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My goal has been to have him relax with me, and feel heard and respected. It has been so rewarding to see him step into his power and learn to express his needs and opinions.
The minute we establish a timeline, or even a goal we are in a hurry to meet with a horse, we force our timeline and will on a soul who has no concept of time, and whose survival instincts as a prey animal are to not proceed until they are sure they are safe and confident. The best thing we can do to facilitate our relationship is meet them where they are and not rush. This is great practice for “human” leadership!Since then, we have concentrated on groundwork exercises to build his muscles and our connection, He appears to love liberty work, so we will build from there. We also go grazing, sometimes with Echo, to practice my two-horse handling skills, build trust, and get to know the area. Amigo is always looking to escape to his pasture, yet once there, he is never in a hurry to leave me. In spite of my novice mistakes I think Amigo knows I love him and I am doing my best. Before Amigo had to chase acceptance to survive. Now he is valued, appreciated, and loved. We have had similar journeys. The struggles have made the success sweeter. I have decided his “I found you” day would also be his birthday.After months of learning about and building trust with each other through grooming, grazing, healing, and practice of some basic exercises, we arrived at a natural time to ride. Amigo simply appeared to want to ride with me. To get on him felt like connecting in a new way with a dear friend.

I want you to know I will always have enough for you and your sisters. I will always have enough patience, kindness, compassion, and love for each of you. It is a miracle from God.
The photo below shows Amigo 3 days after he arrived. His eyes were still hurting and he didn’t trust me to touch him so I could not yet groom him or remove the burrs in his forlock. But he was willing to be with me. The grooming had to wait.I handed over the check and arranged to trailer him home. It was one of the most integrated decisions I had ever made. My head, heart, and core were completely aligned.Today I took Amigo on a tour of our 70- horse boarding facility. We went in and out of the barn. Doors were slamming, and there was horse and human traffic in the arena and on the trails. Amigo took all this in with incredible aplomb. He was sensitive, alert, and careful, but not spooky or afraid. He carries himself like a king while showing the softest manners and sweetness. Never even a pull on his lead rope. This guy is a gem.

Amigo got a chiropractic adjustment and his teeth floated/fixed today! Since he is slightly sedated for the dental work, I took the opportunity to groom him top to toe! He positively shines!!! He will gain weight faster now that it doesn’t hurt to chew.
Echo’s response to Amigo has been understated. Echo appears to regard Amigo as a third wheel he must tolerate. I have done my best to navigate Amigo’s introduction while giving Echo plenty of 1:1 time, and they seem to be slowly building a friendship. The three of us have spent plenty of time grazing! Navigating the nuances of both of these relationships, as well as their relationship to each other, is a fascinating practice in integrating head, heart, and core. Patience, love, grace, and abandon co-exist, and acceptance, intuition and thought blend with love and emotion in a world that moves slower and in a language far different than any I have known before.Amigo is doing so well! He is healthy, curious, intuitive, and very sweet. He has flourished since he was introduced to his herd, and he quickly built strong connections. Amigo clearly trusts horses more than humans. When I go to his pasture, his herd comes to me, but Amigo himself has been evasive and tentative. He appears puzzled that horses would deliberately choose to be with humans.

On top of that, Amigo is getting more beautiful by the day. He is filling out beautifully and his eyes have healed. The chiropractor dentist, and farrier are coming in the next few weeks. His winter coat is growing in beautifully, and I will begin grooming him soon. From there we will start exercising to build back some muscle and see more of what training he has had.In my year with sweet, curious, wary, beautiful Amigo, I have earned every ounce of trust he has given me. Giving Amigo a voice and a vote, and respecting his fears and wishes has allowed him to blossom, so he has shown more feistyness, playfulness, and opinion. He has an incredibly sweet, joyful, and intuitive personality!Since I have no history on Amigo and do not know what his experiences have been, I must pay attention to what he tells me with compassion for his fears and responses, which are based on his prey instincts and experience. Our future rests on our ability to work through his fears and concerns with patience, compassion, and firm, forward, composed leadership.

When I met Ace November 8, he had injuries in both eyes. They were running, and he could barely open one. He was gaunt and dirty. Yet he turned toward me with softness and curiosity. He gave me all four feet at the gentlest touch, and did everything I asked. At one time he was loved and well trained. I cried.
Safety-Trust, connection and confidence— are the foundation of whole leadership–leading with clarity, connection, and courage. The journey truly is the reward.

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As I bring Amigo into the herd, I have worked to allocate enough attention to both Amigo and Echo. Parents may relate to this. As a second-born of four daughters, as a child I often felt the need to compete for attention from my parents. My father noticed this.From those auspicious beginnings, with a big leap of faith and the help of an excellent trainer, Amigo has turned out to be the perfect complement for Echo and I. He brings youthful energy, confidence, and big yet soft presence to our team. I am so grateful to have found him-I had clarity and trusted my expert trainer, the connection from the moment I met Amigo, and then the courage to take that big leap of faith. Now someone else’s throwaway reject is truly a diamond that I cherish and am grateful for every day.

The photo below is one of the first where Amigo allowed me to be close to him. He walked up to me for the first time. You can see Amigo’s eyes are injured and he looks “rough”. The place I got him from was a for-profit “clearinghouse” where horses go just before they go to slaughter. If they are not sold for profit in 1 week, they go to slaughter.Building trust- with horses and humans – takes patience, empathy, and communication. Amigo reminds me to “meet him where he is.” As we work through his fears, build his confidence, and enjoy our time together, he has steadily become more interested in joining me.Amigo is not the small, steady, reliable, opinionated horse Echo is. Amigo is a large, energetic athlete who moves his feet when he is nervous. He is vulnerable and wary and remarkably intuitive. He is sensitive, curious, and incredibly responsive. He turns on a dime and anticipates my requests often. He likes to run, he likes to work, and he needs a job.

Ace is healing, looking better every day. He loves granola bars, and will eat them out of my hand gently, but the sight of a rope or halter sends him running. His freedom is precious to him, and humans have not been kind. Building trust is Job 1.

It was clear that Amigo is used to the outdoors, but it appeared he had never been in a barn before. He was so anxious he could not stand still. He couldn’t let me clean his feet. Since we had succesfully done this outdoors before, I didn’t understand his anxiousness in the barn. I continued to pressure him, at one point losing my temper. Eventually we were done, and he was so relieved as he followed me back to his pasture. Sweet Amigo stayed with me until I left, and walked along the fence with me until I was out of reach. Only later did I realize the pain and stress I had caused him.
The below photo is last week. With good balanced exercise his body has “boxed up” nicely, with a more evenly muscled front and hind physique. He likes to work, and will continue to develop more muscle and flexibility overall as we ramp up his exercise. #HorsesWe gave him food, water, and medicine. He ran like a gazelle when he saw other horses in the distance. This gaunt, sick, dirty horse with pain in both eyes was so happy to simply be there he ran with joy.Amigo’s health and socialization is progressing at an astonishing rate. Within days of arriving, he was running to the gate when he saw me coming. He has figured out that carrots are delicious. He is still cautious and independent, but with a few small bribes of granola bars he follows me around his pasture and allows me to halter him. Ace is as sweet as pie with amazing ground manners. If you look closely you can see slack in the lead rope. Relaxed, curious, confident, connected. This was fresh off the trailer going to his quarantine pasture. Unfortunately, for the next 10 days Amigo would not let me near him, and ran at the sight of the halter I carried to put on him. Amigo was clearly telling me he was not ready to be ridden yet. It took me about two weeks to coax him back to letting me touch him, then halter and work with him again. One year ago I found Amigo. He was at a “kill pen” 5 days from being shipped to Mexico for slaughter. Amigo was not the horse I had in mind. He was big, young, gaunt, dirty, and terrified. Yet he was also incredibly sweet, smart, with a desire to please and a solid foundation of good training. It appeared he had been pushed hard, rarely rewarded, and suffered some serious trauma. Since Amigo came off quarantine, we have built a strong friendship. He comes to me when I arrive and follows me everywhere, responding to my requests immediately with sweet, soft attention. He does his best to understand my requests, and I continue to learn his language. Our conversation is getting clearer and softer. Amigo is not the type of horse to “test” me or try to get away with more than a mouthful of hay. If he doesn’t do as I ask, it is out of confusion, pain, or fear. As I have systematically introduced him to his new home, he has shown remarkable equanimity — until we went inside the barn.

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As we build our partnership and establish boundaries, communication and understanding, we are slowly finding that incredible combination of softess, connection and precision to play together.

I hope to ride Amigo someday, and I trust he will inform me when the time is right. In the meantime,we build our relationship through engaging, helpful, positive experiences.

I have chosen to invite Amigo to me rather than catching him. There are days when he simply does not come to me because he does not want to, and I honor his wishes. While some might say I am “letting him off the hook” and teaching him not to respect me as his leader, this helps me work on my goal to have a leadership style that inspires, attracts followership, and shows confidence combined with respect for my team’s needs and wishes.
Today Amigo was so relaxed and completely responsive to my soft requests! He truely seemed to enjoy playing with me, and stayed with me when he had several opportunities to rejoin his herd. When we were done, he waited for me and joined me to walk to the gate together, whereas in the past he would run to the gate alone and wait to get out.When Amigo arrived almost 1 year ago, even though he was thin and gaunt, he had a very muscled, developed chest and neck, and comparatively small, underdeveloped hindquarters.

Thank you to Dr. Mark, Kenz Treffert, Barb Gardner, Jen Manix, Steve Warner, Nancy L White, Signe Johnson, and all who helped me save Ace, and bring him home safe and sound today. Every dream I have ever had has come true.
Since the beginning of our relationship, Amigo has been far more attached to his horse friends than humans. He was hard to catch at first, and seemed constantly afraid of being punished. He is very bright, intuitive, and incredibly responsive – it appeared he was doing everything possible to avoid punishment and survive. I have had to soften and dial down all my cues.

With the help of excellent trainer Jen Manix, we tried a saddle on Amigo for the first time. He was a perfect gentleman as we put it on, and even when we tightened the girth, when many horses react, Amigo did not flinch. We led him through several exercises, which he performed with some anxiety, but overall I was encouraged by his obedience and behavior “under saddle.”
Today I turned Amigo out and then went to work with Echo. For the first time, Amigo stood at the fence as we went by each way, and leaned in for a a connection as I was leaving. Such a beautiful gift!!! I am so grateful for the softness and patience this beautiful soul is teaching me.

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If you or anyone you know are looking for a horse, please consider checking the Southern Wisconsin Second Chance Lot or any rescue with a qualified trainer who can help you identify the “Aces in the rough”. Amigo requires a stable, steady, courageous, and confident leader. I need to be firm, present, and quiet, especially when he gets nervous or spooks. I have come to believe this is why he was sent to me. The very things I as a leader need to work on are what Amigo needs. You can see that in spite of his rough, abused state, his ears are up and forward in a desire to connect. This is one of the kindest, sweetest animals I have ever had the blessing to know.

Please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, which is located at the top of the Facebook page and also here under the Terms & Conditions tab, prior to purchaseAnd she was sure to point out she required an adoption contract. Wonder how much that was going to cost the new owner. Why not put them in contact with the owner?

Patches is a little windswept mini colt that Tiffaney somehow acquired. She prompty contacted her buddies on HVC for advice. And has done nothing with him except to make him go on walks so she can take pics to put up on her page. He is not being gelded she says because he will live his life in a pen all by himself. On top of that being a miserable life for the poor little guy the pen is flimsy and being super smart about these things Tiffaney put him right next to her mini mares cause that will turn out well come spring when these mares go into heat. Yep, pregnant mares coming up soon. And I have to mention that letting a stallion of any age or size bite you and think it is cute is a very bad idea.

Pray that none of these horses colic. Colic is hard to deal with at any time but to feed a colicing horse oiled oats or any oats. Or grain. Or feed of any sort is just ignorant. The first thing a vet will tell you is to take their food away completely and give them access to clean water. If a vet advised me to feed oiled oats to my colicing horse I would tell them to get off my property and call a new vet. This little guy lived. This time.Last but not least are recent pics of Tiffaney charming place of rescue. While a rescue facility does not need to have gorgeous fancy barns and paddocks to be reliable it definitely should have safe fencing. Instead of crawling all over Facebook and trying to score more horses to sell or to make sure no one is mouthing off about her Tiffaney needs to back away from the internet and put in new fence posts, provide decent shelter beyond what the state requires to be a licensed animal dealer and fix pens. It looks like Patch’s little shelter fell over and just the roof is remaining but maybe he never had a shelter. Plenty of round bales laying around but to save money she pitchforks a meager pile in each paddock. The last picture is of her horses at her house. Way too many horses for someone that has multiple unsatisfied judgements against her. (Don’t worry Tiffaney, I do not drive by your rescue or your home. I live in Texas but there are a whole lot of folks out there that are alarmed and are watching. And reporting)

Currently she wants to bring horses in from another rescue. Does this rescue know the horses will not have shelter except some rickety sheds that are too small? Or that the horses will decline in a matter of days? Or more important that there is strangles on the property? I feel these poor horses are going to be in shock at their new living conditions. They sure are pretty and well cared for at their current home..
Then she tried to get these two from Ryons Rescue Pen in MN. See that? MN. They both were sold by the time supposedly she had enough money to call them in so she tried to buy a horse trailer instead.The buyer, not adopter, was sold an injured horse that they offered to pay for the vet before the horse was picked up but you declined and said she was fine. The injury resulted in a large vet bill which would have been considerably less if the horse had been treated right away. Oh but at the time the vet would not come out because you never paid your bill that you fundraised for.The state vet is very interested in hearing about all of this. And I personally will tell her what the sheriff said. That your horses are forever getting out. Spreading disease everywhere. While Tiffaney ( Hailey, yes Hailey Daniels is one of Tiffaneys many fake profiles) is busy defending the crappy job she does because apparently none of her groupies except stupid Brook are willing to defend her, please see the pics below of what she thinks is a wonderful home for horses. Fencing that could be repaired if she got off social media for a minute and a pic she posted herself of little Patches shelter. A bunch of boards stacked on top of each other. Maybe, just maybe Tiffaney needs to spend some time watching YouTube videos on how to build fences and small buildings. Just a suggestion. Cute little mare that started loosing weight right away. Rosie made it 3 months then starved to death. With Tiffaney at the end asking for donations to get her teeth done. Oh but she threw extra senior feed at that mare. Feed Rosie could not eat well or process. No mashes or mixing or soaking pellets for this old girl. Rosie struggled on until she couldn’t anymore. There was no one to care except to generate thank you’ s and sorry for your loss on a Facebook post. As an addendum, today saw the end of the road for Lily. The poor thing was finally able to get to see a vet after 6 long weeks of struggling through mud and shit to eat or get water. She was put down today after finding out she was not able to be helped. After 6 long weeks that I am sure she felt every footstep on the slippery sucking mud. With the people that were supposed to be helping her filming while she took sad painful steps to get water or food. On her destroyed feet. She won’t be forgotten by many after watching that horrible video. Lily should have seen a vet the first day. Even the foster had a better plan for her with raising her food up so she could reach it and keeping her on soft grass. RIP Lily. I will remember you always and so will many others. Day 2- They actually managed to take this totally tame mares halter off. Kudos. But now shes sore. So Tiffaney diagnoses her and has her farrier concur the mare has flat feet, abscesses and thrush. I have never heard of flat feet but this may be a northern thing, I keep OTTB’s with various foot issues but I live in the south so that is not a thing I have heard of.These minis it turns out were being kept at the horse person extraordinaires farm known as Jamie Petrowski’s House of Horse Horrors or In Living Color Ranch. Tiffaney is still using Jamie as a backup even though she was outed for sending horses there to work until they couldn’t anymore then taking them back to fundraise again for. The minis were supposed to see the vet tomorrow 10/24 but looks like that is not going to happen since they left Jamies tonight.

And as a side note Kyleen has been contacting rescues trying to find someone to take the crypt stud off of her hands. He has not been gelded even after she raised more money for vet care on top of the money raised for the Wrenshall horses. No word on how the remaining money after the auction has been used. So much for the transparency that made her post Pony Tales rescues vet bill to show donors how she was going to spend their money. Money Pony Tales rescue did not even receive. Wonder what the next scam will be from Kyleen.

I’ll start with Dixie and Zorro. Two pretty riding horses were re homed with Jo Hall after she promised the owner a good home. This turned out not to be true. Both were left with Jo in good shape as pictures show. Zorro was dead and Dixie in rough shape not long after. Jo has plenty of excuses why these horses ended up this way, all of it not her fault of course. This first picture was taken just before the horses were taken to Jo’s.
There has been issues with not only one person, but two, that have come forward regarding Cindy Blohm owner operator of RedDog Ranch And Tack, in Scandanavia Wi. Cindy is gaining a history for starving horses. The first person inquired about a skinny filly posted for sale, within just a few months the owner buying the filly was able to put weight on the said filly until it was said she couldnt go out to the farm until the filly was fully paid for. In that time ( 2 weeks) Cindy put the filly in with several geldings, and a bully mare. When the filly was picked up there were several bite marks on the left side of the filly. Not to mention the filly had been kicked in the face by another horse Cindy had said the fillys whole face was swollen for several days! But the filly received no medical attention, when a vet report was asked for Cindy said there ” was no charge” ” vet checked it when coggins was pulled”, but the coggins was pulled by the kill pen BEFORE her face was kicked. The new/current owner has a vet report that states the horse was kept w/ inadequate feed, and social pressure from other horses. (Before and after pictures provided). Tiffaney has been trying to collect money like crazy. To the point it has made her followers uncomfortable. She wanted money for some foals in a KS kill pen, another horse from the So WI kill pen which has made its way to her property. In at least one of her give me money posts she says if she does not get the horse the money will go to her “rescue”. That seems like fraud or is immoral to say the least. Even if she does not have abcesses as claimed by her “rescuer” she was sore and should not have been ridden. She should have had her feet soaked, not fed green grass or grain and not been sold as a kids horse until she was not in pain.So you go on with your stallion collecting(how many now), heartfelt meme posting, money grubbing, lying self. Every time I catch you in another one I will come here to write about it until you let your hostages go.

This is poor Dusty that Tiffaney somehow got from a kill pen or a truly deranged owner. This mare was trailered for 9, yes 9 hours to Tiffaneys so called rescue(I will get into that more later). This mare Tiff told her followers was reported to have sore feet. But she did not think she was foundered.Her most recent and deplorable scam is working as a kill pen admin. She is setting up fundraising for Southern Wisconsin Second Chance Lot kill pen page that sells for Jason Firary. Often the fundraising is for her to get new horses. Yes, she is literally saying she is a rescue that will take these horses if donations can be raised. Seems like a true conflict of interest but the kill pens are not known for ethical behavior when it comes to selling a horse. Anyways she has managed to gain at least 10 new horses this way. Horses she either dumps off at “fosters” or dumps on her lot(Tiffaney, I do believe you are well over the 7 the inspector allows you to have).

After fundraising for fuel to pick the horses up or for a hauler she then sells them. She does not quarantine them or demand that her fosters quarantine them or even feed them. In fact, Jamie Piotrowski has been known to kill multiple horses and has an open lawsuit against her for a horse she claimed she lost. Tiffaney recently dumped Polly and one other off at Jamie’s. She claims Polly has a sanctuary that will take her if she can raise fuel money to get her there. Polly will never be heard from again no doubt. This is a tiny bit of her non stop requests for money. She is even requesting money for her personal horse after consulting with the vets on HVC about him. She even found a dummy to fundraise to get horses for her and one to be her partner that will keep the kill pen horses for her so she can sell them.
The reason for not calling the vet? Her vet has had ankle surgery and is not cleared to work in the field yet. Although her follower tried to tell her that he had been to their place that week and others not so nicely told her that if a vet had been called months ago this would not be a problem. Here is Tiffaneys actual vet. She is on Horse Vet Corner facebook page over and over. The page is a cheap option to a real vet. Yes in July she was asking if the filly could be pregnant.The signs of strangles can vary enormously between cases, with some horses only exhibiting very mild signs, such as mild nasal discharge, which can be mistaken for other less serious respiratory diseases. More typical signs of Strangles include the following:And where is this filly who may or may not be a new mother supposed to foal you ask? Looks like in the mud with hot wire fencing around the pen. Cause babies never get out of loose fencing and moms never freak out when their new baby is on the wrong side of the fence. This is going to work out perfect.Now this is a complete lie and she knows it. There was no intruder. Then she figured she’d up her game and name a person. Complete with telling about how the police had been called and how this person who lives hours from Tiffaney traveled to MN to also turn loose some horses. And her dumb as a post followers hardly questioned her. Well except one who even knows that the horses get loose apparently.(Can’t believe that comment wasn’t deleted). And she of course needs donations to save her poor self from the haters.

I digress. This mare was not vetted and had no vet care or even a farrier take care of her. On top of that, and I find this part just sickening, she was rode around to evaluate her. Rode. With. Abscesses. Let that sink in. Abscesses! Who rides a horse with abscesses. I don’t care if it is just to rest weight on their back their feet hurt and they should not have to be treated like that.AND THERE WAS NO PAPERWORK! In violation of your dealers license you did not get a coggins. No adoption paperwork was provided. And you had the nerve to threaten to take the horse away if the new owner said anything derogatory about you. Ive heard that you do this part on a regular basis though. Yes those are her feet. Agony every single step. And the chop job by the farrier is godawful. Hopefully on the other side Lily runs as far away from these people as she can. Or gives them a swift kick. Where exactly was she going to keep these emaciated newcomers? In the mud at her rescue? At Jamies HOH’s? Let them wander around until they fell over in the creek like another horse she was given. What about quarantine?No they did not say anything of the sort. And you never ignore the Midwest page. Regular as clockwork you loose your crap if anything is posted about what a rotten human you are. Hopefully your father is not the one building your shelters because if so someone needs to donate a saw to you guys. Those things are not shelters.

So lets tell them the real truth Tiffaney. You never called the police about an intruder. In fact the police called you and told you to remove the post but you refused. Since you also did this to someone else recently they are not happy.
Sometimes Strangles can be diagnosed on clinical signs alone but often your vet will take a nasopharyngeal swab for confirmation of the disease. This is taken from the throat by passing the swab up the horse’s nose. Alternatively your vet may take a blood test from your horse which can help to identify not only infected horses but also carriers and those that have previously been exposed. Another method of diagnosis is guttural pouch endoscopy, during which the inside of the guttural pouch can be visualised and samples can be taken for testing. Your vet will advise you on the most appropriate method of diagnosis for your horse as this depends upon the individual case.

Who knows if this horse has actually even seen the vet. Kyleen has been all over Horse Vet Corner looking for advice. She sure does not mention the possibility of DLSD on her sale ad.
But she could not possibly take in these two or donate hay or feed to help this owner out. She could get a couple though from MN to feed her followers interest and try to drum up more money.Strangles is a highly contagious disease which can spread quickly through a yard via direct horse to horse contact or indirectly through tack, shared drinking water and on clothing. And the dog did live by a miracle (or maybe was not hurt all that badly) and was going to be adopted out will sadly be now living with Jo at her house of horrors. Dusty was sent off after 3 days. Did a vet look at her besides the vets shown pictures on Facebooks Horse Vet Corner(everyone should join that page and search Tiffaney to see how often she uses their advise then posts on her page that a horse has seen the vet)(it’s shocking how often it happens).Tiffaney, the DATCP said to let you know that you need to get in and renew your dealers license that you let lapse last year. He said they will catch up with you soon regarding selling without a license.

Mac – A good looking. TB that somehow ended up at NNNH with healing injuries. Tiffaney once again blew up how bad his leg was in order to get either likes or donations. I cannot figure out what shes after sometimes. What she did to this guys leg was totally not necessary. It was healing wonderfully with no sign of proud flesh. She turned it into a nasty oozing swollen mess. And of course he lost weight. Definitely Tiffaney needs to stay far away from TBs. They can be high maintenence and once they lose weight it can be hard to put it back on them. Luckily she sold Mac pretty fast and hopefully he is well.
This is a huge racket for Tiffaney. She is asking top dollar for these horses that she pays little to nothing for, does not feed or vet. Are the burrs removed from their coats before she sends them on or are they even shown any love beyond taking a selfie or a video showing someone petting them to post on Facebook? Are they brushed? No. She is counting on the fosters to fall in love with these animals so they agree to adopt and take over their care so she does not expend any time or money.

While the world has been on hold Tiffaney Kalata, founder of No Nonsense Natural Horsemanship Rescue has been busy. She has been up to her old scamming tricks and even came up with a couple new ones. All in the name of horse rescue. So read on. Some of the crappy things shes been up should make everyone very angry. Or very sad.
Where is Skittles exactly? After consulting her facebook vets on HVC this mare has not been heard from or about again. Those legs look pretty painful. And as you can see she’ll keep whatever money she makes.

A quick edit. Innocent 25 year old Kyleen is not happy. All she tries to do is help everyone. Darn it, all we do is pick on her while she scams money from people. Where has the rest of the money gone from her fundraisers?
Donations can be made to the involved rescues if anyone wants to as this was a huge expensive undertaking and these horses will now have a good chance at life. No money was received from the Justice for Wrenshall page who so far it looks like spent the money on horses for themselves.Strangles is a highly contagious upper respiratory tract infection caused by the bacteria Streptococcus equi. It affects horses, donkeys and ponies of all ages, breed and sex. The bacteria often infect the lymph nodes around the jaw, causing them to become swollen. In severe cases they can become so swollen that horses struggle to breathe properly, hence the name ‘Strangles’.

Now this part is not a new scam to Tiffaney. This is actually how I heard of her. I wondered why a rescue was spending so much time on Horse Vet Corner instead of calling the vet so I went to her page and saw what she was doing. She was spoon feeding her horse dumb groupies every thing the vets told her on HVC and claiming that the vet had seen the horse. She rarely calls the vet and I can’t believe the vets on HVC haven’t wised up to the knowledge that this woman is using what they say to make money off of these animals. Here are just a few of her posts to the vets on HVC. When I say just a few I mean just a few of the recent ones. There are tons more. Tiffaney is the most ardent fan of the page. (Don’t worry about reporting me to HVC for posting screenshots. I am not on that page and frankly if they are dumb enough to keep enabling this woman than so be it.)
Life at NNNH rescue is just the same. Literally crappy. Lily is now in mud and crap without anyone even trying to wrap her feet all the while going on about how much better she feels. Bute will do wonderful things for horses in pain including masking pain until it is too late. But getting a horse out of mud, handing walking them goes a long way but that is just the horse worlds way of doing things. Up in Crandon WI they have another way. Earlier in the year Tiffaney managed to get her hands on a small pony mare she called Lily. Lily had sore long twisted feet. Her foster actually took the time and effort to raise her food tub so it was easier for her to eat. That tiny luxury was gone once Lily got
to NNNHR. To Tiffaney it was fun to have this mare that looked like she was in agony follow her around while videos were taken. How cute was that! Turns out Lily feet were in ruins so finally after some fundraising to pay the vet Tiffaney got an expert out who said the mare needed to be euthanized. After weeks of living in pain Lily was finally pain free. No more being paraded around for Facebook likes. Rest In Peace Lily. You deserved better for all of the humans that failed you. 
We’ll start with this one. She posted this to test out her followers and everyone knows she is not going to close down her page. How on earth would she raise money(ooops donations). She has bills to pay, saddles to buy for her personal horses, more mustangs to purchase.And finally, you know you are bad when a known horse abuser like Jamie Piotrowski actually brushes the horse you dumped off with her and you can’t be bothered to hardly touch the ones under your care.Here is what she was careful not to show her band of dummies. The picture of a thin horse that has gained little to no weight under her care in the driveway desperately eating before she is caught and put back in her pen to go hungry. There is no evidence of a white or gray SUV and no way to tell what kind of car it even is. She should be grateful someone stayed to make sure the horse was ok and didn’t get out on the road. But no, grateful is not something anyone would accuse Tiffaney of being. These were the funds raised that both Angela and Kyleen used to purchase auction horses they then helped themselves to and Kyleen even gave at least one to a friend. Who knows what has happened to that horse or the horse she was raising funds for below. The mainstay of treatment for Strangles is supportive care. This involves treatment such as anti-inflammatory medication in order to treat the raised temperature and make horses feel well enough to eat. Feeding wet, sloppy food from the floor also makes it easier for infected horses to swallow and encourages the abscesses to drain. Hot compressing of the abscesses will also help to bring them to the surface, allowing them to rupture.Which includes this crazy collection of food buckets with god knows what in them. Since beet pulp is of course an excellent replacement for hay Tiffaney has decided, I am sure that is what is in most of these buckets. Along with senior feed because as she advises it is not the kind of feed that puts weight on a horse it is the amount. My OTTB would disagree but that is my crazy spoiled horse. This crazy mix of stuff is normally dumped on the ground for the horses to pick out of the dirt. She is careful most of the time to take her pictures showing horses trying to get their heads in too small buckets but sometimes shows exactly how she feeds them.

These are the sad faces of the animals she killed this year. Horses that did not need to die except Tiffaney would not spend the money to get them the care they needed or in one case let the animal suffer for weeks while before calling a vet.
And I can’t stress this enough. I will say it over and over. Please be careful who you are rehoming your animals with. Jo Hall is still trying to get more horses and frequents Facebook pages trolling for more animals to bring home to either breed to her stallions or for any number of unknown reasons. Animals of any sort do not do well in her care and she will make up any number of reasons why that her two vets cannot figure out why. Ask her about the cow story. It is gruesome.

And yet a more recent episode of her caring. She allegedly was called about a dog that had been hit by a car and left for dead. She brought him home and by her own admission said she was not going to spend the money to take him to a vet or rescue. She was going to treat him herself. With of course guidance by two vets. Of course. Take note when she mentions two vets it seems to mean she is lying. She was injecting this poor animal with fluids subcutaneously which is a slow painful way to get fluids in an animal. While having quite a few people praise her efforts she had even more people calling the local police and offering to come get the dog to take it to a licensed vet. That she would not agree to because she just knew the people offering just wanted a pat on the back for themselves. Ironic isn’t that?
The saddest tale is the story of Gracie. Grace came to Tiffaneys house of horrors thin and with an injury to her leg. True to form Tiffaney was going to heal Gracie herself and requested donations of medicines and money. While she was wrapping and treating with whatever treatment she had googled Gracie lost more weight although according to Tiffaney she was doing so much better. Gracie leg started off with fairly minor injuries but within days it was a nightmare of raw flesh. More HVC consultations, more wrapping, more requests for free medications and finally her leg was healing. Once Gracie’s leg has improved she was put out to pasture. Unfortunately Gracie developed allergies. At least that was the official diagnosis per Tiffaney. Gracies face swelled significantly and she lost more weight. Instead of breathing treatments with a nebulizer, an indoor stall and dust free soaked feed Gracie was moved to Tiffaney’s home where she could be hosed down daily and left to spend her days nibbling on green grass with a fever. Oh and given Benadryl as well as Dex which Tiffaney seems to have an unlimited supply of. She lost more weight and looked just miserable. All the while Tiffaney and spawn took happy selfies with her. Gracie died after 3 months in NNNH’s care. A sad forgotten animal that someone used to gain Facebook likes and donations.

And yet Dixie is still alive by Jo’s own admission! Still starved and uncared for, Jo refuses to allow anyone to take the mare as either punishment to the rescue that she sees as an enemy or from just plain evil. She literally planned and said she is going to shoot the mare for failing to gain weight after she dumped her out to run with her stallion for a year. It is not known if this mare is still alive or pregnant or what has happened to her other than recently she was seen in pretty rough shape but alive.The rocket scientist at NNNH rescue has decided that a filly that was a yearling in May is now a 2 year old(because a vet has not seen this horse or they would have a better idea of her age). And pregnant. Instead of calling a vet to come verify the filly is pregnant the Tiffaney has decided she will just wait until a foal arrives. Or not. She seems to think this will happen in November and has even purchased foal food just in case.And these photos are hard to see. The gorgeous black horse in the previous photo did not make it. According to Jo Hall he died of complications of cushings. The mare went downhill after that as a result of missing her companion per Jo. Simple starvation is what happened to these poor animals that were no doubt wondering what they did wrong and why was this happening to them.

Strangles! Yes NNNH Rescue has strangles on the property. Confirmed supposedly by the vet then new post put up for the followers claiming little Baby Jack has a tad bit of congestion. Apparently that is the new diagnoses for strangles if you don’t want to alarm your groupies. Or upset and alarm the people that you are trying to sell horses to when they come to visit. Or have people wonder why you stuck a maybe pregnant pony in with a horse with strangles.
Seriously let that filly have a new home that will keep her safe. Well as long as it is not with that criminal Jamie. Lucky(or not so Lucky) is losing condition per new pics proudly displayed on the rescue page. No matter how you try to set that pony up for a good picture that tail bone is still sticking out. And what is that? Looks like her backbone is getting prominent too.The incubation period (the time between infection and clinical signs) is between 3 and 14 days and most horses will recover fully within 6 weeks. However, roughly 10% of horses will remain carriers of the disease at this point. This means that they will no longer show clinical signs but they still harbour the bacteria in their guttural pouches, meaning they can intermittently spread the disease to other horses.

The second person coming forward wants to remain anonymous, but has given permission to share pictures of said horse that had been boarded at Cindy’s. (Before and after pictures) This person had asked for the horse to be fed multiple times. It took 2 weeks to get things ready for a new place to put the horse. Within the 2 weeks it took, an inside source sent an update of said horse to the owner. Making moving the horse a bit more urgent, as the horse was dropping weight quickly. Withing just a few short weeks the horse is already making tremendous improvements!

The loading consisted of you beating this injured animal with the snap end of a lead line to force it into the trailer. There were a few horrified witnesses that time to your training methods. The lice that this horse was covered with went on to infect some show horses whose owners were understandably upset. As I would be. Hard to delouse a horse in the middle of winter.
Im sure this bit of knowledge came from online. Or maybe from the vet that told her not to soak a colt with a bad foot to draw out the infection. But that might also be the vet that told her that strangles blow out under the horses muzzle. Who knows. But this horse has ocelots caused by racing. Lots of racehorses develop them. Mine included. But they are do not bother the horse unless they get giant. Certainly no reason to make him a pasture pet. There seems to be a push to send horses off to this sanctuary suddenly. A sanctuary that is new and then there will be the fundraising for fuel to get him there. I was surprised to recently find out that there is no water on the property. Tiffaney is hauling water from her house. I have had to haul water for livestock before and it is exhausting. While Tiffaney is very proud of her new to her trailer for hauling hay and water there is no way that tank holds enough water for all of those horses. Especially in the summer. She would need to go back and forth a few times every day. With the amount of time she spends on social media trying to get donations and new horses there is no way she is hauling that much water. So the horses who are already getting not enough feed are also deprived of water. Another rare, but also potentially life threatening, complication of Strangles is ‘Purpura haemorrhagica’. This condition causes bleeding from the capillaries and fluid accumulation (oedema) in and around the limbs and the head. This accumulation of fluid can become so severe that there is circulatory collapse and death.