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The history of tattooing may go all the way back to the convicts that were being sent to Australia, with a large portion having a singular tattoo, often an anchor or initials. Since then, tattoos have become a large part of Australian life, with one in four Australians having a tattoo, making tattoo conventions a popular destination in Australia.

On January 19–21, 1996, Dave Yurkew and Lyle Tuttle co-hosted the 20th anniversary of the First World Tattoo Convention in Houston, Texas, following up with the 25th anniversary on January 18–21, 2001 in Houston, hosted by Dave Yurkew and John “Big John” G. Stuckey.
The first world tattoo convention was held by Lyle Tuttle and Dave Yurkew on January 24–25, 1976 in Houston, Texas. Dave Yurkew, who was also President of the North American Tattoo Club went on to host another 6 consecutive World Tattoo Conventions through 1982. Lyle Tuttle was quoted as saying that this was. “The event that changed tattooing forever.”

Tattoo conventions range from small events sponsored by a local business that may last a day, to major international conventions spanning a weekend or the better part of a week.
Contests, usually restricted to registered participants, usually feature a variety of categories: black-and-gray, tribal, oriental, backpiece, women, men, and so on. Judging may be by vote or by a panel of judges.

A tattoo convention is a meeting and exhibition for tattoo practitioners and enthusiasts from different shops and areas, as well as anyone who wishes to see the world of tattooing up close.

They may include contests and exhibitions, booths selling tattoo-related items and even booths rented for use by tattoo artists who work during the convention. Collectors may attend conventions specifically to obtain a tattoo from a particular visiting artist.
The first International Tattoo Artists Association Convention was held in 1977 in Reno, and the first National Convention was held in Denver, Colorado March 23–25, 1979 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Speakers at this convention were: Don Ed Hardy, Terry Wrigley, Peter Tat 2 Poulos, Diane Poulos, Bob Shaw, Big Walt Kilkucki, Painless Jeff Baker, Dave Yurkew, and from Germany Horst Streckenbach and Manfred Kohrs.

What is the biggest tattoo convention in the US?
1. 20th Annual Boston Tattoo ConventionDates: 22 – 24 April 2022.Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States.Venue: Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston St., Boston.
Australia holds some of the biggest tattoo conventions in the southern hemisphere, including Tattoo Expo and Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival, both of which showcase some of the world’s leading tattoo artists.

Hi! I’m Alex; I’ve lived in Nashville for over ten years, and my family is in the music industry. This post will give you the inside scoop on where to see celebrities in Nashville.You will most likely see Nashville celebrities at Whole Foods in Green Hills, The Mall at Green Hills, Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro, Santa’s Pub at Bransford Ave, Pinewood Social, Fido’s Coffee Shop in Hillsboro, and the area of Franklin and Brentwood in general.

You could bump into a celebrity on any night of the week to perform in a bar Nashville! For a chance to hear an impromptu set by your favorite country or pop artist, come on down to lower Broadway, it happens all the time. Keith Urban once surprised guests at Tootsies, the band Lit surprised guests at the 12/30 Club that is partly owned by Justin Timberlake. Carey Underwood sung at a boot barn.Celebrities live and work in Nashville like the rest of us. They need to get their haircut, pick up groceries, work out and pump gas. They literally exist in the wild in Nashville!

This isn’t your typical list of “things to do in Nashville” because I’m not a typical Nashville resident. I’m a visitor like you. I moved to Nashville in 2012 from Australia because that’s where my wife was born and raised. Her family is still here. My wife’s parents are Joe and Linda Chambers, Walk of…Luke Bryan recently said “I know as an artist that to make my bar work I’m going to have to come down here and enjoy it and do some fun stuff. I would image all of the other artists are gonna approach it the same way. Many times a month fans can come into to town and Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, FGL, or Jason Aldean are playing on the rooftop. It’s going to be a fun experience in Nashville”.

If you would like to see the homes of Nashville’s biggest stars in a 2-hour, narrated sightseeing bus tour, you should check out the popular “Home of the Stars” tour where you can see over 30 celebrity homes. It’s a chance to see Nashville’s most scenic, upscale and private neighborhoods where superstars past and present live. Not only do you learn about the home but the driver provides great stories and experiences. Learn more here.
could you know where a celebrity will pop up? Well, we know that there are up to two luxury hotels where celebrities are known to stay in Nashville. They are the JW Marriott, Hutton Hotel, and The Hilton Hotel.Celebrities love Nashville, and it’s not uncommon to see them everywhere, from restaurants, grocery shopping, or pumping gas. There is an unspoken rule that you don’t bother them, that’s why they love Nashville so much!Before Taylor Swift moved out of Nashville, it was common to see her shopping with friends in Nashville or eating at Zoe’s Kitchen in Green Hills. She wasn’t even surrounded by security.There are places in Nashville you shouldn’t go to due to higher crime or significant risk to your safety. However, chances are good that you will not go to any of those neighborhoods. Have you ever heard of Glencliff? I didn’t think so. You’ve probably heard about the glitter and glam of Downtown and the…

Where is the Nashville Tattoo Convention?
FULL MOON INC. 600 Marriott Drive, Nashville Tn. Cached
Keith Urban used Bread and Company in both Cool Springs and Nashville. Newer Instagram and YouTube reality stars have opened up their own boutiques such as Jessie James Decker in the Gulch with Kittenish. Kristin Cavallari can be spotted at her store Uncommon James.

The Hermitage is another favored (and famous!) hotel of celebrities and touring pop stars. It’s a five-star, luxurious hotel in a prime location in Nashville. It has previously hosted names like Hank Williams, Owen Bradley, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash. Learn more about the Hermitage here.
Let’s be real, a country music star probably isn’t going to announce their presence in a bar, they will simply show up unannounced. The last time Luke Bryan announced he was going to be performing on the street in Broadway when he opened his bar, they had to shut down the entire street!It’s the most popular travel season in Nashville as the warm and sunny weather draws the crowds to Music City. That means that it’s also barbecue season and everyone wants to know where to get the best southern BBQ. After all, the pitmasters in Nashville are world class and the cooking methods go back generations.…Yes, of course! Almost half of the bars on lower Broadway, known as Honky-Tonk Highway, are owned by country music stars. It’s common to find the artist performing at their bar. For example, Miranda Lambert is known to perform at her bar, Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa. They do it quite often.

Celebrities in Nashville live in the most affluent and luxurious communities. The highest density of Nashville stars live in Brentwood and Franklin, where there is room for their luxury mansions in private and secluded places. Other celebrity neighborhoods include Green Hills, Forest Hills, Williamsport, and Hendersonville, to name a few. Still, others prefer the more urban lifestyle and like to stay downtown with easy access to recording studios, shops, and entertainment venues.Are you coming to Nashville and hoping to see a celebrity? You’re in luck! Many celebrities call Nashville home. Not only do they live here, but they also work here.

The Hutton Hotel is located on West End and is a hidden gem for celebrity sightings. It has been known to be a favored location for Gwyneth Paltrow. The hotel offers a spa, dining, bars, high-end amenities, and an on-site live music venue. It’s located in Nashville’s Midtown neighborhood, only 10 minutes from Music Row, and 8 miles from the Nashville Zoo. It is only 12 minutes’ drive from the Nashville airport. Learn more about the Hutton Hotel here. Nashville is Music City and there are hit country and pop music songs written daily. As a result, you’ll see celebrities driving around downtown, hanging out on Music Row, shopping and yes, going to Nashville Bars as they go about their business. The JW Marriott is the top venue, located just a short walk from lower Broadway, Nashville’s live music, and a party strip. The building is now the tallest in Nashville, with incredible views of the Nashville skyline. It’s occupied by Reba McEntire’s personal manicurist within Nashville’s largest spa. The lobby and Bourbon Steak restaurant attract crowds of VIP’s. Learn more about the JW Marriott here.Get ready for a deep dive into some real-deal karaoke bars right here in the heart of Music City. I’ve been doing the legwork for you – chatting with folks, hitting the pavement, combing through social media, and diving into reviews. Why? Bring you the best karaoke spots where you, your pals, or your whole…Blake Shelton owns Ole Red in Nashville, a live music bar and restaurant on Lower Broadway. Shelton’s hit song “Ole Red” inspired the bar’s name. The focus of the bar is the stage and performers. When it was being designed, it was essential to him that the stage was not an afterthought. Instead, he wants…From left: John Knowels, c.g.p, Ray Stevens, Russell Faxon, Dave Pomeroy, Linda Chambers, Steve Wariner The Chet Atkins statue was unveiled today in the courtyard of the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, where it will continue to welcome visitors and music enthusiasts who wish to honor Atkins’ contribution to music and get their photo…Locals in Nashville report seeing Dolly Parton in the Publix in Brentwood. Believe it or not, she is almost unrecognizable without her wig and makeup. She has tattoos, and what hair she has left she wears in a bun.

What do you wear to a tattoo convention?
DO–Feel free to wear something that does show off a bit of you art. If you have a full sleeve, wear a cool graphic short-sleeved tee. If you have a nice piece on your leg, wear a semi-long pair of comfy shorts that shows some of it, doesn’t have to be all of it.
Take advantage of this chance to meet local and international tattooists from across the world. You can get some real ink work and even connect with some of the renowned artists.

For newbies and enthusiasts looking to get eye-catching and beautiful inks on their bodies, Fredericksburg’s first-ever tattoo and body art expo is a must-visit.
For the first time ever, the Long Island Ink Tattoo and Piercing will play host to the combined Tattoo and Sneaker Convention taking place in Puerto Rico.Sullen TV’s Bernadette Macias will be the host of Huntsville’s premier tattoo expo. Expect to meet renowned world tattooers, including Mr. Kito Talbert, Edward “Poch” Best, Saga Anderson, and Ink masters Don Hawkins. One of the most interesting highlights of the convention will be an awards ceremony where the winner of the best show will go home with $2022 with a “winner takes all” heavyweight championship belt. The event will have enough room for more than 150 booths and over 200 artists, so you will get a chance to connect with both new and old school artists.Another one of the biggest tattoo conventions, this event is open to everyone, including children. Kids 12 years and under will have free admission, so make sure to bring your family.What makes Puerto Rico’s event a must-visit show is that you can shop for the less common sneakers available. You can also find standout streetwear and the dopest stuff for immediate purchase.Even if you are not a tattoo artist, you will find plenty of artwork, clothing, and jewelry particularly tailored to suit the taste of tattoo enthusiasts.Highlights of the event will be the popular Miss Boston Ink contest. There will be exclusive stage acts and music performances throughout the weekend, so bring your dancing shoes!The event will also feature vendors offering just about every tattoo supply you can think of. So, if you are looking to stock up on some products for your professional practice, you know where you should be, come June 10 – 12.

Artists from different countries like France, Indonesia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, and many more will be present. It’s your chance to see all of these exceptional professionals at work. And who knows, you may want to add a new asset to your body.
If you are a tattoo enthusiast who is interested in vehicle shows, you might want to clear up your calendar for this one-day event scheduled to hold in Birmingham.As one of the biggest tattoo conventions in Pennsylvania, the event promises lots of entertainment and sideshows. It is an experience you will definitely enjoy!

What is the meaning of tattoo convention?
A tattoo convention is a meeting and exhibition for tattoo practitioners and enthusiasts from different shops and areas, as well as anyone who wishes to see the world of tattooing up close.
Entertainment will include music and standup comedy, piercing and tattoo demonstrations, as well as complimentary room accommodations for two at the Edgewater resort for winners of the competition.The free and open atmosphere makes it a favorite for artists, vendors, and artists. Little wonder it has a good return rate, so you’ll get to see many popular artists every year.

This year’s Rotterdam Tattoo Convention will feature the best in the tattoo industry, including young and old tattoo artists. It will also have a cross-section of industry vendors, clothing and ink devotees, as well as must-see entertainers.The event will feature an assortment of live music, so there will be no dull moments. There will be a handful of contests and on-site tattoo artistry will be available.The Tattooed City Poconos Expo will feature the world’s very first medicated tattoo healing salve sponsored by a tattoo nurse. You will be pampered by a relaxing and fun experience.Vendors will be on the ground selling everything kind of tattoo supplies imaginable. Also, you can buy cool clothes and choose from a wide range of lifestyle products on display.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer realism, black and gray, traditional, or script tattoo style – all of these will be available under one roof at the Rotterdam Tattoo Convention.This year will not be an exception as the event is set to bring plenty of fun activities. It will feature four straight days of tattooing from top-rated artists, competitions and raffle draws, awards and giveaways, plus lots more.

Tattoo Conventions are organized for newbies and enthusiasts alike to meet with some of the world’s best tattoo artists. It is a chance to experience the world of tattooing up close.
For three straight days in April, the best local and international artists will be tattooing enthusiasts and anyone looking to get their first tattoo ever.Get ready to join over 200 of the very best tattoo artists from across the world as the Tattoo Expo returns for the 17th year in the Golden State, particularly in Fresno about 200 miles north of Los Angeles.

Where do country stars hang out in Nashville?
You will most likely see Nashville celebrities at Whole Foods in Green Hills, The Mall at Green Hills, Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro, Santa’s Pub at Bransford Ave, Pinewood Social, Fido’s Coffee Shop in Hillsboro, and the area of Franklin and Brentwood in general.
It will feature a slightly different kind of tattoo event from the others on this list. In addition to getting inked, attendees will witness a full custom display of first-rate custom motorcycles, cars, scooters, and trucks.It’s the first inaugural HuntsVegas Tattoo Expo in Huntsville. The 3-day fun-filled event is not your average expo – it is an experience! It will be Alabama’s biggest expo so far.

Where is tattooing illegal in the US?
In the United States there is no federal law regulating the practice of tattooing. However, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have statutory laws requiring a person receiving a tattoo be at least 18 years old.
As you prepare to join other enthusiasts for some of these biggest tattoo conventions in 2022, be cautious of your health and observe all the necessary safety protocols.

What is the tattoo capital of the US?
Los Angeles, California Home to one of the most famous tattoo strips, Venice Beach and popular tattooed celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kat Von D. L.A.s tattoo-friendly vibe is hard to find elsewhere.
This is the 4th edition and it will feature some of the best local, national, and international tattoo artists. Get tattooed by special guest artists, including:The Long Island Ink has a high reputation for custom body art. It has been in the game since 2007, driven by sheer passion and admiration for the art and tattoo culture.

In all jurisdictions, individual tattooers may also choose to place additional restrictions based on their own moral feelings, such as refusing any clients under a specific age even with parental consent, or limiting the type and/or location of where they are willing to tattoo (such as refusing any work around certain parts of the body). They may additionally refuse to perform specific artwork, including artwork they consider offensive, or refuse to work on a client they suspect may be intoxicated. Tattooers sometimes claim their personal business restrictions are a matter of law, even when it is not true, so as to avoid arguments with clients.
Minors may, with parent/guardian consent, be tattooed to cover up an existing tattoo that has offensive, gang-related, or drug-related content, or “other words, symbols, or markings that the person’s parent or guardian considers would be in the best interest of the person to cover”Other violations of Montana body art laws are a misdemeanor, with punishments ranging from a fine of $50–100 for a first offense to $300 and/or 90 days in county jail for third and subsequent offense.

Physicians and Osteopaths or technicians working under their direct supervision can give minors tattoos or produce scars for “medical or cosmetic purposes.”
In the United States there is no federal law regulating the practice of tattooing. However, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have statutory laws requiring a person receiving a tattoo be at least 18 years old. This is partially based on the legal principle that a minor cannot enter into a legal contract or otherwise render informed consent for a procedure. Most states permit a person under the age of 18 to receive a tattoo with permission of a parent or guardian, but some states prohibit tattooing under a certain age regardless of permission, with the exception of medical necessity (such as markings placed for radiation therapy). The center has its own three-level cover parking garage with 1,800 spaces. Entrances to the garage are near 7th Ave. and Demonbreun St. and on 6th Ave. between Demonbreun St. and Korean Veterans Blvd. If you are an event organizer or an exhibitor of this event your attendees will appreciate if you can clearly show where your event or booth is located. To use this image just copy the HTML code below and paste it into a page on your websiteSome people think tattoos are a work of art, others think their tacky. Regardless of your opinion they’ve become a huge part of popular culture. With over 45 million Americans sporting tattoos have you ever wondered which cities are considered the most tattoo-friendly? Total Beauty (.com) conducted a study; did your city make the list?

3. Richmond, Virginia Averages 14.5 tattoo shops per 100,000 people and that’s just within the city itself! Likely booting their numbers is the large arts and college community.
5. Portland, Oregon Like Austin, Portland’s residents are mostly 25 to 44-year olds. The Portland community loves arts and crafts, music, nature and dont forget body art! Portland has 12 tattoo shops per 100,000 people.

What state has the most tattoo artists?
California (2,896 businesses), New York (2,598 businesses) and Florida (2,005 businesses) are the States with the most number of Tattoo Artists businesses in the US.
Tat2X is dedicated to helping you protect your ink from the sun and your boss. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers and our products represent the very best quality available. Our premium brand U.S. Made Ink Armor sleeves have helped thousands of people keep their jobs.10. Los Angeles, California Home to one of the most famous tattoo strips, Venice Beach and popular tattooed celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kat Von D. L.A.s tattoo-friendly vibe is hard to find elsewhere.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada With 94 listed tattoo shops and the host of the biggest tattoo conventions, Its no surprise that sin city makes the top of the list.
9. Kansas City, Missouri Has roughly six tattoo shops per 100,000 people, a thriving under 30 population, more than 10 colleges and universities as well as a happening performing arts scene.7. San Francisco, California Consider home of the eccentric, San Fran has 7 tattoo parlors per 100,000 people. The Bay Area was even mentioned as the only American places in Matador Nights’ “Five Destinations for the Tattooed Traveler,”

4. Flint, Michigan One might think that Detroit would out rank Flint but surprise, Flint wins for the most tattoo shops per capita. Here again, it may have a lot to do with their most popular age group being 25-44-year olds.
6. Austin, Texas This increasingly hip college town and “Live Music Capital of the World” is visited by young, “artsy” tattooed people from all over, at least once a year, at its South by Southwest festival. Austin has 7.5 shops per 100,000 people and a population of mostly 25-44 year olds.1. Miami Florida Coming in at number one is home to TLC’s Miami Ink and the famous South Beach, this party town has a ton of tattoo shops. Averaging 24 shops per 100,000 people, Miami Beach is dense with ink.

The World’s Famous Tattoo and Body Art Expo returns to the Los Angeles Convention Centerwith over two hundred famous artists tattooing and piercing onsite.
Top-notch artists from all over the country will be attending. Get tattoos by the best artists at amazining prices — black-and-grey, color, Asian style, Realistic, Latin, Portrait, or piercing – get them all at the expo.

“Like when you’re ordering a coffee and are treated rudely in the process, I don’t think you need to tip,” says Gomez. “In tattooing, if you weren’t comfortable with the experience, or the tattoo itself doesn’t match what you and your artist spoke about, I don’t think a large tip — or any tip for that matter — is necessary.”
Both Gomez and Dim say that tipping isn’t essential, but it is a kind way of showing your artist appreciation for their service and for their work. “I don’t believe it’s necessary for you to provide a tip. In fact, it doesn’t make a difference if you choose not to tip — even if you enjoyed the tattoo,” says Dim. “I genuinely appreciate it when a customer decides to give me a tip, but please know that I’m not disappointed if they don’t.”Gomez is in the same camp. “Every artist assigns value to their work the way they think is appropriate, which is the quoted price. So the tip really becomes a gesture of gratitude that tells me that the client feels like I gave more than what was expected,” says Gomez. “And for me, this is the goal.”

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How much do you tip a tattoo artist?
15 percent to 25 percent According to Pablo Gomez, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist at Atelier Eva, tipping anywhere from 15 percent to 25 percent of the total cost is considered a good tip — regardless of the type of tattoo you get.
It’s standard practice to leave a tip for our hairstylist, manicurist, and even makeup artist for when you go glam for special events. But what about your tattoo artist? If you’re looking to add new ink or considering your first-ever tattoo, tipping your tattoo artist is something that should be top of mind — and factored into your budget, since tattoos are often an investment.

Where is the biggest tattoo convention?
The World’s Famous Tattoo and Body Art Expo returns to the Los Angeles Convention Centerwith over two hundred famous artists tattooing and piercing onsite.
To get a better idea on what the appropriate amount is, we turned to the experts to share the details. Here, what to keep in mind when considering how much to tip for a tattoo. According to Pablo Gomez, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist at Atelier Eva, tipping anywhere from 15 percent to 25 percent of the total cost is considered a good tip — regardless of the type of tattoo you get. Dim, a resident artist at Blindreason Tattoo, considers 20 percent of the total price to be the average amount people tip for their new ink, especially in New York City. But, he says, this is still dependent on the individual client — and there are people who won’t tip at all.All Guests for the 2023 Nashville Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival are confirmed. However Guests are subject to change or cancel due to circumstances beyond our control.

The 20th Annual Nashville Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival – APRIL 7th, 8th and 9th 2023. At the Sonesta Nashville Airport Hotel. 600 Marriott Drive, Nashville Tn. Formerly the Marriott Hotel. Show Hours – FRIDAY April 7th 4pm-10pm. SATURDAY April 8th 11am-10pm. SUNDAY April 9th 11am-5pm. All the Celebrities will be there all 3 days during festival hours. Minus times for breaks and meals. Tickets are available online or at the door.
The Music City Center is Nashville’s convention center located in the heart of downtown. The 2.1 million square foot facility opened in 2013 and was built so that Nashville could host large, city-wide conventions in the downtown area.

No need to stress about your next event – the Music City Center has been designed from the ground up to meet your specific needs. With 350,000 square feet of exhibit hall space, our facility has the technology and equipment to ensure that your needs are met.The Music City Center is an ADA compliant facility. MCC welcomes guests with disabilities and their assistive animals. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the Music City Center ADA Coordinator at 615-401-1400.

There has never been a better time to come visit Music City. Named “One of the Top Destinatons for 2016” by Forbes Travel Guide, Nashville is booming and the Music City Center is the new pulse of it all. Known for its trendy new restaurants and its eclectic music scene, Nashville has become a popular destination for many. Join us in Music City to make your next event an unforgettable experience! From incredible live music to eclectic southern cuisine, Nashville has something to offer everyone and the Music City Center is in the center of it all. 21c and Alchemy Nashville, an LGBTQ+ owned and operated tattoo shop, are partnering to raise funds for the 2019 Nashville Pride Festival. On June 9th, line up at 21c Nashville for either a $31 small tattoo (to celebrate the 31st year of Nashville Pride) or a $50 medium tattoo (to honor the 50th year anniversary of Stonewall). Tattoo options are listed online: All proceeds will go to Nashville Pride.This site uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience, analyze website traffic, and keep track of your shopping cart. We recommend clicking “Accept” to leave these enabled, but you may also customize your experience via “Customize”.

1. General Admission tickets. You can buy One Day, Two Day or Weekend Passes. We are not doing Timed Ticket Blocks any longer. Your Ticket will be for the entire day. You can leave and come back that same day.Tickets will Also be available at the door the days of the show.
Hope this answers most of the questions. There is more information on the websites. We try to answer each and every question but as the show gets going it will be harder to answer. We will do our best to make sure everyone has a great time. THANK YOU.

An event can only be canceled by the venue and/or event organizer. If the venue or event organizer cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.
5. Hotel charges $7 to park for up to 8 hrs. Free parking if you have a room and are staying at the hotel. Free Parking at the Full Moon Cineplex for the films. Tattoo Artists from all over the world, tattooing for 3 days at the Sonesta Nashville Airport Hotel. Featuring Celebrities with Autograph and Photo opps. Horror Films playing at the Full Moon Cinema with Horror Celebrities introducing. Hours of the Festival April 7th,8th and 9th 2023. Friday April 7th 4pm-10pm. Saturday April 8th 11am-10pm. Sunday April 9th 11am-5pm. Data collection for applying real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all of our company marketing channels. This is used to understand website behaviors to better serve our customers and improve our website experience.8. We don’t know everyone’s autograph prices. So we can’t post. They range from $20-$50 each. Some will do the selfie at the table with autograph purchase others will only do the Pro Photo-Op additional purchase.