Soft Flame Butane Lighter

Once the insert is up-side down place the butane fuel nozzle into the filling valve. The filling valve is located at the bottom right side of the insert. Refill the insert for six seconds.Zippo’s new lighter insert collection including, this Double Torch Butane Insert, provides a new flame for the classic design. Some of the features include: a soft-touch ignition that allows for quick and easy lighting, all metal construction that provides a perfect fit for any regular size Zippo insert. The insert comes packaged in a Zippo ‘one box’. Lastly, the reusable design helps to limit waste.

Is a Zippo a soft flame lighter?
Cool. Um there’s no way that i know of to keep it lit like a regular zippo you would just spark. It. And it would just stay lit.
Flip butane insert upside down, use a paper clip or a dime to twist the screw left or right. The positive and negative sign will indicate a larger or smaller flame.All Zippo Butane Inserts will be packaged and shipped unfilled. To begin filling, remove the insert from either the packaging or lighter case. When removing be sure to place your index finger and thumb on either side of the insert, below the chimney. Be sure to flip the insert into an upside-down position.

A Timeless Symbol of Tradition Soft flame lighters serve as a nostalgic reminder of classic elegance and tradition. They capture the essence of vintage lighters while incorporating modern features and designs. Our diverse collection offers both traditional and contemporary styles, allowing you to find the perfect match for your refined taste.
An Essential Companion for Pipe Connoisseurs Pipe enthusiasts value the precision and finesse offered by soft flame lighters. The soft, even burn they provide ensures a consistent and enjoyable pipe smoking session. Embrace the contemplative moments and savor the nuances of your favorite pipe tobacco with our carefully selected range of soft flame lighters.Choose Lighter USA for Your Soft Flame Lighter Needs Experience the sophistication of soft flame lighters at Lighter USA. Our curated selection showcases the finest options, tailored to meet the needs of discerning customers. Whether you seek a companion for your cigars, a refined tool for your pipes, or a symbol of timeless elegance, our soft flame lighters deliver unmatched satisfaction.

How hot does a soft flame lighter get?
around 1400 degrees Because soft flame lighters burn around 1400 degrees, the flame is less intense than a torch.
Experience the allure of soft flame lighters at Lighter USA, where we offer a remarkable selection that combines elegance and functionality. With a gentle and controlled flame, our soft flame lighters provide a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Perfectly Suited for Cigar Enthusiasts For aficionados who appreciate the art of cigar smoking, our soft flame lighters are a perfect match. Their gentle flame allows for a slower, more deliberate lighting process, ensuring an even burn and preserving the delicate flavors of the cigars. Elevate your cigar experience with our collection of meticulously designed soft flame lighters.Crafted with Precision and Quality At Lighter USA, we prioritize craftsmanship and quality. That’s why we partner with reputable brands known for their commitment to excellence. Our soft flame lighters are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring durability, reliability, and lasting performance. Each lighter represents a fusion of artistry and functionality.

Unleash Elegance and Delicacy Soft flame lighters embody grace and refinement, showcasing their timeless appeal. The soft, delicate flame they produce is ideal for igniting candles, incense, or tobacco. Delight in the subtle grace and controlled ignition as you create an enchanting atmosphere for relaxation or celebration.A soft flame lighter is a type of butane lighter that produces a flame with a lower temperature and a wider surface area than a traditional torch flame. This makes it suitable for lighting items such as candles, stove burners, and cigars.

Soft flame heats the item gently and evenly without danger of charring or burning it. Soft flame lighters often have a wide, flat flame nozzle and a flame adjustment control to allow for fine-tuning of the flame size and heat output. Many Xikar lighters use electricity to create a spark, rather than a mechanical flint, to ignite the fuel. This is a modern and much more convenient option for igniting flame.
Soft butane lighters are known for their ease of use and portability, and they often feature simple, classic designs. They come in a wide variety of designs, from sleek and modern to vintage and ornate. Every single Xikar soft flame lighter is refillable, making them more convenient and cost-effective. Some soft flame lighters are also known as pipe lighters. They’re specifically designed to light pipes, glass bongs or rigs. Pipe lighters are designed to produce flame vertically or inverse (upside down) without danger of burning fingers in the process. Once the lighter is upside down, place the butane fuel nozzle into the filling valve, located at the bottom right hand side of the insert. Refill the insert for 6 seconds.

Remove screw and attached spring at the bottom of the insert. Be sure old flint is removed from tube. Place new flint in tube and replace spring. Screw lightly. Be sure screw is turned as far as it will go. If wheel binds after new flint is inserted, turn wheel backwards a few times.
Note: This insert comes unfilled. Please fill with Zippo butane fuel. Inserts sold separately without lighter case. Please purchase a lighter case that is unique to your individual style.All Zippo Butane Inserts will be packaged and shipped unfilled. To start filling, remove Zippo insert from either the packaging or lighter case. When removing places on either side of the insert below the chimney. Be sure to flip the insert into an upside-down position. Be sure to fill or refill in a well-ventilated place, and always keep the insert or lighter away from face.

Is a Bic lighter a soft flame?
A Bic lighter produces a nice soft flame and works very well for lighting cigars with a ring size of calibre 50 or less.
Zippo’s yellow flame butane insert is the perfect accessory for any classic Zippo lighter case. The refillable butane insert stays true to Zippo’s roots in form and function and produces an odorless yellow flame for even more versatility. Backed by our best-in-class warranty for years of reliable use. For optimum performance, fill with Zippo butane fuel. Comes packaged in a gift box. Made in China.First saw this lighter on the cigar forums on Instagram. Immediately knew I had to have it! Happy to see it met my expectations. It is a vintage steampunk looking lighter that has some weight to it. Well built no fuss. I love it! Draws attention as soon as I pull it out. Happy with my purchase!

The Sisuman Soft Flame Butane Lighter arrives in a hefty matte black box, accompanied by additional flint stones and a 2-year warranty. To ensure your lighter remains in excellent condition for years to come, we also offer spare parts. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we provide exceptional customer service to complement this neat piece of gear.
Beautiful lighter that arrived quickly. Classy feel and great flame hight. I certainly prefer this to all my other torch lighters for my cigars. Makes me happier every time I use it. I will come back for more Sisuman products for sure!Ignite your favorite cigar, pipe, or cigarette with our Soft Flame Butane Lighter. This reliable steampunk styled lighter works flawlessly with butane as fuel, ensuring a consistent and hassle-free ignition every time, without tainting the taste of your Cigar.

I am an advid cigar smoker and I just recently purchased this lighter. I wanted it for the pure styling and function that the lighter represents. The flame is soft and gives an air of distinction that sometimes gets lost with torch flames. It looks great and my friends really like the styling of it as well. Very satisfied.If you’re looking for a quality soft flame butane lighter, this is it! To give this review some context, I use this lighter for my pipe, cigars and campfires. This lighter is a great alternative to an Old Boy at half the cost. It fits nicely in your hand and gives you a consistent experience. The flame height adjustment and refilling process is straightforward and access is kept hidden underneath a screw cap on the bottom. I appreciate how the lighter is constructed with quality material and aspects weren’t compromised to increase profit margin, which is all too common today. Finally, Sisuman’s excellent customer service warranty was the key to pulling the trigger on this purchase, as it took much of the risk out of paying someone in Finland $75 CAD for a lighter. Excellent product! Highly recommend!

The level of quality this product brings is simply outstanding. The design is clasy, timeless and it does make heads turn when you are lighting whatever. I thought the pricing was a little steep at first, but after receiving the lighter I quickly changed my mind. This lighter will last you a lifetime.
Experience the robust build quality and vintage charm of our brushed steel Soft Flame Butane Lighter. Join the ranks of cigar enthusiasts worldwide who appreciate its hefty and clean soft flame, making it perfect for every occasion where a lighter is needed.

With a relentless focus on both engineering and stylistic innovation, Colibri produces a collection of smoking accessories that embody the spirit of timeless quality, effortless style, and tradition matched with modernity and life lived confidently.
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What is a soft lighter?
Soft flame lighters have a cooler flame than torches, which is preferable for cigars (when wind conditions permit) and are the only kind of lighter you should ever use for a pipe.
Should you decide you want a disposable lighter that is a bit more fashionable and will make you look even more stylish and sophisticated than you are already, we recommend the Djeep lighter. Available in various colors and with logos and graphics, it costs a bit more than Bic. However, you’ll get up to 4,000 lights, an adjustable flame, an oversized thumb plate, and much more. Able to be used quite well with any type of cigar, the Djeep is a lighter many of us carry with us wherever we go.Whether you want an inexpensive lighter or one that looks as if it should be placed next to a set of the fanciest diamonds, you can find these and many other options should you decide to purchase a refillable butane lighter. If you’re on a tight budget, we suggest the Vector’s Thunderbird lighter, which will run just under $20. However, if you have both money and cigars to burn, then we think you may want to put your exquisite taste on full display and purchase a Prestige lighter from Davidoff. Priced at $800-$1,700, these lighters are available in silver, gold, and other impressive finishes.

How do you use a soft flame lighter?
So you know a soft flame. Or a um uh match is going to be a little too cold. The torch is going to be a little too hot so you’re thinking about this like you’re toasting a marshmallow.
When we talk about spills as related to your cigar, don’t think we are referring to a drink you’ll need to wipe up. Instead, a spill in this sense means an item that can be used to give your cigar the soft flame it deserves as it is lit. Either a long, twisted piece of paper or a thin strip of wood, it’s ignited at one end and then delivers a beautiful soft flame to your cigar. Commonly used over the years to light candles, lamps, smoking pipes, and cigars, we feel spills have proven themselves to be great soft flame options.

However, if you think you’ll need to start searching your home for long pieces of paper or thin strips of wood, we are here to put your mind at ease. Instead, you can simply look inside your cigar box or at your cigar itself. Most cigar boxes today contain thin sheets of Spanish cedar, which by using an X-ACTO knife can be easily cut into thin strips. As for your cigar, our experiences have shown that unrolling the cedar sleeves and slicing them into spills works great. Natural, easy to do, and offering a great-smelling aroma when lit, we highly recommend spills.To show you know exactly what you are doing once you have the match and cigar in hand, we suggest always letting the match head burn completely off prior to pressing the flame to the cigar’s foot. If you’re like us and enjoy showing off now and then, hold two matches close together while lighting a vitola with a large ring gauge. When you do, you’ll create a wide double-flame that will get the attention of everyone in the room. While you can use any type of wooden match, we recommend keeping a supply of Davidoff 3.75-inch matches nearby, since they are made from wood that is non-aromatic and thus provides a burn that is clean and odorless.

Yet no matter which type of refillable butane lighter your budget will allow you to buy, you’ll get such benefits as 45 and 90-degree angle flames, flames that are very clean-burning, and lighters that are repairable, which has often come in handy when some of us have thrown caution and our budgets to the wind on a new, expensive lighter.
If you want the ultimate “bang for your buck” and want to be assured of always having a soft flame source with you to light your cigar, then do like many of us and pick up a few disposable butane lighters the next time you are in the store. At an average price of only $1.50 and offering as many as 3,000 lights from a single lighter, the Bic disposable butane lighter gets our vote as the top choice for true cigar lovers. Great with cigars possessing a ring gauge of 50 or less, the Bic lighter produces a very good soft flame. However, the downside is that the flame is not adjustable and reduces in size as your lighter has less fuel.

Do soft flame lighters use butane?
Just like torch flame lighters, soft flame cigar lighters can also utilize clean-burning butane as fuel, ensuring a purer flame and minimizing unwanted flavors or odors that could affect the taste of your cigars. Cached
As we all know, a premium cigar has many unique qualities and is revered by those who truly know their cigars and all that goes into their creation. In fact, it is estimated that 50 people are directly involved in producing a quality cigar. From planting that first seed to shipping it to your favorite cigar shop, more people than you ever imagined do all they can to give you a good smoke. To make sure their efforts are not wasted, we suggest never making the mistake of using a torch lighter and its extreme heat to light your favorite stogie. Instead, there are several types of a soft flame lighter we guarantee will give you far better results and will let you enjoy each and every bit of your smoking experience.First, you must ensure you are away from any flame since lighter fluid is highly flammable. Then remove the inside unit from its case and turn it upside down. Lift the corner of the felt pad on the bottom of the insert to reveal the packing material in the fuel chamber. Slowly fill the lighter and saturate this packing material with lighter fluid. Stop filling the lighter when the fuel reaches the top of the packing material. Do not overfill. Once finished, insert the unit back into the case and be sure to wipe off all excess fluid from both the lighter and your hands before igniting the lighter.

Z-Plus is an insert that is interchangeable with the original Zippo lighter insert. It is butane refillable and ignites a torch flame. It is only compatible with traditional Zippo windproof lighters.For a cigar lover, a soft flame jet butane lighter is an ideal choice. A cleaner burn, an easily adjustable flame, and a refillable tank — these dual flame lighters have all the characteristics you can need in your cigar lighter. With exquisite, classy and shiny designs of our dual flame cigar lighters, you are set to add a gem to your vintage lighter collection.The idea came about when The Giarrusso Brothers reminisced about the old days when so many parents and grandparents had liquid fueled lighters that had crystal clear fuel tanks and a highly polished chrome lid. Not only was it an excellent lighter, but it also had an heirloom look and feel that it had to be reintroduced for future generations to appreciate. Hence the name Crystal Clear Lighter.

Are Bic lighters soft flame?
Disposable Butane Lighters Great with cigars possessing a ring gauge of 50 or less, the Bic lighter produces a very good soft flame. However, the downside is that the flame is not adjustable and reduces in size as your lighter has less fuel.
Several soft-flame designs have proven durability for puffing in the elements. The Colibri Julius (right, $125) lighter is all about power—even when compared with jet-flames. Made of tough metal alloy with an easy-grip diamond pattern exterior, the effortless roll bar ignites a double-flame that’s sturdy enough to compete with gusting winds on the beach or golf course. For added range, the Colibri positions one flame upright and the second at a 45-degree angle, which combine to generate a large, all-encompassing flame.In the age of indoor smoking bans, the outdoor utility of windproof, jet-flame lighters is undeniable. But the 21st century aficionado would be mistaken to overlook situations in which the soft-flame variety can add a degree of accuracy—and style—to the cigar-smoking experience. (It also avoids the undesirable charred notes of a torch gone wrong.) Thankfully, the cigar accessories market is ripe with a range soft-flame lighters with designs fit for any occasion.

If the elements aren’t a factor and the intention is simply to impress, the quintessential Ligne 2 lighter from S.T. Dupont is never a bad choice. The Parisian company has been producing luxury goods since the late 19th century and has become a symbol of quality with its sturdy and dependable lighters. But the real showcase here is the exuberance of elegance displayed by the Ligne 2’s classic precious-metal finishes, available in silver, palladium and gold (as pictured, left, $950). There’s also, of course, the unmistakable “ping” of an S.T. Dupont lighter when it’s flipped open and ready for ignition. Beyond the standard finishes, the Ligne 2 line is also popular with collectors for its special-edition offerings. Designs have been inspired by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, The Rolling Stones and James Bond.Take, for instance, Caseti’s Lumos (center, $75), an ultra-slim soft flame designed for mobility. Less than one-eighth of an inch thick, the Lumos slides easily into trousers of even the slimmest cut, but still produces a robust yellow flame capable of lighting large-ring-gauge smokes. The one-press igniter has an easy-action trigger, which means you can take your time slowly roasting the foot of your premium hand-rolled without straining your thumb. The flame is sparked by an electro-quartz ignition that—unlike a flint lighter—does not need to be replaced.

Is Zippo lighter fluid just butane?
Zippo windproof lighters, including slim lighters, use lighter fluid as fuel. Zippo Blu lighters use butane gas for fuel.
Stylish and durable casing protects a powerful and reliable windproof flame in the EX lighter. Balancing style, materials, price and performance, the EX lighter is just what you’ve been waiting for.XIKAR became the leading accessory brand in retail tobacco shops through unique product offerings in all subcategories including lighters, cutters, humidification, travel containers, butane, and cigars. XIKAR has built a solid reputation with customers and consumers for innovative, cool products, and fair price! Today, these accessories are bold, uncomplicated, and exquisite designs that have evolved over time, creating affordable products for both men and women. XIKAR’s wide range of cigar and pipe lighters compliment the distinguished line of cutters and accessories, and you can guarantee XIKAR will satisfy high expectations placed upon the brand… for life!