, then it could be an option to try her services.

Some common sources of curses are ex-lovers, enemies, and jilted friends. If the source of the curse is somebody close to you, it is important to try and repair the relationship before attempting to remove the curse. It is also important to try and forgive the person who cursed you. This will help release any negative energy that you are holding onto. If you are unable to repair the relationship, there are still ways to remove the curse without their help.
In this article you will learn how to know if you are cursed by someone. Here are a few signs that you may have been cursed and what you can do about it. We have compiled 4 signs you are cursed, and more.

Do you ever get the feeling like someone is watching you, even when there’s no one around? That’s another common sign of being Cursed. If you suddenly start feeling like eyes are on you at all times, it’s possible that someone has placed a curse on you in order to keep tabs on your whereabouts and activities.
Remember, it is also important to forgive whoever cursed you. Forgiving them will not only help remove the curse but it will also help release any resentment or anger that you may be feeling towards them. She has relieved the suffering of thousands around the world by using her unique blend of Japanese developed distance reiki healing with traditional witchcraft to break down blocks that prevent you from achieving your desires. If you’ve been having a run of bad luck lately, it could be because you’ve been cursed. Whether it’s small things like your coffee spilling or big things like getting laid off from work, if everything seems to be going wrong, it could be a sign that you’re under a curse.Curses can manifest in physical symptoms as well as emotional ones. If you’ve been Cursed, you may start to feel physically ill more often than usual. This could manifest as anything from a nagging headache to full-blown flu-like symptoms. If you can’t seem to shake whatever bug you’ve got, it’s worth considering whether or not you’ve been Cursed.

Do curses exist? Many people believe they do—and if you’re one of those people who believes a curse has been placed on you, then this blog post is for you! Here we’ll explore some of the most common signs that indicate you may have been cursed as well as some helpful tips for removing curses.
Keep in mind that some curses can be removed easily while others may require more effort (and perhaps even professional assistance). But no matter what, know that it is possible to rid yourself of a curse—you just take a determined action and remain positive throughout the process.

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Who is Priestess Faith, and what can she do for you? Priestess Faith is a powerful expert in Wicca Magick, specializing in curse removal and protection.Do you want to know how to starta. tarot reading business? In this article we will guide you through the steps on how to get started with tips and examples. Start your tarot business today!Identify the source of the curse. To remove the curse, you need to identify who or what put the curse on you. Once you have identified the source, you can begin taking steps to remove the curse. If you are unable to identify the source, don’t worry, there are still ways to remove the curse.I’ve always wondered if I was cursed just due to the continual bad luck I seem to keep always having in my life. I feel there is never a break for me and it just amazes me how bad luck always seems to keep finding me. Even when I can’t see any reason for something to go wrong it does! People even tell me that they can’t believe how things always seem to always go wrong for me. Even when I try my best to think positive it just seems life keeps throwing negativity to me. If I could write a book about my life it sure would be a page turner. I don’t know if this is a curse or what it is but it would just be nice if my string of bad luck would suddenly turn around and become lucky!

My nightmare.. im always wide awake… for the last 45 years.. all my friends are on the other side now in spirit … any one i let into my life will go to the other side. it will never stop.

Many of us single men and women were very cursed never to find love and be married with a family, no matter how hard we really try. The single life really sucks.hello i have recently experiencing one of the sings above , i normally wake up early in the morning to prepare myself to work but when i open my door for the last few weak i can see a big cat on my door step. at first i just think that i was normal thing but it keep happening every morning i wake up .it last for almost three weak and for the last two weak i have not see it again. Another thing i can see the presence of snail and slugs in my house during the night ,they have invent every where in my house especially where i normally sleep. there is a mark every where on the walls. What is the problem, is this an indication same one is trying to hax me please help Oh my..I have been dealing with weird omens since very young. I picked up a line of coins and ever since my life never been balanced or normal. I have been in terrible car wrecks, had major surgeries, child birth complications. Had problems work neighbors, family, co-workers and almost every stranger I’ve encountered. I’m having financial problems, a health risk. Nightmares. This bird or bat have been under my porch pane breathing fast and sitting there not moving like it’s keeping tabs on me. My animal had attacked me for no reason. Was having sexual problems during sex; having hard time climaxing. Was attacked and got arrested for no reason and out of alot of money on bail, court fees and lawyer fees. I can’t finish a career for the life of me. Have no direction. Having spiritually problems. Been having relationship problems for years with my husband. I rarely have any good days. Mental stress and depression. Have been attacked by demons and I see demons sometimes. Objects float in the sky and slam down. Something isn’t adding up. I don’t know where to turn to. I read the Bible and pray to God,yet I’m still suffering. Any advice? I thought about going to a fortune teller, witch doctor, or voodoo priest, or healer. Any advice? Our guides and our higher selves often warn us through our dreams. If you have a recurring dream in which someone is breaking into your house, stealing from you, or invading your space, this is a sign you are under psychic attack. Nightmares are a side effect of curses and hexes. The individual cursing you is using this to instill fear in your mind and soul. Don’t let them! Sleep paralysis and night terrors are an indication that someone is sending evil spirits to plague you at night. Learn how to protect yourself spiritually here.You are a politician, very wealthy individual, have a long-standing feud with an enemy, have a familial feud (meaning your family has been fighting with another family for decades or centuries), OR are a witch or magical practitioner who knows other witches and magical practitioners. If you’re NOT one of the above, then stop thinking you’re cursed. At this point, if you’re the normal layperson with little money, no family feuds, no real enemies, no fame or fortune, you are NOT CURSED. You most likely have made bad decisions and have caused misfortune on yourself.

I woke up with my hair cut alot….and sickly feeling….someone might be dosing you …dont drink anything anyone gives you unless its sealed…and food the same….try to do what you can to get away from the people who might be doing this….sometimes people aren’t what they seem…sometimes they claim they love you but inside they could be a crazy jealous psycopath….the really charming ones are the worst….sometimes they gaslight you to make you feel crazy….best thing to do if you can is get away from them…i moved a state away to get away from that bullshit….not sayi g its happening g to you but try to be very observant of everyone’s motives and actions around you…no one deserves that shit…much love anonymous. Try to get to know nature…it heals and helps with love and messages of light….In addition to one or more of the above signs of a curse, sudden broken relationships could indicate spiritual attack. This could be any type of relationship: familial, romantic, platonic, etc. Curses seek to destroy lives and what better way to tear someone apart than to split them from their loved ones?About 4 years ago I started hearing demonic voices. The voices talk about taking my soul to hell and torturing me in various ways. Feeding me live snakes and other forms of torture vile and disgusting. I feel like someone has hexed me because I never heard voices until I was 37 years old. Typically not how schizophrenia works. If anyone knows anything I can do to get rid of these demons or evil spirits please comment and let me know. Thanks

You just summed up my life. In ANY situation whether something small like trying to upgrade my cell phone to getting surgery and anything in between….something always goes wrong. If something can go wrong in any situation it does. It’s crazy because at least five times a day I hear myself saying that “happened because it’s me”…. Which is me trying to explain to somebody why something went wrong when it shouldn’t Have. Everyone who knows me says that if they didn’t know me and they didn’t know that all these things were really happening that they would think I was crazy. I’ve been saying for years for as long as I can remember that I feel like I have a target on my back and the sad thing is I’m used to it I literally prepare myself for something to go wrong hundred percent of the day I have to sit down and think about all the things that could go wrong if I’m going on a trip or if I’m going to The DMV or the store I have to prepare myself with a Plan B to any scenario because I know some thing is going to go wrong.

I feel exactly like you John and I am greatly saddened to hear another with this perplexing torment. Since I was 18 my friend amir die of lung infection then Dominic was basically assassinated from ex girlfriend , berry hung himself ,my forman and friend of menty years was at peak health and died of heart attack , stepdad heart failure, then my older brother who him and I are one year apart died of od I believe to be intentional…another friend recently passed I realize people die it’s life but I’m 30. Is this a sign it was only within past 10 years I remember thinking how lucky and blessed I was and how thankful I was for my life. Because I live through hell my fathers been a crack head and a narcissist his whole life me and my brothers and sister were beat neglected my mother always struggled but did her best I ran from juvenile facility wen I was young and started. My life scince. Work two jobs. Never complained about hard work or wanted help I always believed if I deserve it I can earn it and I did.well one day I feel as if I felt into a interdenominational rift or something. I was at work and for some reason my girls sisters facebooks logged into my account and it’s my girl messaging someone trying to cheat on me .I was making 100k + a year. Multiple friends had congratulated me on success and said how I inspered them. I tryed to help other as much as I could and always strived for success and happiness . Back to here trying to cheat I cought her no excuse or reason. I tryed to sake it for kids sack but this is when my life flipped.everthing changed im talking from there was atime I said to my girl I can’t remember the last time I cried to never being without tears. In my eyes. I was a roofer in great shape top physical health. But all ofa sudden I had unexplained help issue like I was on a roof and collapsed with no explanation . But couldn’t move for almost 5 min. Then year later I kept getting pain in back of head but do intense I have to get in fedal position and scream in pain…No it’s ok, We had a home study recently done because I was in the process of adopting my niece and her brother since the foster mom they have been with 2 years is chronically ill “daughter of the brother that’s doing ok that used to have the brain bleeds” apparently he doesn’t want to raise his own daughter. Anyway the social worker was having a really rough time following my childhood lol I had to explain it like 5 times! Anyway she finished my report, it was signed off on the kids were supposed to be coming in 2 weeks but the foster parents changed their mind and decided they did want to adopt afterall … this is after we redid our guest room and bought a ton of stuff for them, had background checks, home studies, was sent documentation so I could start the process of getting them signed up with school. We were told it was a for sure thing. Anyway other then oddities that pop up here and there I can’t complain about my life, I mean sure sucky things happen but other then those really odd things that do happen it’s a pretty good life. I get to travel, I’m liked pretty well when at work and at home all 4 out of my 5 teens like me the majority of the time lol I mean other then the drama of my sons health issues and some of my husbands health issue and random oddities that pop up we do pretty good. I just wish I could stop the weird random things from happening. Typically you are a person of good fortune. Things tend to go your way, within reason. Now, within the past few weeks/months, you seem to be dealing with an unshakable string of bad luck. Again, before jumping to the curse conclusion, examine your decisions in life. Is this “bad luck” reactionary to your poor actions in life? If the answer is no, you may have someone trying to curse/hex you. Bad luck includes: financial problems, health issues (see the first sign), transportation/vehicle problems, technology sna-fus, etc. I don’t see that as a curse. It’s the vibrations you’re emitting. You’re vibes are telling the world you are broken AND/OR want to fix the people around you…but truly you need to work on yourself. Your self confidence. Your self worth. Vibe higher and you’ll attract the right kind of men.

Can I suggest maybe seeing an energy healer? Look at a Reiki session or soul cleansing. This might be due to karmic contracts…things you said you’d do in this life before coming here and you need to learn how to fulfill your purpose.
I found a book on my in my dressor it was not used only but a few pages and there’s symbles on those few pages I know it’s not mine pluse I don’t draw what do they mean can somone help meMy relationships don’t last. It seems like I meet women, the relationship is heated up. A month later we break up. The longest relationship I had was in 2006 with a girl I broke up with after dating for a year. Ever since my relationships last a month or two. The last relationship I was in, me and the girl I dated were very similar. Same indoor life style, we liked the same cars, colours. We even share a birthday. We had the same sex desires and we’re able to try things our previous partners weren’t willing to try. She had two children and they loved me, I loved those kids like they were my own. But after a month and a half of dating she left. I’ve tried all I can, but she is uninterested and seems like she’s not planning on coming back like all the exes who left. I like to believe I try all I can to be a loving boyfriend. I call during the day, see her after work. Spend weekends with her, and even cook her dinner. Please help I’m tired of the heartbreaks.The problem is many people come and say, I’m cursed, yet if we dig into the real issues, it’s because of poor decisions in 99% of them. Curses take a LOT of effort, time, and a strong practitioner to actually lay on someone. And most people aren’t the type of person a powerful witch or sorcerer would even act upon. Sorry but the logic stands that not everyone here is cursed. Sometimes we hex ourselves with bad choices and negative thinking patterns.Hey my name is Christine and I’m 17 years old , my body started acting strange since 2019 I told took a blood test and the doctor said that I’m totally healthy but I know my body. I told my mom something weird is happening to me but she don’t believe me. I’m from Africa , a pastor once’s told my mom that my dad sister is trying to kill in the dark world (idk what that means). I will tell you more but I need help

HI there. Geez… too. Time and time and time gain. Since I was about 20. Im 67 now. That’s a long time. Especially the last 26 years. REALLY BAD. What sort of ceremony did you preform. I desperately need help.If someone is spying on you, they could be sending spirits and animals to watch you. If you get the feeling you are being watched, even when you’re home alone, this could be a sign of a curse. Don’t let this scare you! Read on to learn how to break a curse or hex.

For me, I think I am under a curse. All my life, I will struggle for everything and when I start seeing the light, then the light goes off. I will struggle and when I rise to some extent, I started collapsing… would be on free fall. I raise money to some extent and before you know it, the money is gone. It has been a part of me since I was born and I honestly need help. I am a good person and I help people a lot because of my good heart. What I really don’t understand is why God permit all that is happening in my life. I always have a good beginning in everything I do and have a bad ending. This isnt normal. When I wanted to get a new apartment and a car in 2017,everything collapsed within 3 months… I lost my business to problems I cannot understand. I struggled from 2017 after I lost my business till 2019. In 2020, I started making progress. 2020 was a good beginning before covid and I switched to another country in the end of 2020 and till this very moment, I am struggling again. Even those that joined me in the country are doing better alright and one even told me that it isn’t normal and that u should look for solution . I really need help and if any if you knows anyone that can help me, email me @ [email protected]
[…] are many ways a hex or curse can affect your life. (Learn the signs you’re cursed or hexed here.) But the most important thing is to break the hex or curse that’s been placed on you. You […]
If you dropped out of school, that’s not because you’re cursed. That’s because you made a bad decision. Your life won’t get easier if you blame everyone else. I know that’s hard to hear, but you need to hear it. Go back to school. Life is hard. It takes a ton of hard work. It’s rare that someone’s actually cursed another individual to this level. Typically we curse ourselves with our own decisions in life. I believe in you. You can make the right choices. Keep pressing on.
Going to school is never going down the wrong path, first of all. Secondly, you’re hanging out with the wrong people if everyone in your life has betrayed you. I recommend seeing someone to talk through this stuff. Vibe higher, my friend. I feel exactly the same way… I try every time to get things working out. The more I try, all the more things play out against me. I know within myself I can get things done. But it never turns out the right way! I feel like im cursed i all of a sudden got a wierd rash…every pet i loved died ..i have clear skin now all of a sudden i have bumps n sores on my arms legs it dont make sense what is it

I’ve personally been cursed by very high ranking witches, I’m not going to go into full detail but I did have to take some precautions, at first I hired a psychic online to cast a love luck money spell and as soon as I got the email confirmation I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders followed by an immense burst of positive energy! I just landed a really high paying welding career and I couldn’t get any sleep because something would constantly keep touching me right before I’d fall asleep, it’s a crazy long story but I had to take a leave of absence from work and it got so bad I never went back , I ended up in 6 different hospitals and my pride and joy $46,000 car blew up with all of my belongings in it, I started reading about the mystical texts of the Kabbalah which Jesus actually studied and used the st.michaels exorcism prayer, Through all of this hell I met the love of my life in the process we got a place together, we’re not concerned about money and I’ve landed an even better overall welding career, I would recommend going online and getting a love, luck, money spell it costs under$50 and learn about candle magic, I highly suggest only working with the light,(angels) if someone took a picture of you then yes ..this is used along with meditation to cast spells on someone..I send you my blessings feel free to ask me anything
Every time I get a cat. It has the same fate. Dead at 5 years old. No matter what I do to prevent it. It happens. I honestly don’t know what to do. This goes way back to when my mother had cats, the same exact thing. I just don’t understand and I’m baffled and I can’t take the heartbreak anymore. I really need help.Maybe you’re too clingy? Girls love a prince-type material but only for a short time. Well.. until it gets boring. Perhaps you should try to love yourself better before loving another girl. Some one I used to know was mocked as she sees and heard the after this person she said in her head that one day you will hear too! Months later while at work the person who mocked started hearing his father’s voice who had passed some years ago, he was crying as was so shocked so his mocking came back on him..She how ever had not a care in the world to whom she lashed out on..her husband is just a game to her… NOTE: Don’t forget it’s important to cleanse your space and yourself regularly. It’s also crucial to re-up your protective wards around your house and re-charge your amulets, etc. once a month. People forget that protecting one’s space and self with magick requires maintenance.everything happens for a reason, you need to stay calm as possible, or if you can’t then keep on praying to god about your miseries… also seek help from Mother Mary.

My hair feels really gross 24/7 even when I buy the best of the best products . My energy is so low I can’t get out of bed. And feel a weight and heaviness over my body . I’m like cut off from my family and not allowed places . I’ve became suicidal depressed and I don’t leave my house . This guy said he used to never leave his room . He plants s lot of thoughts in my brain , uses radio static sounds and flashlights that are strobe light like to my face . Hell leave my house and put objects in odd places . I found a bottle of small tube like perfume and tacks in my bed. I found a needle through a dolls head . A mother toy hidden under my bed with an odor like fiesces .
Hello please I seen your comment about banishing curses. I was in contact with a African man that knows real magic I did a voodoo thing with him with a egg. He got me in had it 4 years now please I need help. Please. I will go to whatever part of the world if I can find someone to remove this.It’s easiest for someone to curse or hex you if they have a piece of your personal property. Are you missing anything personal such as underwear, a hairbrush, jewelry, keys, etc.? These items carry your DNA and are often used by witches to curse individuals. If someone’s been in your home recently and something personal has gone missing, this could be a sign of a curse. I went to church for years and got prayer from people there nothing like that seemed to stop my nightmares for long. Its gotten better as I play christian music at night but to really find peace I had to Remove myself from the things causing me stress. So I would say after repenting and casting out all the demons or whatever they hold onto in your life then remove yourself from negativity. Negative people, thoughts, shows , anything that takes away your peace or rest remove it out of your life. Jesus is the prince of peace. So anything cau
sing tension pain or torment is not him. I wouldn’t suggest going to psychics or mediums because their ‘cursings’ or spells come from Evil magic. Sometimes we ask God and he doesnt reply – it can be frustrating, but dont let the nightmares scare you, the fear gives it more power. Always rely on the one who is always there for you. He is eternal. The devil is all about destruction and he will be destroyed. 
What did I do to deserve someone’s hatred and rage to the point they would exert such effort and time cursing me? The truth of the matter is for a curse to really take hold, it takes quite a lot of energy and magical ability. So, either the person who’s cursing you is a skilled conjurer or witch, OR they are paying a conjurer/witch GOOD money to curse you for them. Curses DON’T come cheap! Also ask yourself this, does this person have magical abilities to do it themselves? Do they have the cash-flow to pay someone to curse you? If the answer is you’re unsure, then stop being paranoid! I was always a true believer in “good conquering the bad.” Until I had six different people at six different places that I have a dark cloud, a demon, or a my aura is surrounded by dark smoke. I still believe in good prevailing, but what good is good when everything is going bad? i’m only 16 and i can’t think of anything i’ve done to anybody bad enough that they’d want to curse me 👉👈 unless someone decided to play around and use me as a target but lots of my pets are randomly dying, my fish jumped from its tank, a moth from my bedroom a few days ago turned up almost dead on my door step, my hamster got an infection and died and 2 of my pond fish were sick and we cant find them 🙁Yes dear, it’s reversible…u can burn some black candles and use some Anti- witchcraft incense…you can make more research on this dear, how to break a curse using black camdle

Hello everyone, I am 20 years old and my life is absolutely a joke!! As some other people have mentioned here, I try so hard more than most, every people I know but something blocks me from achieving even simple things even when I try harder than the others. When I fail all my friends, and family thinks it’s all my fault and I don’t try hard enough but there have been days where I didn’t sleep 30 hours straight to work on my project which I loved, and failed. Most of my fails are tech related because what I mostly do is about tech so I also fail at relationships, academically (that’s why I dropped out of college) because other people have it easier than me (they don’t even try hard and good to the profs) and I had that non-stop bad luck! Don’t get me wrong; I am absolutely intelligent person with an IQ of 130. It is funny to me that ALL people around me treats like trash! I am always a kind person, never done anything wrong to anyone! But somehow for the last 7 years, whatever I try (including having good relationships, academic, business and projects) ends up failing. Now I completely stopped trying working on building new things and started to convince people around me that I am cursed. I made and lost fortunes and couldn’t even enjoy a bit of it. With this kind of continuous bad luck, It is obvious that, I cannot achieve anything in this life; I tried 1000s of things and failed every single of them it can’t be coincidince! Any help or opinion would be appreciated.
This is a BIG one and one that you can always trust. Your guides will WARN you if you are under a spiritual attack of some kind. This is a sign of a curse that you can trust. Signs will come in different forms – including random conversations, symbols in nature, on TV, etc. Ask them to confirm their warnings, if you’re unsure. Your guides will warn you in a dream, too.Is it possible to be cursed as an infant or before birth? I am the product of an affair. The woman my father cheated on was trying to conceive a daughter but my mom got pregnant with me instead. This ruined the marriage and broke the family apart. I know while my mom was pregnant the wife attempted to stab me in her stomach. She has always been kind to me though. She is a witch and I always loved all of her crystals and decor. Lately it has occurred to me that maybe years ago she put a curse on me. I have had a lifetime of bad luck, abuse, sexual abuse, so much struggle I can never overcome and extreme health problems mostly unexplained. I feel haunted by dark energy and always have. I am wasting away! I will die like this if I can’t figure out what is haunting me. Really I have never been anything other than a burden to anyone in my life. I need peace.

Hi there.. I just read your post and want to reassure you that I don’t think your cursed. I’m saying this to you because I want you to think more positively about yourself from now on ok. I believe your a good person, and out there.. there is a lot of people who are not good people. You need to avoid associating with anyone who says negative things about you.. Find people/friends who make you smile/happy and feel good about yourself.. trust me it will help. The more negatively you think about things, the more your going to draw in negativity.. So try thinking more positively, about yourself & life in general and good things will come to you.. Just remember your a good person. I suffer with something called (Hyper-sensitivity) myself and thought for years that i had been cursed… it’s tough, but we’ve all got an inner strength… so find yours… yur stronger than u think.. God bless.Wanted to ask a question, I happen to be in a Witch war with a much more powerful witch then myself. And for a number of years now she has been doing a barage of psychic and magical attacks against me. She’s into the dark arts and I don’t know what to do? And she’s not a Wiccan by any means! Long story, but she doesn’t like me. And strange things keep happening after seeing her. That seems like very bad luck to unfortunate things keep happening. Does an have any tips on magical self defense. And breaking curses. Thanks

What do I do.. before everything hit me and my family.. ixwas on vacation.. in s.f. ca. Randomly a dont mean to be mean or judgemental. Gypsy ran towards me. Screaming that im in danger thwn out I f nowhere she describe what c will happen next.. she started telling me I am gonna get in a bad accident with my bike.. I dress and look and carry myself like a cholo.. there was no way for her to know I ride.. as I was drawn to her words my mother in law pushed me back and got in her face.. my mom was a witch.. she would never tell me what kind.. but she always made a point my grandma was a white which.. to this day I think I know what they meant.. but im not sure.. and almost my whole life with my mom before I cut her out my life was a curse every other day.. but she always said the same words.. I k ow im weird.. jist seen ur writing and for no other reason but feeling enervy.. I wrote back.. I dont do this media stuff.. its weird to me.. sorry to big
Mold is a fungus; some people have this condition called Morgellons with this goo coming from their skin. CIRS is another common condition suffered by mold victims, the itching is from the mold itself as it affects the nerves. Damp and moisture attract vermin. Get tigers eye crystal cleanse your space with inscense have everyone in your family household to take ebson salt bath with 7 white candles lit in the dark every night for a week Paul I have the same problem and I don’t know what’s happening… I meet somebody and something causes me to leave them. No matter how much I want the relationship something forces me to leave within monthsIt sounds like subconsciously you may be scared of change or commitment or maybe if your last relationship ended badly your scared the next one will too so you end it before it can get too serious. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doin it. My family is FOR SURE cursed, on my dads side, both my grandma, & great grandma where both witches. My great grandma didn’t like my grandpa, and didn’t want my grandma to marry my grandpa, & when my grandma married my grandpa anyways, my great grandma cursed out family. On BOTH my mom and dads side of the family, I have no living blood aunts because they all died in separate car accidents. In 1976, my dads oldest sister, Marcie died in a car accident, then in 1980, my grandma who was a witch and was cursed, was murdered, and in 1980, my moms only sister Kari was killed in a car accident, then in 1983, my aunt Valerie was killed in a car accident. The weirdest part… The date my aunt Valerie died is my aunt Kari’s birthday, and on the date my aunt Kari died, was on my grandma who was murdered birthday, and my aunt Marcie’s death date was on my aunt Valerie’s birthday. The birthday and death dates are all connected. Then to get even weirder, a few years back, I got into a really bad car accident and almost died, but I didn’t, and I’m wondering if maybe I broke the curse. While most of us in the witch community want to believe every other witch and magical individual is loving and kind, particularly to our OWN kind, the truth is that not everyone is about the love and light. If you are a witch or pagan and have been a part of a pagan/witchy community, the chances of you being cursed/hexed by another witch increase ten-fold from the layperson. The truth is – when jealousy or drama comes into play, a witch might be more prone to curse another witch than a non-witch. So if you have a witch throwing shade at you, he/she might also be trying to curse you.Well i was certainly very much cursed to be single and alone without ever finding love. But then again with so many very rotten and evil low life loser feminists and narcissists type of women that are everywhere nowadays, sure adds to the problem as well. And i know other single guys having the very same problem as well. Women today totally different from the past unfortunately.

Its about more than two years that I Can’t sleep well i try to sleep but i see bad dreams and i have bad thoughts at 2 am in the middle of the night in the same time and same way every night. after that bad thoughts my heart beat increases and my blood pressure goes up. And i couldn’t breathe i think i’m under a curse.. Am i right??
Nikki, FYI that guy who commented on women is right on the money unfortunately. And there are just so many very evil, nasty, stuck up, very unfriendly women everywhere these days. And they have absolutely no manners and personality either at all when it comes to many of us single guys looking for love.

If you said yes to more than one signs of curses listed here, you may be under spiritual attack. That being said, I’ll say it again, you are most likely NOT being cursed or hexed. First, ask your ancestors or guides to confirm what is really happening through some means of divination. I will take out my oracle cards and ask for my ancestors to speak to me. You can do the same. Whether you are or aren’t being cursed, realize this – YOUR FEAR FEEDS NEGATIVITY. A curse is fed by negativity, including the victim’s fears and negative emotions. Here’s how to break the curse and the negative cycle:
I recently opened a spirit voice box a man named John spoke to me saying I have been cursed and its been a long time to beware and find a way to remove this curse it scared the hell out of me everything wrong in my life has come to light but how to remove this curse bad dreams feeling of someone watching you cant wake when you know that dream has hold of your breathing and when you do wake the fear is so strong tears fall like rain worms coming out of your face and arms blood dripping from your face eyes but when you look in the mirror its gone I am so scared for my family myself what do you do when something so strong controls you and Doctor cant explain what is wrong with you.I had almost all the above signs. Very bad things are happening to me and my mom for the past 20 years because of a woman. Both of my dogs went crazy and tried to kill my mom, my grandfather, a lot of strangers, me and my grandparents.Try Reading psalm 35 at Midnight for 7 days. Ask G- d and Jesus to Break the curse off you. Repent of all your sins.use a Tiny Drop of Oregano oil
mix wth coconut oil, apply it every night. Or Try Neosporin .or Collodail silver solution Apply Topically

get help immediately, or accept Ur actions, and seek a therapist, Ur going through a crisis. whatever u do keep Ur crowed low, keep your eyes open. u don’t know who to trust in this situation. go to a voodoo priest or a wiccan doctor, I’m serious, and do not just go to any person actually find people that can help u. go to the people u trust, and not only u but others too because sometimes are trust can let our guards down but other times it’s within our benefits. whatever u do, or say always be careful, and remember not everyone has your best intentions even if they’re close to you. keep Ur mouth shut, and eyes wide open at all times. pay close attention to your surroundings. secure yourself and maybe others around u. watch out, accept whatever actions you did to that person for them to curse you, run and move on. remember karma and magic is real, even if you haven’t done anything still watch out and go seek help right away, u might be dealing with a spiritual, or universal crisis. almost like a spiritual attack. u need a deep cleanse before things get worse.
I was born at a magical time, on a magical day, that happened to be my maternal grandmother’s birthday. My birth date number, pythagorian numerology, is 11. I should have led a charmed life. Instead…I was a tortured baby by noises and croup, abducted by child molesters from my yard at 4 1/2 years, thrown back over the fence into my yard and permanently injured and developed autism, my baby brother was born with half his brain missing, then died two weeks after my abduction, at six I was held down and gang raped again leaving me with severe memory and depression problems, I was picked on relentlessly in school, bullied to the point of trying to commit suicide. Every new life I have tried to start has been a failure. Everywhere I go, even keeping my past a secret, people treat me the same, they abuse me, lie to me, steal from me, leave me with nothing. I am now 57 years old and still am homeless, NEVER had a home. My mother died three years ago, before her death she told me my birth certificate was wrong, I had been born the night before, on my grandmothers birthday, she hated me by the way, her mother took me from her when I was born and hid me for three and a half hours, while my grandfather kept the doctor his Masonic brother, my grandfather was the head doodah that year, busy until after midnight when they presented me to him and THEN my birth was inaccurately recorded by direct orders of the Grandmaster of the Lodge, my grandfather. My grandmother was ALWAYS hateful to me my ENTIRE life and told me repeatedly how much she hated me and would make sure I never had anything and my mother could do nothing about it. My grandmother finally died two years ago, my grandfather has been dead a long time. I believe my grandmother cursed me and at the least, verbally abused me during those first three hours of my life, I was hoping everything would have lifted once she died, but I am still homeless and am not able to obtain a birth certificate with my correct birthdate and time and still feel, as I have my entire life, that something is off, not right and I am still unable to overcome and have a home and feel like I belong in this life. I was told by a psychic years ago that I had been cursed and I cold not imagine who or why, until recently when I was told of my birth before my mother died. Can the curse still be removed now that my grandmother is dead?

Hey Lauren… I feel like I’m experiencing some of the things you mentioned.. I don’t think there’s a snake den in my car, but I do have these weird bug like things that seem to morph into other insects and inatimate objects.. They seem to light up in some places, almost looks like glitter at times, and lint other times.. I clean and clean and they just keep appearing.. I think something is in my body, like you said, some kind of parasite? I have mold issues in my home, and my landlord ignored it.. When I shower, I see translucent looking almost bubble like things coming off me.. I was wondering if you were experiencing similar things?
I truly feel my life has been cursed, no matter what I do it never seems good enough in life. I try to not think my life is cursed but that bad things happen to everybody but so far it’s not looking that way. I’ve started 2nd. 3rd, 4th guessing my every life’s decisions as it may lead me down the wrong path, like going to college or not, taking a job, etc. I do not trust anyone, as most have betrayed me. When I look around my life, I see successful people but me, and I’ve done my best but it’s never good enough. I’ve had many failed relationships and blame thse nasty antidepressants I was on. I’m going to try to break this curse once and for all, I’ve tried a few things already and I think it’s working, not sure as only time will tell.You’re typically a positive, optimistic person, but suddenly you’re having depressing, maybe even suicidal thoughts. You’ve noticed these thoughts don’t seem to be coming from inside but they seem like they’re an outside source. Make note that these thoughts are NOT your own. This could be a sign of a curse and that you’re under spiritual attack. I just posted a topic about this on FB. And while many people like to claim mental illness well, that’s not always the case. Lots of the people are defensive and point plainly on mental health. But seeing spirits and hearing noises isn’t always mental illness. I know from experience. I would see a doctor and find out if your mental and physical health is fine and, if all is good, see a witch that can remove the curse. It takes many many tries too. But you have to continue with the ritual. Are you finding broken glass on your doorsteps or in your front yard seemingly out of nowhere? This is one of those common signs of a curse or hex that dates back centuries. In conjure and hoodoo traditions, bottles filled with cursing ingredients are thrown at an enemy’s doorstep or front door and when broken release the hex. Plus it freaking hurts to step on broken glass with bare feet, doesn’t it? In addition, if you are personally breaking glass three times or more in one day’s time, it’s a sign of a curse.I am a good looking man that keeps in very good shape with a very nice personality, and i am very Cursed when it comes to finding love. Then again, the women today are very much different from the past when love back then was very easy to find at one time.

I’m sorry I’ve been around the block religion wise from 16-23 Jesus and praying were my to go to’s during that time so it’s interesting you think I haven’t. I could quote most of the king James version of Matthew. I have to be honest other then clarity during my prayers “the same clarity I get from journaling” The weird things never eased up. Also I decided to leave church because their were judgey people there, not so much toward me but the overall attitude was cringe worthy. We have several family members that are gay and bi and anyone who makes them feel unwelcomed isn’t really fulfilling the “As I have loved you love one another” deal. Although I know a few really great Christians, like really kind people I still keep in touch with they are in the minority not the majority. But yeah you assumption that I haven’t pretty much sums up the Majority.