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This exclusive Simplicity mower deck features infinite height-of-cut control, freedom to float up or down at the rear and to pivot with front axle, following the contours of your lawn, for a precise cut. Unlock the secret to lawn striping.

When you are looking for lawn care products, there are many manufacturers and features from which to choose. But if you focus on what’s important, quality of cut and a great looking lawn, the decision will be easy…Simplicity. Sometime after AGCO Corporation purchased Deutz-Allis from Deutz-Fahr and KHD, Simplicity took over building and selling the Deutz-Allis lawn equipment. The name was later changed to Agco-Allis, and then to AGCO to reflect the changes within the AGCO Corporation. After AGCO purchased Massey Ferguson, Simplicity began building and selling the Massey Ferguson lawn equipment. Simplicity bought the Snapper company in 2002. Snapper had built Massey Ferguson lawn tractors many years before.

Is Simplicity a good lawn mower?
Yes, Simplicity mowers are worth the money. If you want a reliable unit to get your lawn maintenance on the right track, its top-tier maneuverability and high-quality cutting performance won’t let you down. With years of industry experience, these models are specifically built to address lawn maintenance issues.
Simplicity Manufacturing Company is an American company based in Port Washington, Wisconsin that builds lawn and garden equipment under various brands. The company was founded by William J. Niederkorn in 1922, and started building walk-behind two-wheeled tractors in 1939. Between 1941 and 1945, due to World War II, Simplicity Manufacturing temporarily halted production of lawn and garden products, and manufactured electric fence controllers and external surface grinders to satisfy the War Production Board. Simplicity built is first riding tractor in 1957 which was the model Wonderboy. The company rapidly expanded its product line in the sixties to meet the demands of the population shift to American suburbs. Allis-Chalmers purchased the company in 1965, and Simplicity’s management bought it back in 1983. Simplicity Manufacturing celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1997 with a special 75th anniversary tractor model. The tractor featured a special blue paint scheme with chrome Harley-Davidson lights and muffler.Over the years, Simplicity has also built lawn and garden tractors for J.C. Penney, Montgomery Ward, Viking (part of Stihl), Homelite Corporation and Rapid. Hinomoto/Toyosha built some of the larger compact tractors sold as Simplicity, Deutz-Allis and Allis-Chalmers.

Most organizations contain some amount of complexity that is not performance enhancing, but drains value out of the company. Collinson concluded that this type of ‘bad complexity’ reduced profitability (EBITDA) by more than 10%.
The concept of simplicity is related to the field of epistemology and philosophy of science (e.g., in Occam’s razor). Religions also reflect on simplicity with concepts such as divine simplicity. In human lifestyles, simplicity can denote freedom from excessive possessions or distractions, such as having a simple living style. In some cases, the term may have negative connotations, as when referring to someone as a simpleton. The Global Simplicity Index identified that complexity occurs in five key areas of an organisation: people, processes, organisational design, strategy, and products and services. As the “global brands report”, the research is repeated and published annually. The 2022 report incorporates a “brand simplicity score” and an “industry simplicity score”. There is a widespread philosophical presumption that simplicity is a theoretical virtue. This presumption that simpler theories are preferable appears in many guises. Often it remains implicit; sometimes it is invoked as a primitive, self-evident proposition; other times it is elevated to the status of a ‘Principle’ and labeled as such (for example, the ‘Principle of Parsimony’.Simplicity is a theme in the Christian religion. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, God is infinitely simple. The Roman Catholic and Anglican religious orders of Franciscans also strive for personal simplicity. Members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) practice the Testimony of Simplicity, which involves simplifying one’s life to focus on what is important and disregard or avoid what is least important. Simplicity is tenet of Anabaptistism, and some Anabaptist groups like the Bruderhof, make an effort to live simply.According to Occam’s razor, all other things being equal, the simplest theory is most likely true. In other words, simplicity is a meta-scientific criterion by which scientists evaluate competing theories.

[…] (scientific model) must satisfy certain esthetic criteria – that is, in relation to how much it describes, it must be rather simple. I think it is worth while insisting on these vague terms – for instance, on the use of word rather. One cannot tell exactly how “simple” simple is. […] Simplicity is largely a matter of historical background, of previous conditioning, of antecedents, of customary procedures, and it is very much a function of what is explained by it.
Collinson identified a role for “simplicity-minded managers”, managers who were “predisposed towards simplicity”, and identified a set of characteristics related to the role, namely “ruthless prioritisation”, the ability to say “no”, willingness to iterate, to reduce communication to the essential points of a message and the ability to engage a team. His report, the Global Simplicity Index 2011, was the first ever study to calculate the cost of complexity in the world’s largest organisations.

Who is Simplicity made by?
Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest producer of engines for outdoor power equipment, and is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of lithium-ion battery, standby generator, energy storage system, lawn and garden, turf care and job site products through its Briggs & Stratton®, Vanguard®, Ferris®, Simplicity …
Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple. Something easy to understand or explain seems simple, in contrast to something complicated. Alternatively, as Herbert A. Simon suggests, something is simple or complex depending on the way we choose to describe it. In some uses, the label “simplicity” can imply beauty, purity, or clarity. In other cases, the term may suggest a lack of nuance or complexity relative to what is required.Research by Ioannis Evmoiridis at Tilburg University found that earnings reported by “high simplicity firms” are higher than among other businesses, and that such firms “exhibit[ed] a superior performance during the period 2010 – 2015”, whilst requiring lower average capital expenditure and lower leverage.

A distinction is often made by many persons between two senses of simplicity: syntactic simplicity (the number and complexity of hypotheses), and ontological simplicity (the number and complexity of things postulated). These two aspects of simplicity are often referred to as elegance and parsimony respectively.
Mowing the lawn doesn’t have to be hard work. Features like power steering, push-button start and electric height-of-cut make mowing more enjoyable. Found on select models.Our Quick Hitch™ Deck Removal System lets you easily remove the mower deck without any tools for routine cleaning, maintenance, or when you want to use attachments. Select Simplicity tractors feature the automotive-inspired Suspension Comfort System™. This two-point system delivers 25% less impact on the operator* when compared to traditional mowers. The secret to lawn striping is in the mowing deck. All Simplicity Tractors feature a Free Floating Mower Deck with full-width rollers. The deck follows the contours of your lawn, reducing the risk of scalping, while the rollers bend the freshly cut grass down to deliver ballpark-like stripes.A diverse offering of Briggs & Stratton® engines power Simplicity tractors. With durable components and reliable starting, these engines deliver power when it’s needed most.

Is Simplicity a quality?
Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple. Something easy to understand or explain seems simple, in contrast to something complicated.
Get more done and with more precision with a zero turn lawn mower. The lineup is diverse with compact, residential and commercial style mowers offering precise, zero-degree steering and a variety of deck options. Select models even offer cargo beds and/or suspension. Best for lots larger than 1/2 acre.When you are looking for a new tractor or zero turn lawn mower, there are many manufacturers and features to choose from… But if you focus on what’s important, quality of cut and having a great looking lawn, the decision will be easy…Simplicity.Lawn tractors are great for accomplishing a nicely manicured lawn and offer some versatility with grass collection systems, dump carts for hauling and snow blowing attachments.Select Simplicity tractors feature the automotive-inspired Suspension Comfort System. This two-point system delivers 25% less impact on the operator* when compared to traditional mowers.A diverse offering of Briggs & Strattonengines power Simplicity tractors. With durable components and reliable starting, these engines deliver power when it’s needed most.A lawn tractor is a great yard care option when you’re dealing with a large yard size, typically about an acre of grass or more. Compared to zero turn and riding mowers, most tractors can be as simple to operate as a car with foot pedal control. There are usually many different cutting width and height options to fit various yard conditions and landscaping obstacles.

Is Simplicity made in USA?
Simplicity Manufacturing Company is an American company based in Port Washington, Wisconsin that builds lawn and garden equipment under various brands.
Garden and Yard tractors are heavier machines with the capability to handle ground engaging attachments, such as a plow or pull-behind garden tiller. In addition, these durable tractors have optional enhanced performance features such as: power steering, Automatic Controlled Traction™ and four-wheel drive.Independently controlled rear wheels allow for precise steering and creates a zero turn radius. An ideal solution for following the contours of flower beds or navigating around trees.

Is Simplicity a good value?
Simplicity avoids waste, teaches economy, avoids value clashes complicated by greed, fear, peer pressure, and a false sense of identity. From simplicity grows generosity and sharing. Simplicity is putting others first with kindness, openness, pure intentions — without expectations and conditions.
Innovative fabricated mower decks offer commercial-style performance with heavy-duty pulleys, greasable spindles and dual ball bearings. They provide a beautiful finishing touch with rear rollers (most models) and front gauge wheels for a smooth cut and stunning results.Featuring a variety of Briggs & Stratton engines for dependable and capable power no matter the job. A variety of options include entry level engines all the way to a Vanguard with Oil Guard™ Technology for longer periods between maintenance.

The Suspension Comfort System found on our select line of premium zero turn mowers incorporate two or four point suspension for increased efficiency and a mowing experience that is second to none.
As with other high-end riding mowers, you’ll pay quite a bit for a John Deere, but in return, you’ll get quality you can count on. Depending on the model, the warranty on a John Deere mower can range from two years to five years.”EGO’s Power+ series boasts industry-leading battery technology, offering rapid charging times, impressive runtimes, and compatibility across multiple tools,” Bravo says. “These mowers are powerful, quiet, and environmentally friendly, with the added convenience of being virtually maintenance-free.” We agree—we love the EGO Power+ LM2102SP self-propelled mower, which matches your walking speed and runs for up to an hour, even on hilly terrain. Gas mowers require more maintenance than electric mowers, generally. At least annually, you should give your gas mower a complete oil change, replace the spark plugs, and replace the air filter. She also received extensive, helpful input from Alex Tinsman, gardener and founder of How To Houseplant; Brock Ingham, gardener, landscaper, and founder of website Bigger Garden; and gardener Henry Bravo, founder and editor-in-chief of Smart Garden & Home.Another brand recommended by all of our experts, Toro was founded in 1914 as a maker of engines for farm tractors. The company invented the first golf-course mechanical mower in 1919, and introduced its first power mower in 1924. Thanks to many innovative ideas and features, Toro became a dominant brand of lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment by the 1950s and continues to hold that position today. “Toro mowers are known for their durability and ability to handle tough mowing conditions,” Ingham says. While Troy-Bilt riding mowers might not be quite at the level of those made by Honda or John Deere—but they also aren’t as expensive as those brands—these are still popular machines that have many innovative features, are comfortable to ride, and handle well even on large lawns or rugged terrain. And Troy-Bilt push mowers are definitely worth a look as well; we recommend the gas-powered TB110 21-inch mower, which starts easily, is very powerful, and gives a clean, even cut to the lawn. Most Troy-Bilt mowers come with a two-year warranty. When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site.

Nobody wants a lawn mower that only lasts a season or two before failing. While all of the brands on our list are known for making quality mowers that should stand the test of time, as a rough rule of thumb, gas mowers tend to last longer than electric mowers, and top brands Honda, Toro, John Deere, and Cub Cadet are especially known for the durability of their mowers, all of which are used by professional landscaping companies as well as homeowners.

After mowing, once your lawn mower has cooled down completely, remove any clots of grass from the blades and the bottom of the deck. Wipe away mud, wet grass, and other grunge from the deck.
Greenworks was established in 2002. Bravo praises the company, saying, “Greenworks, a pioneer in battery-powered lawn equipment, offers a comprehensive line of cordless mowers, including their Pro 60V and 80V series. These mowers provide excellent cutting performance, lightweight designs, and superior battery life, making them a top choice for homeowners and professionals alike.” Greenworks also offers very reasonably priced corded mowers, including the 25022 3-in-1 20-Inch Mower, although as batteries become ever-more powerful, the popularity of corded electric mowers is fading.

While Husqvarna makes a wide range of powerful, effective mowers, it is also one of the more expensive brands. Husqvarna mowers are covered by a three-year limited warranty.
All three of our experts listed Robomow as a top brand for robotic mowers. “Robomow Robotic Mowers are known for their advanced technology and precise cutting capabilities,” Tinsman says. “Their models feature weather sensors and a mobile app for remote control and monitoring.” Bravo adds, “Robomow, a pioneer in robotic mowing, offers a range of models designed for different lawn sizes and complexities. Their RS and RC series features intelligent navigation, customizable mowing schedules, and smartphone app integration, allowing you to monitor and control your mower remotely.”

Most walk-behind lawn mowers have just one blade, which spins very quickly to lift and slice the grass. But Honda and EGO both offer mowers with twin blades, which give a more precise, clean cut.
This article was researched and written by Michelle Ullman, who is a writer specializing in home and garden products. She has been a commerce writer for The Spruce since 2020, covering a wide range of home improvement products including power and hand tools, painting supplies, landscaping tools, and tool organizers. To choose the best brands of lawn mowers for this article, she consulted dozens of customer and third-party reviews, as well as websites specializing in landscaping, lawn care, and lawn mowers.Chinese company WORX was founded in 2004 and manufactures many electric corded or cordless tools, including chainsaws, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and of course lawn mowers. While WORX offers some corded electric mowers, its main focus is on battery mowers, including push and self-propelled options. Most WORX mowers include the patented IntelliCut technology, which automatically increases the power when mowing through thick grass and then dials it back to increase battery runtime. “WORX mowers are known for their affordability and ease of use, making them a great choice for small to medium-sized lawns,” Ingham says.

Riding lawn mowers, also called lawn tractors, are ideal for very large lawns. Several companies on our list offer riding lawn mowers, although Cub Cadet and John Deere are especially renowned in this category. Zero-turn mowers are riding mowers that can make 180-degree turns on the spot. Just about all companies that make riding mowers, including Craftsman, also offer zero-turn mowers.
With the exception of Robomow, which is only carried by a handful of specialized dealers, you can buy all of the other brands on our list at large home improvement centers or through the big home improvement center websites, including The Home Depot and Lowe’s, you can buy them from brick-and-mortar lawn care shops or from tool-and-garden websites, or you can find them on Amazon, Overstock, or similar outlets.Like Honda, Toro mowers can be expensive, but their quality, power, and great features make them worth the extra cost. Depending on the model, warranties on Toro lawn mowers range from three years to five years.

“Honda mowers, notably the HRX series, are well-regarded for their powerful engines, reliability, and innovative features like the Versamow system, which allows you to easily mulch, bag, discharge, or shred leaves,” Bravo notes. Honda’s mowers also have a patented two-blade system, rather than the usual single blade, which further increases the cleanness of their cuts through all types of grass.

Honda mowers have few downsides, other than being somewhat expensive. And the company only offers gas mowers, not electric. Depending on the model, the warranties on Honda’s lawn mowers range from one to five years.
“We’ve come a long way since the first lawnmower was invented in 1830,” Ingham says. “It weighed over 100 pounds and had to be hand cranked! Now there are many brands of lawn mowers on the market, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The best brand of lawn mower depends on the type of mower you are looking for and your specific needs. That’s why it’s important to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase.”WORX has recently entered the robotic mower market with Landroid mowers, including our favorite, the WR155 Landroid M. Like other robotic mowers, it depends on you to set its perimeters, but once inside them, it tirelessly follows your orders to keep your lawn looking its best. And while still expensive, the Landroids are generally not quite as pricey as robots from other brands, making them a good choice for an entry-level lawn robot. Most WORX lawn mowers have a three-year warranty.

Swedish company Husqvarna was founded more than 300 years ago as a maker of rifles (it exited the weapons industry a couple of centuries later), but over the hundreds of years since, the comany expanded its range to include many products for the home and landscape, including top-rated chainsaws. Husqvarna has been making lawn mowers since 1918 that, according to Ingham, are known for their powerful engines and versatility, making them a great choice for large lawns. Along with highly rated gas push-mowers, Husqvarna makes some of the best riding mowers and zero-turn mowers, including our favorite, the Z254F 23-HP 54-Inch Zero-Turn Lawn Mower.
Some battery brands, including WORX and Greenworks, have sensors in their mowers that can detect especially thick grass. These mowers then automatically increase the power of the blade’s spin while tackling the tough spot, and then decrease it again once past the difficult patch of grass, thus saving on battery power. Husqvarna has also entered the robotic mower market with its Automower line. Bravo notes, “Husqvarna’s Automower series is known for its cutting-edge technology, GPS-assisted navigation, and weather-resistant design. These mowers can handle complex lawns with various obstacles and slopes, providing a consistently manicured finish with minimal human intervention.” “Craftsman lawn mowers are known for their affordability and reliability, making them a great choice for budget-conscious buyers,” Ingham says. While these aren’t top-of-the-line mowers, for the most part, they are more than sufficient for the average homeowner who wants to keep the lawn looking good, yet not spend a fortune on the tools to accomplish that goal. Craftsman mowers come with a three-year limited warranty.As lawn mowers are powerful tools with very sharp, rapidly spinning blades, they can cause injury if not used properly. There are some safety features required on all lawn mowers today, including a safety brake that stops the blade from spinning within three seconds if the user releases their grip from the controls and a foot shield that prevents the mower’s foot from being able to slip beneath the cutting deck.

How much is lawn mower in USA?
A gas-powered manual push mower will typically cost between $140 and $570, with the average lawn mower price at $265. If you want a self-propelled mower, you could spend between $170 and $2,100. Usually, you will pay around $370.
Yet another brand now owned by Stanley Black & Decker, Troy-Bilt was originally founded in 1937 with the first residential rototiller. It went on to manufacture a wide range of outdoor landscaping tools, including excellent gas-powered push and self-propelled lawn mowers and even manual reel mowers. But it’s riding mowers, both gas and electric, that the company is best known for. Tinsman especially likes this brand, saying, “Troy-Bilt offers a range of versatile riding mowers with features like cruise control and adjustable cutting heights. Their models feature a range of attachments for year-round use.”Founded in Tokyo in the 1940s by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, Honda Motor Company started off as a maker of motorcycles, but today, of course, they are a global powerhouse that manufactures a wide range of automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles, as well as engines used by other brands in their own gas-powered products. Honda first started making lawn mowers in the late 1970s and quickly became one of the top brands for both commercial and residential use. All of the experts we spoke with named Honda as one of the top gas lawn mower brands for push mowers and self-propelled mowers. We especially like the Honda HRN216VKA 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, which like other Honda mowers, is easy to start, powerful, and very effective in making even, clean cuts across the lawn.Walk-behind mowers usually give you three choices for handling the grass clippings: bag them, mulch them, or discharge them back onto the lawn. Some mowers, however, only let you bag or mulch the clippings. Always read the description carefully before buying a particular mower, because this is a detail that can vary from model to model within the same brand.

While EGO mowers tend to be some of the most expensive battery options, they are also some of the best. Plus, you can use any EGO battery in any of their tools, making the brand highly versatile. The warranty on an EGO lawn mower is five years.
While Greenwork mowers are not the most powerful, Ingham comments, “Greenworks mowers are known for their affordability and wide range of features, making them a great choice for budget-conscious buyers.” Greenworks lawn mowers are covered by a limited three-year warranty.

When choosing a lawn mower, there are various features that can make your mowing experience easier and faster. Just about all mowers allow you to adjust the height of the blades, which lets you tailor the cutting height to your variety of lawn grass. The brands on our list make this adjustment easier by using a single lever or dial to move the blades higher or lower.
Israeli company Robomow was founded in 1995 as Friendly Machines. As the name suggests, the company is a top manufacturer of robotic lawn mowers with ever-increasing advanced technology and useful features, such as their RC312 Pro S, which can be controlled through Amazon Alexa. The Robomow RS series can handle lawns almost an acre in size. All Robomow mowers return to their charging docks when necessary, can handle rugged terrain or slopes, are undeterred by tall grass, are easily programmed and controlled, and remain within the perimeters set by you.

Don’t expect the highest power or performance from a BLACK+DECKER mower, but if you are looking for a reasonably priced lawn mower to keep a relatively small lawn under control, this is a reliable brand that you can count on. BLACK+DECKER lawn mowers have a two-year limited warranty.
When it comes to riding lawn mowers, all three of our experts are in agreement that Cub Cadet is one of the best in this category, although Cub Cadet does also make push mowers and self-propelled mowers, and has even released a line of robotic mowers. The American company has been making riding mowers since 1961, though it is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker. Ingham likes Cub Cadet riding mowers for their excellent performance and easy maneuverability, which makes them especially well-suited to yards with slopes or rough terrain. You can choose from many models, including gas-powered, electric, and zero-turn.

While Toro is best-known for gas push mowers, it also manufactures self-propelled mowers, battery-powered mowers, riding mowers, and zero-turn mowers, all of which are considered tops in their categories. We especially love their self-propelled Toro 22-Inch Recycler, which includes the Personal Pace system praised by Bravo, who says, “The Personal Pace system, found in Toro’s TimeMaster and Super Recycler series, automatically adjusts to your walking speed, providing a more comfortable mowing experience.”

Battery mowers do not use horsepower or cubic capacity measurements. Instead, the battery voltage indicates the power of these mowers. You’ll find battery mowers ranging from 20 volts to 80 volts, but residential mowers most often use 40-volt batteries.

To sort through the many options, we spoke with three landscaping experts: Alex Tinsman, gardener and founder of How To Houseplant; Brock Ingham, gardener, landscaper, and founder of website Bigger Garden; and gardener Henry Bravo, founder and editor-in-chief of Smart Garden & Home. The three were unanimous in naming Toro, Honda, and Robomow as top brands, and praised many others, including Greenworks, Cub Cadet, and Husqvarna.
A healthy lawn requires regular mowing, and that means sorting through the many lawn mower brands, along with the various types of mowers, that are available. There are walk-behind mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers, and even robotic lawn mowers. Some lawn mower brands specialize in just one or two types of mowers, while others offer them all.

Named for founders S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker, BLACK+DECKER has been around for over a century, during which it has become one of the leading brands of power tools. It patented the first electric drill in 1917, was the first company to offer electric garden tools to homeowners in the 1950s, and was one of the first companies to sell battery-powered tools to DIYers and homeowners when it came out with a cordless drill all the way back in 1961. While BLACK+DECKER does also have gas lawn mowers, those are falling by the wayside in favor of electric models.
Common sense is also an important part of using your mower safely. Never mow barefoot or without full foot coverings. Don’t mow in floppy pants or clothing that could become entangled in the mower blade or wheels. Never put your hands or feet near the deck of the mower when it’s on, and never pull a running lawn mower backward toward your feet. Pick up toys, rocks, or other debris from the lawn before you begin to mow. Never mow when you are feeling unwell, overly tired, or otherwise impaired.Snow Joe started selling snow blowers in 2004, but later added on Sun Joe lines of various outdoor landscaping tools, including chainsaws, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and lawn mowers. “Sun Joe Battery Mowers are known for their eco-friendly design and easy maneuverability,” Tinsman says. “They offer a range of models with features like instant start and detachable grass bags for easy disposal of clippings.” The brand does not have any gas mowers, but does have a wide range of electric mowers, both corded and cordless, as well as manual reel mowers, an uncommon offering in the lawn mower industry.

Gas mowers usually measure their level of power in cubic capacity, which is a measure of the amount of air and fuel that can push through the cylinders. For walk-behind mowers, this generally translates to somewhere between 2 and 6 horsepower. Riding mowers are far more powerful; the engines in these mowers usually have between 12 and 20 horsepower.
All brands of self-propelled mowers let you adjust the speed of the mower to more comfortably match your own pace, usually by squeezing a lever; the harder you squeeze, the faster the mower moves. Some brands, though, including Ryobi, have mowers with cruise control so you can set a comfortable speed without having to keep a grip on a lever.Now owned by Stanley Black & Decker, Craftsman was established in 1927 as a brand name for tools sold at Sears department stores. This iconic brand is well-known for its extensive range of basic hand tools, such as hammers and screwdrivers, as well as power tools. The company offers a wide range of lawn mowers, as well, including both gas and electric push mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers, and zero-turn mowers. We like the Craftsman gas-powered M110 21-inch push mower, which is easy to start and powerful.

Michelle Ullman is a home decor expert and product reviewer for home and garden products. She has been writing about home decor for over 10 years for publications like and Better Homes & Gardens, among others.
One of the biggest considerations is whether you want a gas-powered mower or an electric mower. Gas mowers tend to be more powerful, but are also louder and emit fumes. Electric mowers, which can be corded or cordless, have come a long way; today’s batteries are more powerful, run longer, and charge faster, making battery mowers a very appealing option to the average homeowner looking to tend a small to medium-sized lawn.The frequency of mower maintenance depends on the type of mower and how often you mow your lawn with it. But as a general rule, you should check the oil and fuel level before each use with a gas mower, and be sure the battery is fully charged before powering up your electric mower.

How much are lawn mowers now?
Average costs of lawn mowers in 2023Average reel mower cost$115Average walk-behind mower cost$475Average riding mower cost$3,070Average robotic mower cost$1,320Jun 20, 2023
Like all robotic mowers, these are very expensive machines. And they are not always easy to find; few brick-and-mortar stores carry them and you might have to hunt to find them online. Websites Wellbots and Autmow regularly carry current models. Most Robomow products are covered by a three-year warranty.”BLACK+DECKER offers a range of affordable and lightweight battery mowers with features like folding handles for easy storage and adjustable cutting heights. Their lithium-ion batteries provide long run times and charge quickly,” Tinsman says. Along with reasonably priced push mowers, the company also offers self-propelled electric mowers at budget-conscious prices and is one of the few brands that still offer corded electric mowers, including the MM2000 20-Inch Push Mower.There are brands that offer only electric mowers, including Greenworks and WORX, and brands that are known for their gas mowers, such as Honda and John Deere. Many lawn mower brands, however, offer both gas and electric models. EGO takes it a step further by making only battery lawn mowers; they do not have corded electric mowers as do the other all-electric brands.The company makes powerful, reliable, and innovative riding mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn mowers, almost all of which are gas-powered. Bravo particularly likes the company’s X300 and X500 series of gas lawn tractors, saying they deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and comfort. We also recommend the S120 22HP 42-Inch Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Tractor, which is a very sturdy and versatile mower that even has cruise control. There are two basic types of walk-behind mowers: push mowers, which require you to use your own power to push the mower across the grass, and self-propelled mowers, which use their own power to keep the mower in motion. Tor is especially acclaimed for its walk-behind mowers. Most companies that make walk-behind mowers, whether gas, electric, or both, offer both push and self-propelled models. EGO has established itself as one of the top names for battery-powered outdoor tools, including leaf blowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, and lawn mowers. Thanks to powerful batteries, which Ingham says are known for their long runtimes and quick recharge, an EGO lawn mower—whether push, self-propelled, or even riding—can be almost as powerful as a gas mower.

Who has the best mowers?
The three were unanimous in naming Toro, Honda, and Robomow as top brands, and praised many others, including Greenworks, Cub Cadet, and Husqvarna. “We’ve come a long way since the first lawnmower was invented in 1830,” Ingham says.
Another brand that’s renowned for riding mowers, this company has a history that goes back to 1837, when blacksmith John Deere invented a steel-bladed plow that revolutionized farming. The company continued to expand its agricultural offerings and began manufacturing tractors in the early 1900s. But it wasn’t until 1963 that the company began selling lawn tractors specifically for tending residential lawns. “John Deere riding mowers are known for their durability, comfort, and versatility, making them a great choice for large properties,” Ingham says.Tinsman especially likes Cub Cadet’s gas riding mowers, praising their powerful engines, self-propulsion feature, rear-wheel drive, and high-performance cutting decks that provide a smooth and even cut. Bravo specifically praises Cub Cadet’s XT Enduro and Ultima series: “They provide excellent cutting quality, powerful engines, and a variety of attachments for versatile landscaping tasks.” We agree with him—the XT1 Enduro LT is our favorite gas-powered riding mower.While buying a lawn mower online makes it easier to shop around for the best price, as well as have the mower shipped directly to your home, shopping in person gives you the opportunity to ask questions, touch and handle the lawn mower to get a feel for it, and usually take it home that very day. Robotic mowers are the newest additions to the lawn care scene. These battery-powered devices independently work their way around your lawn, mowing as they go, and are controlled by onboard controls or by an app. Robomow specializes in robotic mowers, but a few other companies, including Husqvarna and WORX, also make them. Along with electric push mowers, Greenworks offers several self-propelled mowers. The innovative “SmartCut” technology lets these mowers sense the thickness of the lawn grass and adjust the speed and power accordingly, thus extending battery runtime. We especially like the 40-volt, 21-inch self-propelled mower, which has the SmartCut feature. Along with push and self-propelled mowers, Greenworks also offers battery-powered riding mowers. We evaluated lawn mower brands based on reputation, quality, durability, range of products and types of mowers offered, and value, as well as input from our three landscaping experts. Geared toward homeowners, not professional landscapers, Sun Joe mowers are reasonably powerful and have good battery life, but they aren’t heavy-duty tools intended for large lawns or rugged use. They aren’t exceptionally expensive mowers, which adds to their appeal. For a budget-priced model, we like their corded MJ401E-PRO push mower, which performs well for the price and is easy to maneuver and store. The warranty period for a Sun Joe mower is two years.

While Ryobi electric mowers aren’t the most high-powered, they are reliable and reasonably priced, making them excellent options for homeowners who don’t have a very large lawn. We especially like their 40-volt, 20-inch push mower, which has a long battery runtime and is easy to store. Like other Ryobi battery mowers, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, making mowing less of a chore. Ryobi offers a three-year limited warranty on lawn mowers.

Founded in Japan in the 1940s, today Ryobi in North America is a brand name of Techtronic Industries. The company is a top name for a wide range of power tools, including outdoor products such as edgers, trimmers, snow blowers, and of course, lawn mowers. While Ryobi does not make gas mowers, it does offer corded electric push mowers as well as cordless push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and even battery-powered riding mowers. “Ryobi mowers are known for their innovative features, such as adjustable cutting heights and mulching capabilities,” Ingham notes.
True to its name, the Simplicity 2691418 Prestige Mower tops our list for its durability, versatility, and high engine power. Although this Simplicity riding mower review includes tough contenders, the attachment options of this model truly made it a reliable all-year-round lawn partner that can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

Lawn mowing jobs are rough, so our team highly recommend buying a riding mower with a powerful engine. Overall, Simplicity mowers have 23HP to 30HP Briggs & Stratton engines that suit extensive lawn maintenance.
Although Simplicity is known for reliable and versatile riding mowers, one cannot dismiss the high cost they entail. How can you pick one from various options while not compromising quality and your hard-earned money? In this post, our team will conduct Simplicity riding mower reviews to see which among these units are worth the purchase.

We all know that typical lawn tractors are often not comfortable to use, but Simplicity 2691418 Prestige Mower proved us wrong with its exclusive suspension system. With springs attached on both sides of this mower, you can expect 25% less operational impact than other brands.Operating riding tractors doesn’t have to be hard, so we’re delighted that Simplicity made their mowers with suspension comfort features. Through this system, you can operate the mower comfortably, even at increased speeds.

Price isn’t always the determinant of good quality [1], which is why we added Simplicity 2691321 Courier Mower in this Simplicity riding mower review. Despite its lower cost, this model has a full steel frame that showcases its durability.
Yes, Simplicity mowers are worth the money. If you want a reliable unit to get your lawn maintenance on the right track, its top-tier maneuverability and high-quality cutting performance won’t let you down. With years of industry experience, these models are specifically built to address lawn maintenance issues.The ability of your mower to provide quality cuts despite changing seasons is crucial. If you ask our experts, we’d suggest buying ones with a free-floating deck as this feature allow the application of maximum pressure for improved cutting performance. The feature we liked the most in this model is its adjustable lift system. Unlike other riding mowers, it’s not that heavy. Users can control it with just a pedal push and set it to their desired cutting position. During our series of tests, our team found most delight in its free-floating mower deck that allows the mower to follow the lawn’s contours. Besides that, this unit is equipped with impressive rear rollers that create stripes on your lawn without any hassle.Sawinery is a one-stop source for anything woodworking-related. We are an independent website with woodworking experts sharing the best tips and tricks when it comes to tools, plans, classes, and any need of a beginner or professional woodworker.If lawn maintenance is among your top priorities, then getting a premium unit like Simplicity 5901744 Contender XT Mower is a great option to consider. Thanks to its continuous torque and consistent speed, we reckon that this mower could handle large-scale mowing jobs easily.Our resident lawn experts also noted that its built-in parking brake added utmost convenience and efficiency during the test drive. Given that it’s manufactured by Briggs & Stratton, having a powerful engine is already an expectation. Poplar is a common choice for furniture and other woodworking projects due to its affordability and availability. But if you’re considering it as a material Within a brand and lawn mower variety, there are multiple factors affecting the cost of the product. Things like energy capacity, speed, size, and model year can affect the mower’s cost. Some of these extra features can be worth the extra dough, depending on how much you want to expand your lawn industry business.John Deere riding lawn mowers have high-performing motors, robust engines, and great brand recognition. John Deere is one of the most recognizable names in lawn mowers and tractors, so they can charge slightly more. Their mowers range from $1,600 to $6,000. Your customers are likely to trust your services if you show up on a John Deere.

Honda offers some of the most reliable walk-behind gas mowers. They can discharge and shed leaves and grass without additional tools. While they are more expensive, many find the Honda brand worth the investment. You will find them for around $420 to $1,320.

Ace Hardware offers the brands EGO, Craftsman, and Toro. It sells battery, gas, and self-propelled mowers. You can also find many repair parts, maintenance kits, and accessories.A gas-powered manual push mower will typically cost between $140 and $570, with the average lawn mower price at $265. If you want a self-propelled mower, you could spend between $170 and $2,100. Usually, you will pay around $370.Hover mowers create a cushion of air between the mower and the lawn. The cushion elevates the lawn mower to let the blade cut the grass. A perk of this design is that, unlike mowers with wheels, a hover mower can be moved in any direction.

What brand of lawn mower is the most reliable?
While all of the brands on our list are known for making quality mowers that should stand the test of time, as a rough rule of thumb, gas mowers tend to last longer than electric mowers, and top brands Honda, Toro, John Deere, and Cub Cadet are especially known for the durability of their mowers, all of which are used …
Zero-turn mowers are famous for their lever controls that let you quickly turn the mower in place. If you service yards with tight corners or obstacles, this mower will help.While they cannot handle heavy attachments, these mowers can still cut large lawns for a reasonable price. They cost between $1,300 and $4,500, with an average price of $2,100.

Riding lawn mowers can also vary in speed. While most riding mowers can move forward and backward, the actual speed options differ. Usually, they reach speeds of four to nine miles per hour.
Basic robot mowers for small yards are around $570, but the more expensive models with GPS and anti-theft protection can reach $17,000. They range in charging time and durability, but you can get a perfectly good mower for under $1,500.You can find them with attachments that will transform your mower into a dethatcher, trailer, core aerator, or snowplow. This mower can cut, bag, mulch, and discharge the grass.

The Troy-Bilt walk-behind mower uses three-in-one cutting equipment, making it especially useful for flat lawns. It’s also one of the more affordable gas mowers. This brand generally costs between $200 and $1,150, with most products on the lower end.

The cost of a lawn mower can vary drastically. You have to consider the type of grass you will cut, the layout of the yard, the location, and your budget. Once you have determined your requirements, you can find an affordable lawn mower that fulfills your needs. If you’re starting a new lawn care business and offering lawn care services, you’ll want a functioning lawn mower, but you’ll also need to know how to set lawn care prices and deliver quotes!
EGO mowers can cost anywhere between $340 and $830, but the higher cost isn’t without reason. These electric walk-behind mowers offer up to one hour of mowing nonstop, which is much higher than most other electric options. Generally, battery-powered mowers last 30-45 minutes before needing to recharge.The cost of lawn mowers can also vary based on the manufacturer. Brands known for creating high-quality machines are often likely to cost more, but that’s not always the case – many lawn mower manufacturers still supply affordable but reliable mowers.

Is simplicity a quality?
Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple. Something easy to understand or explain seems simple, in contrast to something complicated.
For riding and gas-powered lawn mowers, expect to pay between $170 and $250 to repair the engine. Battery replacements cost around $30 to $50. Lastly, work on the carburetors can cost you $40 to $90.The lawn tractor is the most popular riding mower. They cut much faster than push mowers, so they suit massive lawns with hills. Those with hydrostatic transmissions run smoother. You can operate them easily because of their steering wheel controls and comfortable seats.

Husqvarna is renowned for its lawn tractors as the company manufactures some of the most popular models available. They also have particularly popular zero-turn riding mowers for sale. These lawn mowers are known for their affordable prices, durability, and power.
Electric mowers do not require fuel tanks as they run on electricity. They can receive their power directly from the source with a cord or battery storage. The battery adds weight and cost, but the cord limits the movement substantially.In this pricing guide, we will determine the approximate cost of a lawn mower that suits your needs. We will compare every type and pricing tier to help you choose the best product for your lawn.

Reel mowers are usually the most affordable option. You serve as the power source — the blades spin as you move the mower across your lawn. They function on mechanical energy that you generate through motion.
The energy capacity of corded electric lawn mowers depends on the amperage. Amperage describes the strength of an electric current that passes from the power source to the mower. Higher amperage indicates a more powerful mower.Riding lawnmowers are convenient, requires little labor, and can handle large yards. How much does a riding lawn mower cost? The price depends on the specific type of riding mower you choose.

Fuel capacity describes how much gasoline your lawn mower can contain. It concerns the length of usage without having to refuel your mower. Mowers with larger fuel capacities often cost more since they are usually bigger.If you’ve heard of the brand, you’ll probably pay a higher price. Manufacturers like Honda, Briggs & Stratton, and Kohler produce high-quality products that people recognize, so lawn mower sellers will increase the cost. If grass clippings get stuck on the underside of your mower, the mower deck and blades may rust. You have to perform regular deck washings to prevent this issue, but heavy lawn mowers make this more challenging. A small, corded mulch mower starts at around $110, but the more powerful and battery-operated options can cost up to $2,200. On average, you will spend around $300 on a mulching lawn mower.They have high top speeds because of their maneuverability and lighter weight. The speed helps them handle large yards with many obstacles, such as trees and gardens. However, you cannot use that many attachments.

Some mowers let you raise or lower the mowing deck to adjust it for various grass heights and thicknesses. If you work with multiple grass species or your customers want to customize the blade length, this tool helps.Generally, reel mowers cost the least to maintain. Following reel mowers are the electric ones. Gas and riding mowers typically cost the most to maintain and operate.