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No city in the United States made it to the top 10, or even the top 20, but some did feature among the 90 on the list: San Francisco (ranked 39th), Portland (41), Seattle (50), Washington DC (53), Los Angeles (57), Boston (61 – interestingly one spot ahead of London), New York (67), Chicago (71), and Detroit (72).Bremen is another popular city for bike lovers in Germany, with very flat terrain and cycle paths that criss-cross the city and connect it to other towns nearby. Bremen is also the first German city to be home to an entire “bicycle zone” in the Neustadt district – a neighbourhood with a speed limit of 30 km/h, where bicycles have priority, and where side-by-side cycling is allowed.

Is bend or bike friendly?
With hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails and a multitude of professional and amateur bike races and competitions taking place in Bend, it is not a stretch to call the city a destination for recreational cyclists.
Perhaps you expected the Dutch capital to top this ranking, but its safety score may be what’s holding it back: Amsterdam is home to over 1,000 accidents per 100,000 cyclists. That’s nearly five times more than its closest rival, Copenhagen.Here’s an unexpected appearance in the top 10: the Chinese city of Hangzhou, the only non-European city in the top tier of the ranking, has 30 per cent of cyclists among its population and scores higher than most rivals when it comes to bike sharing. The German city in Lower Saxony has splendid parks, so what better way to go check them out than by bike? Hannover made it into the top tier of this year’s ranking thanks to its quality infrastructure and events promoting cycling, including “no car days”. Topping this year’s ranking is the Dutch city of Utrecht. The city boasts high scores for its cycling infrastructure and weather conditions, and more than half of its population (51 per cent) uses a bicycle in everyday life.The Belgian port city doesn’t score strongly on dedicated cycle paths, but a strong bike-sharing system and “car-free Sunday” events have made it indisputably friendly to cyclists. The highest ranking of a UK city in the list is Bristol which ranked number 15 in the list with a score of 43.76, marked highly for low theft and good infrastructure. After that, the next British entry is Edinburgh, ranking 54 out of 90. Digital insurance company Luko looked at 90 cities around the world and ranked them based on six main parameters: the percentage of bicycle users, weather conditions, crime and safety (such as accidents and bike theft rates), infrastructure, bike-sharing opportunities and special events such as “no car days”.The German city has a low rate of cycling fatalities, even though more than 39 per cent of residents use bikes on a daily basis. Munster also regularly hosts events promoting cycling.

And as governments worldwide try to cut carbon emissions, more and more cities are encouraging people to ditch cars and making it easier for them to hop on bikes instead. The Swedish city of Malmö has an especially low fatality rate among cyclists, thanks to quality infrastructure and regular events promoting bike riding. According to the index, the Swiss capital has invested a lot in quality cycling infrastructure, scores particularly high on bike sharing, and regularly organises “no car days”. The city also has a very low fatality rate among cyclists.Not only is the Danish capital safer for cyclists, but it’s also safer for bikes thanks to a low theft rate and “no car days”. The city is investing a lot in cycling infrastructure, and most residents who cycle continue to do so throughout the long and tough Danish winter. Cycling lovers know how liberating it can feel to zip along a bike path, taking in the charm of a city without the downsides of crammed public transport or traffic jams. Adding Prospect Point to your route while biking Stanley Park is something I’d highly recommend. It’s a little bit of an uphill climb but the views from the top are some of the best in the city.

Another option to rent a bike at Stanley Park is YES Cycles. It’s just across the road from Spokes and tends to be a little bit quieter in the summer. They’re the purple building that’s hard to miss!
Third Beach is a popular beach in Stanley Park and looks straight out across the Burrard Inlet. Tuesday Nights in the summer is where the Third Beach drumming circle takes place.

This is the bike shop I take my bike to get repaired. They have a big collection of bikes and you can trust they’ll be in good condition. They’ll also give you a pocket map to help you get from A to B.The totem poles are made by the First Nations and are a great spot to learn more about, and appreciate, the history and culture of the Coast Salish people who are from Vancouver.

Hannah specialises in active travel and on That Adventurer you’ll find hiking, walking, biking, skiing and all sorts of active travel guides to allow you to see a destination in an adventurous way.

How big is Stanley Park? The park is often called Vancouver’s 1000 acre back yard. And, one of the best ways to explore it is to do some biking in Stanely Park. Many companies throughout Vancouver rent bikes and you can rent tandems too! Bike rentals run from an hour to several days.
If you do want to go fast, then you can use the bike lane that’s on the road. This is a new Stanley Park bike lane that doesn’t follow the beaches but climbs up on the road to Prospect Point. There are fewer views on this route, but it is built for going faster.Since I live in Vancouver, I’ve never booked onto a tour of Stanley Park. However, if you’re just visiting or don’t want to bike Stanley Park solo, then a tour is a great idea.

What is the most famous bike park?
SummaryWhistler, Canada.Portes du Soleil, France/Switzerland.Åre Bike Park, Sweden.Vallnord, Andorra.Queenstown Bike Park, New Zealand.Bike Park Innsbruck, Austria.Coast Gravity Park, Canada.BikePark Wales, Wales.
You don’t have to start biking from Stanley Park, there are bike lanes across the city so you can rent from somewhere closer to your accommodation if that’s better.

If you’re visiting Vancouver and want to get the low down on how to go biking in Stanley Park, Vancouver or are wondering “how long does it take to cycle around Stanley Park?”, then here’s everything you need to know including where to hire bikes from, the few cycling rules and the costs of bike rental.

This suspension bridge opened in 1938 and is the gateway to the mountains and all the activities that Vancouverites love! Lion’s Gate Bridge looks great in dark green and is perhaps even better when lit up at night.
On this Stanley Park cycling route you’ll get beautiful views of Vancouver’s beaches, Lion’s Gate Bridge, the North Shore mountains and the mountains of Vancouver Island in the distance along this Stanley Park cycle route.

While you can go around the whole park in under an hour, most people will take 1 – 2 hours to complete the Stanley Park bike route. This gives you time to stop and enjoy the views, spot seals and enjoy the ride without getting too out of breath. Almost next door to the other bike rentals is Jo-E cycles which do, you guessed it, electric bikes for biking Stanley Park. They’re one of the better stores for renting bikes in Stanley Park if you need something electric. I only cycled a handful of times in London (whilst fearing for my life) and cycling confidently every day in Vancouver, and riding my bike in Stanley Park remains one of my top things to do in Vancouver.Summer is the best time to bike the Stanley Park seawall. It’s when the weather is most reliable (read: hopefully not raining) and it’s usually warm too.

Besides the seawall – a 28km pedestrian and bike-only path that goes from Canada Place to the far-side of the University of British Columbia and Pacific Spirit Park – there are numerous bike paths separated from cars, as well as quieter, bike-friendly roads.The Stanley Park section of the seawall is about 9km and takes between 1-2 hours depending on how often you stop to take photos. See below for more cycling routes in Vancouver.

If you happen to have your own bicycle, Reckless bikes offer free air and oil while you’re cycling around Vancouver. Plus, if you need repairs, they’re offering a 24-hour repair service this summer.
Spokes is one of the busiest Stanley Park bike rentals. It’s the closest rental place to the main entrance for cyclists biking in Stanley Park. They’re pretty reliable when it comes to renting some bikes and have a large selection.You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to bike rentals at Stanley Park. There are lots of options around the city, including several right near the park.

The famous Stanley Park bike trail is The Seawall; it’s the quintessential Vancouver cycling trip. Cycling around the seawall is the one bike ride in Vancouver you absolutely should do if you’re short on time.
This map of Stanley Park bike routes shows you which trails are suitable for both bikes and pedestrians. If you’ve hired a single-speed bike you’ll be better off sticking to the seawall while cycling in Stanley Park as some of these trails are a bit steeper and rougher on the tires.You can go and sit nearish the 9 O’Clock Gun if you wish to see it go off. This is super cool in the summer when the sun is setting around that time too.Biking Stanley Park is a bucket list Vancouver item. It’s one of the best things to do in Vancouver and everyone should do it! If you’re visiting Vancouver and wondering about Stanley Park bike rentals and how to bike Stanley Park, you’re in the right place!

Just past Stanley Park pool (Second Beach Pool), you can make a stop at Stanley Park beer for refreshments, snacks and watch the tennis! Stanley Park brewery fills up quickly when the weather is nice so it’s best to reserve.
Hannah started That Adventurer after graduating back in 2013 and has documented all of her adventures since then. From backpacking South America to city breaks in Europe, a 3 month road trip across the USA in a self-converted van and 6 years living in Canada, you’ll find posts on all of this. Looking for more things to do in Vancouver and nearby? Check out my Vancouver travel guides which are full of information on the best things to do in Vancouver, the best Vancouver restaurants and detailed guides for each of the main neighbourhoods. The Nine O’Clock Gun is a canon that is automatically shot every night at 9 pm. It’s done so almost every night since the early 1900s. Originally cast in England in 1816, this canon proudly sits overlooking the city skyline.

While most people who cycle around Stanley Park in Vancouver stick to the seawall, that’s not the only place you can cycle! There’s loads of cycling at Stanley Park if you feel like venturing off the main path.
To get to Prospect Point, cycle around the sea wall and look for the signs pointing you to the left as you begin to approach the Lions Gate bridge. This spot is particularly good at sunset.

However, this does mean it’s busy. As long as you’re not thinking you’re going to set a new record racing around the park, you shouldn’t find the crowds too bad. You’ll want to take your time anyway since the views are so good!
There are miles of Stanley Park bike path trails inside the park too that few people explore. Inside you’ll spot numerous birds, perhaps a raccoon, squirrels and see so many massive trees!Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park is Vancouver’s oldest amateur rowing club. It has unbeatable views of Coal Harbour and the city skyline and the building itself makes for good photos.

The Girl in a Wetsuit is a life-size 1972 bronze sculpture of a woman in a wetsuit. It’s on a rock in the water just on from the lighthouse. Some say it’s a replica of Copenhagen’s Mermaid statue but this has been debunked by the artist.
Continuing on from the totem poles, you’ll pass the turn-off for the Vancouver Aquarium and come to a bend in the path where the Nine O’Clock Gun sits. Siwash Rock is another of the iconic sites when biking the Stanley Park seawall. I like to call it pineapple rock since it’s a tall and narrow rocky outcrop and has a small tree growing from the top. Now back in Europe, you’ll find new guides as Hannah and her husband spend the next year ‘digital nomading’ from Norway to Portugal, Switzerland to Scotland and places in between.Cycling in Vancouver is super popular. As soon as the sun comes out, so do the cyclists and that’s especially true when it comes to bike riding Stanley Park. It’s also one of the safer cities to cycle in thanks to a vast network of cycle paths.

Which is the world's number one cycling city?
Utrecht, Netherlands, is ranked as the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. According to the index, the city counts about 51 percent of the population as cyclists. The second city on the list is Münster, Germany.
There are a few of these in Vancouver (the others being in Yaletown and on Granville Island). They’re also a proper bike shop so you can trust the bikes will be in good condition.As of 2023, That Adventurer is a proud member of 1% for the planet and we donate at least 1% of all the money we make from this blog. This money goes directly to non-profits who help make the world a better place and protect it for future generations.Second Beach is another beautiful Stanley Park beach. Since there’s more parking near here, this one tends to be busier than the third beach. One of the coolest parts about this beach is the outdoor pool right next to it!We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and associated sites.Park City is well known in the cycling community. Most notably mountain bikers know it as the only IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Gold-Level Ride Center in North America. Road cyclists know it as one of the stages of the Tour of Utah.Whether you are cycling for recreation or transportation, Park City has a wide range of trail systems to suit your needs. You may choose to mountain bike on hundreds of miles of alpine singletrack, gravel ride on country back roads, road cycle over mountain passes (many of which are featured on the Tour of Utah), or cruise around town on an e-bike. And the fun does not stop when the snow flies. There is an extensive network of snow bike trails and paths available for winter enthusiasts.* When donating to a specific trail system MORE will endeavor to use your donation as it was designated, but under extenuating circumstances may assign the funds to other trails/projects in consultation with the appropriate trail liaison or project leader in such cases as, including but not limited to, the closure of the park, failure of the project to move forward, completion of the project under budget, extended periods of inactivity and/or other factors limiting the ability to apply the funds to the original intended designation.Located along the Hoyles Mill Trail in the South Germantown Recreational Park, the track is free, and open to the public from dawn until dusk. The volunteers that maintain this facility do not post closures due to wet or muddy conditions. We ask our visitors to use their best judgement when enjoying the volunteer maintained facilities.

Is Park City bike friendly?
Park City is well known in the cycling community. Most notably mountain bikers know it as the only IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Gold-Level Ride Center in North America.
The South Germantown Bike Park is a result of a partnership between the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) & MORE. This growing facility has a 6,000 sq. ft. pump track, 15,000+ sq. ft. of progressive dirt jumps, a NEW advanced flow line, pavilion (shared, cannot reserve), 3 progressive drops, teeters, a rock garden, skinnies and log-overs.MORE, MOCO EPIC, and SMORE’S, as well as their respective logos, are registered trademarks of Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts in the USA and in other countries. Other Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts products and services mentioned herein, as well as their respective logos, are trademarks of Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiats in the USA and in other countries.

The park was built with progression in mind. Riders of all ages can hone their bike handling skills to help them ride safely in a variety of trail situations. The tracks are appropriate for kids on scoot bikes all the way up to seasoned jump veterans.
The jump lines and berms at the South Germantown Bike Park are suitable for riders of all ability levels and can be as easy or difficult as determined by the individual’s abilities. MORE subscribes to IMBA’s trail difficulty ratingsNOTE: Specific features (including jump lines) may be closed due to construction, persistent wet areas or damage even when South Germantown Bike Park is open. Check Park’s Facebook Page for additional information.

Donations made directly through this page go directly to the selected trails system and help MORE and its trail liaisons purchase materials, tools and hire the expertise necessary to help us maintain and sustain world class trails in the Washington DC Metropolitan region.
There is a whoop-dee-doo section, which is wonderful for practicing pumping. Additionally, there is no more firms to work on cornering. There are also three jump lines towards one end of the track. In addition to that, there is a rock garden to practice on, two Teeter totters as well as a total of 4 drops. The largest drop leads back into the woods. Sick 5,000 square foot pump track designed by Lee McCormack of Pump Track Nation, supported by MoCo Parks and built by MORE, M-NCPPC & a dedicated group of volunteers. The most difficult issue is finding it as there are no signs within the soccerplex to show you where it is. You have to go toward the Archery/Golf range, then make a left down what seems like a semi-paved path. You can see the pump track from the top of that hill. Alternatively you can park in the parking lot across from field 18(?) and ride your bike from there.

In addition to all this, there are 4 drops. Three are in a line and built from wood, the last one is near the progression area and is much larger than the other three. Also in the progression area are two see-saw features, a rock garden and a tree skinny as well as a rock climb/roll.
The pump track has several rollers that are safe for those with training wheels on up – depending on the line. Kids are a common sight here and I’ve brought my little one there a few times. She almost never wants to leave! The rollers and berms can be taken in different directions to help gain confidence and practice for the trail.Toward the top of the pump track are three jump lines ranging from mild roller jumps to table top jumps . . . all leading to a large, high berm. Riders from pre-teen through 50+ can easily be found here . . . especially on a nice day. There is a picnic area right next to the track for those adults who’d rather watch from the shade.The second city on the list is Münster, Germany. The index cited that the German city has a low rate for cycling fatalities and did well on the events score because they regularly host events promoting bike riding.

What is the biggest bike park in the world?
Ector Hoogstad Architecten has completed a three-storey bicycle park to store 12,656 bikes below Utrecht Central Station in the Netherlands.
The index scored the cities based on the percentage of bicycle users, crime and safety, infrastructure, weather conditions, bike-sharing opportunities, and cycling-related events.Cities in Europe topped the list of bike-friendly places thanks to high-quality bicycling infrastructure like bike lanes and weather conditions that include a high number of “cycleable” days.

Antwerp, Belgium, was third on the list, but the index states that the port city is one of the most affordable places to buy and have a bike. It also has a city-wide bike-sharing system and has about 4,000 cycle routes.
Although cities in the United States didn’t make the top 10 or even the top 20, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Chicago, and Detroit were among the 90 cities on the list.

Utrecht, Netherlands, is ranked as the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. According to the index, the city counts about 51 percent of the population as cyclists.

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The track is located along the Hoyles Mill Trail. Parking for the track is at the model boat area parking lot or Schaeffer Farms. The facility was built by M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks & MORE (Mid Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts).Perfect for mountain and BMX bikers of all skill levels, the 5,000 square foot South Germantown pump track features a continuous loop of rolling bumps (rollers) and banked corners (berms) that allow bikers to gain momentum without pedaling, have fun and improve their skills.

What is the most bike friendly city in the world?
Utrecht, Netherlands 1. Utrecht, Netherlands. Topping this year’s ranking is the Dutch city of Utrecht. The city boasts high scores for its cycling infrastructure and weather conditions, and more than half of its population (51 per cent) uses a bicycle in everyday life.
The capital of Stockholm is a particular highlight for cyclists, and features an abundance of free pump stations across the city to help sort out deflated tires.

Getting around the capital is additionally made easier by the ‘Green Wave’ system, which prioritises cyclists at junctions and grants them green lights to speed up journeys.
As well as ‘basic’ bikes, Sweden also supports electric bicycles, sometimes known as ‘e-bikes’. These are well-suited to tackling hills, allowing you to save your legs for easier stretches.It’s getting easier to cycle across the world with every passing year, but these are the countries where you can get into gear right now and get those wheels rolling. The Vélib’ Métropole bikeshare scheme has recently faced disruption because of a change in management, but major cities around the country continue to operate their own cycling schemes without issue. But the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana ticks all the right boxes when it comes to supporting cyclists, through extensive bikeshare networks and ‘bike boxes’.

If you’re thinking of moving abroad but want somewhere that caters to two wheels instead of four, keep reading to see the world’s best countries for cyclists.While it can be a bit chilly to get around in winter, Sweden is still a good destination for cyclists thanks to its cycling culture and supportive measures.

Cities including Utrecht and Amsterdam rank highly for cycling, thanks to a raft of measures that make bicycles a safe and speedy way to navigate urban areas.
Denmark will only get more accessible for cyclists over the coming years, but now is still an excellent time to experience a country that has a firm commitment to two-wheeled travel.The country features challenging mountain routes and calmer rural roads for cyclists, along with cities like the so-called ‘capital of cycling’, Strasbourg.

Routes are highly accommodating for cyclists, with roundabouts featuring dedicated cycle lanes that make junctions easy to navigate instead of a nightmare.
In its efforts to make cycling appealing to everyone, some of Sweden’s cycling schemes have proven a little too popular – an annual electric bike subsidy scheme might end up closing before the end of the year due to extremely high demand.Denmark often takes the crown for being the best country in the world for cyclists, as it continues to take significant steps to put handlebars above steering wheels.France implemented a national cycling strategy earlier this year and is aiming to make two-wheeled transport a much more appealing option for citizens in the future.

It’s not just cycling lanes that make the Netherlands a haven for cyclists – the country is also the originator of the ‘Dutch Reach’ which helps to reduce injuries caused by open car doors.
In addition to rolling out cycling safety courses across the country, the Japanese government has also focused on increasing the quantity and quality of bike lanes nationwide.For those cycling in urban areas, the risk of theft or damage while parked can be avoided by using quick, convenient and somewhat futuristic underground bicycle parking facilities.

Is Mckay Bike Park open?
The Mckay Broomfield Bike Park is open.
Home to some of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet, Japan’s support for cyclists hasn’t been the best in previous decades, but with the coming Games there has been a definite push to make the nation a haven for cyclists.Although Denmark is a frequent first-place in rankings for pro-cycling countries, the Netherlands is often runner up thanks to their bike-friendly culture.Outside of cities, Slovenia also offers cyclists lake circuits and idyllic rural roads, which often feature a picturesque mountain range or two in the distance.South Germantown also has a HeartSmart trail that follows a hard surface, level path around the park. Bronze medallions are embedded in the path every 1/10 of a mile so walkers track the distance they travel. The trail begins at the kiosk by the Mooseum. South Germantown Recreation Park hosts some of our most popular facilities in the upcounty area. Besides trails, the many amenities offered by this Park include: playground equipment, ball fields, picnic shelters, miniature golf, splash & adventure playgrounds, Zagster Bike Share, King Farm Dairy Mooseum and tot lot, Soccerplex, and the Germantown Golf Park Driving Range. During the closure, users are encouraged to visit Montgomery Parks’ other multi-use and hard surface trails. Up-to-date information about trail closures and conditions can be found here.In a statement released Friday, Montgomery Parks said the 5,000-square-foot pump track had sustained damage due to use during wet and muddy conditions and will be closed until at least March 1.

Ector Hoogstad Architecten won a competition to design the bike park at Utrecht Central Station in 2011. The first phase was finished in August of 2017, opening with space for 6,000 bikes.
“Our integrated, comfortable bicycle parking is the answer to a major problem in the inner cities of our urban communities worldwide: pollution and logistic indigestion,” explained the Rotterdam architecture studio.

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The bike lanes weave between the building’s giant concrete columns and slope gently to connect the parking across three levels. They are also colour-coded to guide cyclists through the space and to their allocated lot. “It adds an exciting and surprising architectural dimension to the city. Cycling through the garage has become a unique experience; not just another part of everyday life in the city, but almost an attraction in its own right.” Now complete, the bike park accommodates three levels of underground stores for 12,656 bicycles – overtaking the world’s former largest bike parking lot in Tokyo that houses 9,000.

Other projects by the studio include the transformation of a former steel plant into offices and a concert venue in the city of Leiden that is clad with panels of weathering steel.

Which country is best for bike?
Denmark often takes the crown for being the best country in the world for cyclists, as it continues to take significant steps to put handlebars above steering wheels. The small country boasts over 12,000km of cycle routes, along with dedicated cycling bridges in cities such as the capital, Copenhagen.
Each parking spot branches off from the cycle paths, designed by Ector Hoogstad Architects to provide plenty of space for people to dismount from their bikes without getting in the way of other cyclists.It is hoped to encourage locals to commute using bikes and public transport instead of cars, and in turn ease congestion in Utrecht and make it a more sustainable city. Our most popular newsletter, formerly known as Dezeen Weekly. Sent every Thursday and featuring a selection of the best reader comments and most talked-about stories. Plus occasional updates on Dezeen’s services and breaking news. The project forms part of a wider redevelopment of the area surrounding the city’s railway station, and is designed by Ector Hoogstad Architects to enable cyclists to ride from the street level to the bike store, from which they can quickly access the station.

Combined with a palette of durable materials including concrete, steel, and wood, the light-drenched interiors are hoped to create an inviting atmosphere.
Ector Hoogstad Architecten is an architecture studio founded in Rotterdam in 1959. Today it is headed by partners Joost Ector, Gijs Weijnen, Max Pape, Chris Arts and Koen Klijn.Alongside the storage, the structure incorporates a repair service and bicycle hire outlet. It also relies on a digital system to guide cyclists to a parking spot that provides the quickest access to the platforms.

At the centre of each storey, Ector Hoogstad Architects has incorporated three stairwells that allow commuters to quickly access the main terminal building, train platforms and public square.

Above ground, Utrecht Central Station is stands alongside an improved street layout and public plaza topped by a white honeycomb-like canopy. This also provides access to an adjacent shopping centre.
The South Germantown Bike Park, located along the Hoyles Mill Trail, opened in October 2018, and is maintained by Montgomery Parks and The Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts.The bike park, which is located in South Germantown Recreational Park, sustained damage due to use during wet and muddy conditions, Montgomery Parks said.

Can you still bike around Stanley Park?
While you can go around the whole park in under an hour, most people will take 1 – 2 hours to complete the Stanley Park bike route. This gives you time to stop and enjoy the views, spot seals and enjoy the ride without getting too out of breath.
The seasonal closure of the South Germantown Bike Park took effect Thursday due to “adverse track conditions,” according to statement by Montgomery Parks, which is part of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

Please respect Broomfield Bike Park closures due to weather or maintenance. Entering the bike park when conditions are muddy damages trails and features. Find updates on the Broomfield Bike Park Facebook page.The Broomfield Bike Park is a 4-acre natural surface cycling terrain park with trails and features to appeal to a variety of riding styles and abilities.Please respect Broomfield Bike Park closures due to weather or maintenance. Entering the bike park when conditions are muddy damages trails and features.

Recent additions include beginner and intermediate lines to the existing advanced dirt jumps. The addition of these lines allows for a more natural progression of skills for any rider. Kids as young as 4 have ridden the facility aboard stryder style bikes. The bike park also received a 20×20 steel pavilion early this summer . It provides relief from the sun on those hot summer days, as well as a place for the family to enjoy a picnic while the kids (of all ages) ride.

Where is the best bike park in the world?
Here’s our pick of some of the best established bike parks and mountain bike trail destinations on the planet:Whistler, Canada.Portes du Soleil, France/Switzerland.Åre Bike Park, Sweden.Smithfield Mountain Bike Park, Queensland.Vallnord, Andorra.Queenstown Bike Park, New Zealand.Bike Park Innsbruck, Austria.
Parking for the bike park is at the Central Park Pond parking lot. Park your car and ride over the grassy hill under the power-lines. The bike park is in the back towards the tree line. Just look for the huge jumps and green pavilion.This growing bike park is located along the Hoyles Mill Trail in the South Gerantown Recreation Park. The park features a 5,000 sq/ft pump track and a 10,000+ sq/ft dirt jump line. The facility is a partnership between M-NCPPC & MORE.

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