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#anime #asahi #daichi #ennoshita #facts #haikyuu #haikyuufacts #hinata #iwaizumi #kageyama #karasuno #kenma #manga #nishinoya #oikawa #sugawara #tanaka #tsukishima #yachi #yamaguchiPrior to the Spring Tournament, Tendō joined the rest of the retired Shiratorizawa third-years in participating in several practice matches during the First Year Training Camp. When he first noticed Hinata among the other first-years, Tendō was quick to declare that he would defeat the middle blocker only for Hinata to instead carry out ball boy duties. He later learned from Hinata that he had not actually been invited to the camp nor was he allowed to join in any matches. Tendō laughed hysterically at learning Hinata had decided to crash the camp and informed Ushijima of the reason Hinata was present at the camp.

With Shiratorizawa narrowly keeping the lead at 11-10, Tendō hurries to one side when he notices Kageyama set but is shocked to see that he was tricked into going the opposite direction of where Kageyama had actually set. Tendō next tried to keep up with Hinata when he made a dash to one end of the court but was unable to keep up with the shorter blocker’s speed. However, when Tendō appeared like he would follow Hinata again when attempting the same thing, Tendō instead changed direction and quickly rushed into place to get a one-touch on Tanaka’s spike. Once Tsukishima moved back into the front, Tendō taunts the first-year by calling him ‘normal’. Although he succeeded in annoying Tsukishima, the first year immediately got his revenge by easily stopping Tendō’s delayed spike. The third-year would become infuriated when Tsukishima would claim that the time difference attack would not fool him as easily as it did Hinata. When Yamaguchi is subbed in near the end of the set and is taken out right away when Ushijima scores, Tendō happily sings about how their opponent is surely having their spirit broken but does still see that Tsukishima will be a problem. Shirabu would later set the ball to Reon. Although Reon got a feint shot over the block, Daichi was able to save the ball. However, Tendō came out on top when he was able to do a direct spike and put the score at a tie. Eventually, Karasuno reached set point.
With the next set underway, Tendō was quick to beat Tsukishima in a joust and comment that the younger blocker was too slow and adds that blocking is all about intuition and the smell of victory as opposed to Tsukishima’s belief of blocking being about calculation. When Karasuno launches a synchronized attack, Taichi was able to block Asahi when it’s revealed that Taichi eliminated Daichi as being part of the attack since he had received Ushijima’s spike. Tendō comments how Taichi’s blocking is ‘omnivorous’, stating that Taichi naturally relies on read blocking but will switch to guess blocking when he becomes incredibly focused. However, this time, Taichi had used commit blocking. Later on, Tendō is able to block Tanaka. When Reon compliments him on this, Tendō explains that he was able to figure out where to position himself because of the way Tanaka had been standing and from seeing where he was glancing. In the middle of the set, Tendō keeps a close eye on Hinata as he dashes about and watches him head in one direction. Tendō is able to realize that he needs to head in the opposite direction to block Tanaka but wasn’t able to complete the block in time.Tendō entered the stadium with his team for their match against Karasuno. As both sides were warming up, a ball from Karasuno went over to Shiratorizawa’s side. Reon picked it up for him and after Hinata left, Tendō teased Reon, saying that Hinata must’ve nicknamed him “Benkei” due to his looks. While Karasuno is doing their warm-ups, Tendō is one of those to witness Hinata hit a spike straight down. Upon Goshiki proclaiming that Shiratorizawa will surely defeat Karasuno, Tendō praises the younger player’s confidence. As the match was about to start, Tendō approached Ushijima and reminded him that the team would be counting on him. The members of both teams were soon introduced to the audience and the game finally begins. As the set continues, Tendō is able to see that Asahi is beginning to feel the pressure of needing to score even though there’s a chance that Nekoma could counter. After Asahi was able to get the ball between the blockers and the net, Tendō explains to Goshiki that sometimes it’s better to chip away at the block little by little instead of completely powering through. When Kenma was able to trick Karasuno’s blockers into blocking him as he changed from a setter dump to a set, Tendō saw that he did this on purpose with a larger plan in mind. After Karasuno lost the first set, Tendō expresses annoyance at hearing the announcers state that Nekoma was able to take the first set from Karasuno, the team that defeated Ushijima. Tendō is cheerful and loud, though a bit sardonic. He enjoys teasing both his teammates and opponents, usually annoying the latter. However, when he gets into the game, he becomes a different, more intimidating person, relishing the look of defeat on people’s faces when they are denied. He is also extremely confident in his blocking abilities, referred to a guess blocking, as his guesses are nearly always correct as a result of his sharp intuition. Nevertheless, throughout the game he learns that his guesses sometimes may not be correct, and Hinata can read through them as well.

Tendō has since become a chocolatier in Paris, France. During a television show, Tendō and Ushijima were shown to have met one night in Paris. Tendō bragged about how the two have known each other for several years and how they had gone to nationals many times while on the volleyball team. The two would then confirm that they are best friends.As Karasuno calls for a timeout, Goshiki admits that he thought Asahi would be the next attacker. Tendō explains that the glance had been too obvious and an attempt to trick the blockers. Trying to keep things light, Tendō playfully tells Ushijima that he would be taking the spotlight for a while which didn’t seem to bother the ace. At the same time, Ukai would explain to Takeda and the team that Tendō relies on a type of block known as the guess block. For Tendō to use this method of blocking, it requires him to rely on his reading and intuition above all else but will allow him to read and figure out the attack before it even happens. Even though there are times when it could be wrong, Tendō has developed the skill so well that he will rarely be wrong. When the game proceeds, Tendō soon finds himself captivated by Kageyama’s flawless setting form that he didn’t even react to Hinata spiking right before him. However, he is quick to call out Kageyama on having made Hinata spike the ball right above him on purpose as a form of retaliation. As the second set plays out, Hinata is able to catch Shirabu off-guard when he does a diagonal jump but the Karasuno middle blocker would not be successful in his attack when Tendō appeared and fully blocked him. Tendō then warns Hinata and Kageyama that they would first have to beat him if they wanted to get to Ushijima. It’s at this point that the Karasuno supporters would learn of Tendō’s reputation as the Guess Monster. When Reon serves, Tendō enlists Goshiki to help him keep a straight shot cut off but he actually maneuvers himself to block Kageyama as he attempted to get around the block. At Reon’s next serve, Tendō catches Kageyama and Asahi share a glance but isn’t fooled by this. He easily figures out that Hinata will be attacking and easily blocks him. Tendō relishes in the feeling of how well he is playing, stating that he’s playing better than he ever has before. Kageyama is soon returned to the court after resting. After his serve is received and returned to Karasuno’s side, Tendō is shocked to watch the setter make a quick set to Hinata from the back row. He attempts to block Hinata’s spike but the first year instead had used his downward spike. When Shiratorizawa reached match point and Tsukishima returned from getting medical treatment, Tendō spotted Kageyama attempting a setter dump. Although he was able to get a hand on the ball, it still landed and put the score at a deuce. After Tsukishima is sent back into the game and appears like he will perform a broad attack, Tendō sees that it’s a ploy and hurries to the opposite end. As he tried to help Ushijima block, Tanaka was still able to get his spike through and get Karasuno to match point. Karasuno would soon reach match point again at 18-17 but Tendō was able to calm and listen to his instincts. With that, he was able to block Hinata and tie the score.However, he does seem kind and generous on occasions; such as when he asked Ushijima if they could let Hinata sleep in a room at the first-years intensive training camp at Shiratorizawa Academy, or trying to cheer up Goshiki when he started crying. Tendō also seems to be quite a good friend, as post time-skip, he even calls Ushijima to check on him, then gives him his own version of words of wisdom when the latter requires a pep talk.A time-out takes place after Karasuno used an all person synchronized attack with Nishinoya as the setter. While Ushijima is commenting how this was the first time he saw such an attack, Tendō points out that Ushijima still obviously has a grudge against Hinata. Tendō suspects that the reason behind this animosity is due to Ushijima not being able to get a solid read on Hinata and the feeling of not understanding something is unnerving; something that Ushijima possibly has not felt before. When Shirabu is forced to make the first receive, Tendō appears like he will attempt a direct spike. With Tsukishima jumping to block, Tendō changes his form and sets to Ushijima. This action will cause Ushijima to declare that he is becoming more fired-up, exciting his teammates greatly. A short time later, Tendō and Shirabu find themselves becoming greatly annoyed by Tsukishima as he has been relentless in his blocking attempts. Regardless, Tendō is still able to easily predict who Sugawara will set to since it’s clear that the setter is trying to avoid the blockers. At the end of this attack, it’s revealed that Tsukishima’s hand was injured when attempting to block Ushijima. As Tsukishima is removed from the game to seek medical treatment, Tendō states that this is chance for Shiratorizawa to take to finish the match.Tendō has spiky, bright red hair, with eyebrows of a corresponding color. He also has large, downturned eyes giving him a sleepy looking expression. His irises are small and dark red, while the ends of his mouth curve into a slight smirk. He sports the standard Shiratorizawa uniform, is tall standing at 187cm, and has a medium build.After Yamaguchi was subbed in and Shiratorizawa attempted to counter, Tendō watched as Taichi attempted to block Tsukishima but was stunned to see the younger blocker use a delayed spike. As Karasuno reached set point, Tendō takes notice of Kageyama’s apparent weariness. Since Kageyama has been playing the entire game and has had to keep up with the movements of Hinata and the other players with such precision as well as dealing with the pressure of all the opposing blockers, Tendō guesses that Kageyama is close to reaching his limit. When the score becomes a deuce, Tendō teases Kageyama about having to play at such a time and must certainly be feeling despaired. Kageyama contradicts this and instead says that he will only be upset when he can no longer play volleyball. Tendō soon gets one over on Tsukishima by beating him in a joust again. As the set continues to drag on, Tendō begins to read Kageyama’s form more easily as the setter becomes more exhausted. Even though he was in place to block Hinata’s spike, the ball landed out of bounds. Kageyama’s next toss to Hinata was slightly too short and Tendō felt sure that the Karasuno middle blocker would not be able to score. However, Hinata used his left hand to get the ball over. Tendō tried to reach for the ball but was unable to, resulting in Karasuno winning the set. As a young child, Tendō was often picked on by other kids. He was often referred to as a monster most likely due to his name, Satori, referring to a Yokai. Because of this, Tendō was often not allowed by others to join their volleyball team. During this time, Tendō developed his method of guess blocking and came to realize how joyful it felt to crush his opponents spirit when shutting them down. While Tendō was advised not to always rely on his guess blocking by other coaches, Washijō only cared if Tendō could score points and allowed him to use his guess blocking as much as he wanted. Because of his high success rate using guess blocking, Tendō gained a position as one of Shiratorizawa’s starting players and became known as the Guess Monster. During flashbacks, Tendō is shown to have seen news articles of Ushijima having struggled during the world league games. He calls Ushijima to see if there was anything troubling him and learns that Ushijima became upset after a young boy told him that volleyball was boring. Although amused at first, Tendō sees that this affected Ushijima and states that Ushijima must first become even better at the sport which will help bring more attention to it, having stated that no one will pay attention to lame players who just try really hard. This was enough to help
motivate Ushijima to become even stronger.

Tendō is also often seen by others to be quite creepy or odd. As a child he was picked on for this and sometimes not welcomed to join teams during practice. Becoming a middle blocker seemed to raise his confidence, and now he doesn’t seem to mind being perceived this way.
Tendō continued to help during the camp but also noticed that Hinata was paying attention to Ushijima at several points. One night after a match, Tendō hears Washijō inform Hinata that he would not be allowed to receive food and board since he was not officially invited to the camp. Tendō points out to Ushijima that the camp does have the room to allow Hinata to stay but agreed with Ushijima when he states that Hinata is trying to make opportunities for himself.Goshiki was easily beaten by Kageyama in a joust but Tendō was able to kick the ball into the air and keep the play alive. However, he soon became distracted when Hinata began moving about the court and thus resulted in Tendō reacting late when he finally realized that Tanaka would be getting the set at the end of the court. Because of his late reaction, Tendō acknowledged Hinata as a top notch decoy.

Karasuno eventually got back to match point at 20-19. When Hinata attempted a back minus tempo attack, Tendō called out for Taichi to jump to block. With each team continuing to return the ball, Tendō was one of those to notice that Hinata would slow his tempo down in order to join the team for a synchronized attack. Yamagata would be unable to receive Hinata’s spike which resulted in Karasuno claiming victory. As his teammates were in shock of the outcome, Tendō quietly bid farewell to his paradise. While doing their cool down stretches, Tendō confesses that he will not be playing volleyball after high school but does look forward to watching Ushijima as he continues to move forward with the hope of being able to brag about being the ace’s best friend. Afterwards, the third-years would retire from the volleyball team.

Tendō is temporarily brought out of the game so that Semi could go in as a pinch server. Although Semi was able to help Shiratorizawa for a while, Kageyama and Hinata were able to perform their super quick off an off receive which shocks the Shiratorizawa team greatly. Eventually, Karasuno was able to win the set when Shirabu failed to send a proper set to Ushijima due to a build up of stress and Tsukishima blocking the ace. Just before the third set begins, Tendō realizes that Tsukishima had purposely left an opening in the block to lure Ushijima into thinking he could get a spike through only to close the gap at the right moment. Even though they lost the set, Tendō is surprised that their coach isn’t yelling at them, although at the same time, it makes him more nervous that they aren’t being yelled at. Tendō does become startled when Washijō calls for Shirabu. Although the setter doesn’t get yelled at since he was already aware of his actions, Tendō does lightly tease him for returning to the group in one piece. He still tries to comfort Shirabu by saying that his last set wasn’t that bad and the fault of the lost set was due to Tsukishima. However, Shirabu believes otherwise and tries to regain his focus.During Karasuno’s match against Nekoma, he joins Goshiki in watching the game on Goshiki’s tablet. He reveals that Shiratorizawa has played against Inarizaki and Tendō found difficulty in playing against Suna due to getting past Tendō’s blocks with his stable torso ability and that he is not fond of the Miya twins. At seeing Nekoma’s incredible ground defense, Tendō admits that he would not like to play against them but finds amusement in watching them play. He also excitedly notes that Karasuno is struggling to get a point in because of Nekoma’s defense but also adds that saving a spike isn’t always the pinnacle of a flawless defense. Not long after, Tendō noticed how Asahi waited until the blockers started to lower before hitting a spike through. He expresses how Karasuno is a team filled with crazy players but that the super quick combo is the craziest of them all.

Who is the oldest in Shiratorizawa?
vamandiof the third years, tendō is the oldest and yamagata is the youngest.of the second years, kawanishi is the oldest and shirabu is the youngest.kawanishi is also the second oldest second year of the whole series.goshiki is the only first year on the team.yamagata’s birthday is on valentine’s day.
In the second set, Tendō catches Goshiki pleading for Hinata to get an attack in and points out Hinata’s popularity; although Goshiki would try to deny that he was supporting the Karasuno middle blocker. In the third set, Tendō becomes excited at the sight of Inuoka being returned to the game. Like everyone watching, Tendō would show great shock at how Nekoma lost the match. He then playfully comments to Goshiki that if he were to ever face Nekoma in the future to not hit numerous serves out-of-bounds.Tendō is quick to follow his own statement when is able to right away block Narita followed by Sugawara. As he gazes down at Sugawara’s defeated expression, Tendō smiles in satisfaction. After Goshiki’s cross shot was blocked off and he was forced into hitting a straight that Daichi was able to receive, Tendō had attempted to hit the ball down but Hinata prevented that and kept the ball alive. Immediately after, Tendō watches in annoyance as Karasuno launched another five person synchronized attack. While studying Nishinoya’s form and trying to figure out who the libero will set to, Tendō remembers how Sugawara had previously mentioned how Karasuno would attempt the same attack again. At this thought, Tendō realizes that he’s fallen into his own demise of overthinking and knows that he will not be able to block anyone. Proving his theory, Tanaka was the one to attack and Tendō was not there to block. This right away gets him yelled at by Washijō who states that he doesn’t care if Tendō’s guesses are wrong every now and then and just wants him to try to block.

For majority of the first set, Tendō is mostly seen attempting to block Karasuno’s attackers. After Karasuno was able to counter thanks to Nishinoya receiving Ushijima’s serve, Tendō learns from Shirabu that Kageyama is Oikawa’s kohai. He takes this information with a mix of amusement and caution. When Hinata finally rotates to the front row, Tendō notices his short height and is surprised that Hinata is actually a middle blocker. When Reon receives Sugawara’s serve that had been targeted at Ushijima, Tendō catches Hinata by surprise by performing a delayed spike. When Shiratorizawa is ahead in the score at 20-11, Tendō is preparing to serve when he notices Ushijima is paying attention to Hinata more than anyone else on Karasuno. Once Shiratorizawa won the first set and the team are changing sides, Tendō questions Ushijima if he already knows Hinata. To his surprise, Ushijima answers that he had met Hinata at an earlier time and that the shorter middle blocker would defeat Ushijima. Tendō believes that Ushijima is paying attention to Hinata because of his bold statement but Ushijima corrects him in saying that he actually despises Hinata for his baseless confidence.
Just before the final set starts, the team is warned by Washijō that if they fail to make this last set count he will have the entire team run all the way back to the academy. Tendō whispers to Goshiki that this has happened before and puts the first year on edge. As the teams make their way onto the court, Tendō notices that Kageyama has been subbed out and that Sugawara is now setting for Karasuno. After Tendō blocks Tsukishima’s spike and the ball is recovered by Nishinoya, Tendō easily figures out that Sugawara will next set to Asahi. Although he was able to block the Karasuno ace, the ball was hit with enough force that it was sent out of bounds. Tendō remarks that Sugawara is easy for him to read and it was clear that he wouldn’t set to someone down the center since a blocker was waiting there. While meaning to bring Sugawara’s morale down, Tendō instead is annoyed when Sugawara boasts of how talented Karasuno’s attackers are.To Goshiki’s dismay, Tendō and Shirabu have gathered in Goshiki’s dorm room to watch Karasuno play against Kamomedai. When Hinata use the combination of his new jump and the minus tempo to spike past Hirugami, Tendō is incredibly surprised at seeing the new attack and later shows annoyance when Hinata tried the attack a second time. When Tsukishima managed to dodge a block-out attempt by Hoshiumi, Tendō is shown with a surprised expression. He theorizes that because Kamomedai has now witnessed Tsukishima dodge a spike and seeing Hinata has a new attack, Tendō surmises that Kamomedai will now have a lot more to worry about. In the third set, Tendō listens in amusement as Goshiki admits how effective Hinata is as a decoy and Shirabu lecture him about how only the best hitters are truly good decoys and asking if the first year wing spiker would really stand a chance if he and Hinata went head-to-head against one another. The middle blocker would continue to watch the match and watched when Hinata was discovered to be suffering from a high fever and is removed from the game. He continued to watch until Karasuno eventually lost.

Kageyama isn’t an INTJ and Tendou is not an ENTP, he guesses where the ball will go and is extremely aware of his surroundings every time. He determines what the opponent will do by using by using his 5 senses and observation. He purely relies on his instinct. That’s not Ne
Responsible and caring, Daichi captures the powerful leadership qualities that ESFJs often possess. Daichi knows his players and how to work alongside their personalities to get them to perform at their best. He naturally takes charge of situations, guiding his fellow players towards teamwork and excellence. Although he’s patient and understanding, he can be intimidating and fiery when his teammates are irresponsible or out of control. Have you ever wondered if your personality type has anything to do with how conscious (or unconscious) you are of hunger, thirst, fatigue or illness? According to many typologists, our mental processes have a significant part to play in how aware we are of our inner body and its needs. Find out how your personality… Daring and quick, Nishinoya will stop at nothing to receive the volleyball – even if he has to bend his body into a carnival-pretzel shape to stop it. Loud and entertaining, he keeps the energy high and inspires his teammates to keep trying even when they feel like their bodies are giving way from exhaustion. Goofy and passionate, he and Hinata prove to the world that “shrimps” can still be intimidating forces in the volleyball world.Ambitious and insightful, Oikawa captures the determination and passion of the ENFJ. He has a profound understanding of the other players not only in his team, but in the teams he fights against. No matter how the game shifts and changes, he immediately senses how various members are feeling emotionally and adjusts the game to their unique strengths and personalities. Oikawa’s emotionally strategic nature captures one of the not-so-talked-about skills of healthy ENFJs.While he might appear large and intimidating, Asahi is a surprisingly sensitive gentle giant. He brings a lot of skill and height to his volleyball game, but it’s crucial for him to feel that he’s on good terms with his teammates and not letting anyone down. He has a poetic, endearing quality that is sometimes mocked but also appreciated by his friends. In INFP fashion he has a beautiful way of framing words, “Like a comet, I set forth. I failed, Kamchatka. I fled, Okhotsk. I set forth, like a shooting star, scattering silver as it descends. I will never give in, Kamchatka!” Haikyuu!! is a Japanese manga series and anime that focuses on Shoyo Hinata, a boy determined to be an outstanding volleyball player in spite of his small stature. The series follows Hinata as he joins the other athletes of Karasuno High against formidable opponents. While other high-schools underestimate Karasuno and label the team the “clipped crows” because they’ve fallen from their previous powerhouse abilities, together Shoyo and his teammates work to improve and prove to Japan that they are no longer a team to be ignored or underestimated. Over the past few
weeks, remote work has become the ‘new normal’ for people across the globe. Many professionals and students are having to drastically change their routines and adjust their expectations when it comes to work. Shifting from slacks and conference rooms to pajamas and coffee table Zoom meetings may initially sound like an…

INFJs and INTPs are one of the most common relationship pairings; so common, in fact, that they are often called “the golden pair”. INTPs and INFJs both share the same energy needs (introversion) and the same way of perceiving the world (through intuition), but there are enough differences to add a spark of interest and…

I went back and forth on Kagemaya quite a bit – initially, I thought INTJ, then ISTJ, then ISTP, then I wound up back at INTJ again. Kageyama has the intense inner vision of the INTJ, strategically mapping out plays and trusting his instincts to guide him towards success. On top of his powerful in-the-moment intuition, he’s also not afraid to take charge and give people cold, hard truths. He has high standards and will stop at nothing to accomplish his vision of being the best setter in Japan.MBTI, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and Myers-Briggs are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Myers and Briggs Foundation, Inc., in the United States and other countries.

Meticulous and traditional, Tanji sets aside the personal quirks and scruples of his athletes, teaching them to use their natural physical strengths. Washijou is a natural leader, unafraid to chastise his players when they’re getting emotionally distracted during games. He may be short-tempered and stubborn, but his dependability and coaching skills set him apart.
Today we’re going to take a close look at the four personality types characterized by their use of Extraverted Intuition (Ne). These personality types are known for their innovative ideas, big picture vision, and ability to see connections between random events in the universe. Next week we will discuss the Intuitive Judging personality types (INFJs,…Composed and analytical, Kenma is the least enthusiastic about volleyball of any of the players in Haikyuu. That said, he’s also one of the best players, partially because he doesn’t let his emotions run the show during games. In typical INTP fashion, Kenma has no respect for rank and authority – caring little what year a player is in or how popular they are. He is undeniably intelligent and uses his intuition and analytical side to stay one step ahead of his opponents on the court.

How old is Tendou Satori now?
Haikyuu!! Statistics ChartCharacterAgeBirthdayWakatoshi Ushijima18August 13, 1994Satori Tendo18May 20, 1994Yuji Terushima17April 18, 1995Atsumu Miya17October 5, 1995
Susan Storm is a certified MBTI® practitioner and Enneagram coach. She is the mom of five beautiful children and loves using her knowledge of personality type to understand them and others better! For fun, she enjoys reading fiction, spending time outdoors, or challenging her friends to tabletop board gaming competitions (Settlers of Catan, anyone?)Tsukishima becomes, in many ways, the master strategist of the Karasuno volleyball team. He often has a last-minute insight that changes the course of an entire game. Quiet and analytical, he creates systematic approaches to defeating his opponents and gets everyone on board to work effectively. The one player he seems to butt heads with is, surprisingly, the other INTJ on his team. It takes Tsukishima a while to get motivated to compete in volleyball because he realizes the temporary nature of the game and any victory they might achieve. Yet when he finally finds his motivation, he’s daring, ingenious, and challenging to get past. Energetic and competitive, Tanaka is a fierce player on the court – responding reflexively to attacks that would intimidate other players. On top of his athletic excellence, he also puts other players at ease with his humor and “up-for-anything” demeanor. His energy and intensity amp up the other players and his playfulness keeps the mood from getting too heavy. ISTJs are often revered for their attention to detail, their meticulous nature, and their loyalty and sense of duty. But what we don’t often hear are the kinds of things that make them light up, bring them joy, and provide a sense of satisfaction in their lives. I’ve spent the last few days speaking to…It’s hard to type Kiyoko as she so rarely speaks or expresses her opinions. That said, she’s known for being straightforward, practical, and responsible, like most ISTJs. Her aloof nature simultaneous attracts and intimidates the athletes of Karasuno. When she does speak everyone listens intensely. Like most ISTJs, Kiyoko handles the details of managing a team thoroughly, making sure no responsibility or opportunity is missed.

Energetic and playful, Bokuto definitely lives up to the ESFP “Entertainer” title. His enthusiasm and sense of humor draw other players to him and make him likable to a wide variety of people. And while he may seem all silliness and hyperactivity, he’s also surprisingly insightful. He’s able to impart wisdom and insight to other players about how to sharpen their game or re-frame their mindset and enjoy volleyball more.

Find out more about your personality type in our eBooks, Discovering You: Unlocking the Power of Personality Type, The INFJ – Understanding the Mystic, The INFP – Understanding the Dreamer, and The INTJ – Understanding the Strategist. You can also connect with me via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!Every team underestimates Hinata, considering him too short to be a threat. Yet his athletic prowess and passion make him a shockingly intimidating opponent. Everything Hinata does comes from a place of pure emotional intensity and physical awareness. He craves the thrill and challenge of the game and rather than being disillusioned by the “powerhouse” players, he gets excited by seeing them. He never wants to get bored, he always wants to try something new, push himself further, and prove to the world that his stature won’t stop him from being the best.A reluctant leader, Ukai has no interest in leading Karasuno’s volleyball team until his competitive side is triggered by Nekomata. While he might appear brusque and cranky, he’s able to implement his best strengths as a coach. He skillfully analyzes Karasuno’s opponents, finding strategies and clues that he can then teach his athletes. His tactical and analytical abilities give him unique insights into the game, and his rule-breaking ISTP nature helps him to come up with unusual attacks that surprise Karasuno’s opponents.

Often called the “Mom” of the team, Sugawara has deep insights about his teammates, knowing instinctively which words they need to hear in particular situations. He often guides players towards their potential, using empathy and gentleness to encourage them and help them move past setbacks. His perceptiveness is an undeniable strength for the Karasuno team, and he often comes up with strategies and tactics that allow them to persevere and gain points in dire situations.Referred to as the “Guess Monster,” Satori has a unique ability to intuitively guess how plays are going to unfold and respond in turn. His unpredictable, quirky personality makes him stand out and simultaneously perplex and intimidate other players. Unlike many of the other volleyball players, Tendo realizes that his time on the court is temporary and has other plans for his life. He sees the bigger picture and thus is able to recover more quickly from upsets and disappointments.

Who is Hinata shoyo's girlfriend?
Also Known As. HinaYachi is the het ship between Shōyō Hinata and Hitoka Yachi from the Haikyu!! fandom.
“You do indeed have a past, but not now! And, yes, you have a future, but not now! You can consume your now with thoughts of ‘then’ and ‘maybe’, but that will keep you from the inner peace you could experience.” – Wayne Dyer, an ESFP ESFPs have a special place in my heart. In…

When my 14-year-old pleaded with me to watch “Haikyuu!!” with her I have to admit I was not expecting much. Watching a bunch of anime high school boys play volleyball sounded painfully dull. I don’t like sports movies (much to my ESTP husband’s chagrin) and I’m 36-years-old. What could I possibly find to enjoy in this show?Takeda weaves metaphor and symbolic imagery into his pep talks in a way that deeply inspires his team. After his eloquent speeches, he often nervously asks, “Uh oh, was that too poetic?” While he lacks the athletic know-how of other characters in the show, Takeda is hard-working, deliberate, and kind-hearted. His unique vision for Karasuno enables him to persistently pursue other teams for them to practice with and he never give up on their potential.

Obviously, I was in for a surprise. Haikyuu!! isn’t just a volleyball show. It’s a series about determination, grit, and not giving up in the face of intimidating odds. There are a wide variety of personalities represented in Haikyuu!! and seeing them all fight with, learn from, and inspire each other was surprisingly satisfying. This show is an example of how a variety of personality types can work together as a team and back each other up. An ISTP coach and an INFJ faculty advisor are constantly broadening each other’s views. An intimidating INTJ setter reaches his potential with the help of a hyperactive ESFP middle blocker. This series reminds us that we can all learn from and grow from each other and that each personality type has a skill all their own to bring to the table.
Interesting! I could definitely see the case for ESTP as well as ENTP, although I veered more Ne over Se in the TV series. Perhaps in the manga he comes across as more ESTP! I’m definitely hoping to do more anime articles in the future so stay tuned (and please let me know if you have any alternate perspectives!) 🙂Middle blocker and first year, Tsukki, began his journey on Karasuno as a cold and uncooperative teammate. Although he still may have a bit of a way to go, Tsukki’s personal growth throughout the series was key to the team’s overall chemistry. Tsukki started off as a cold and aloof person; participating as a part of the team but not finding any real drive or motivation as the other members of the team.

While fellow teammate Aone tends to keep to himself and is soft-spoken, Koganegawa is quite the opposite and is very outgoing and often befriends other players on opposing teams.

The main protagonist throughout the series, Hinata, is a cheery, optimistic and hardworking member of the Karasuno team. While he is on the shorter side (with regards to volleyball players), he doesn’t let that stop him from dreaming big and still being a serious threat to opposing teams.
Date Tech’s infamous “Iron Wall” is more commonly known as Aone. Aone is a second-year and acts as the main pillar of his team’s line of defense, standing tall as a six-foot-tall middle blocker. However, don’t be fooled by Aone’s cold and intimidating outward appearance; he’s actually quite kind.

Although not the most experienced head coach, Mr. Takeda still served as one of the main catalysts of beginning Karasuno’s journey. Faculty advisor, Mr. Takeda, is a soft-spoken person. Due to his lack of experience in volleyball, he recruited (after much persuasion) Keishin Ukai to handle most of the practical coaching; leaving Takeda to handle arranging matches for the team against competing schools.Christine Angelica is a freelance writer and Univerity Of Toronto graduate with an avid love for video games and anime. Formerly an indie game reviewer, Christine enjoys not only playing video games but writing about what makes them such a treasured medium. Specializes in horror games and lifestyle sims with cute animal neighbors.

Second-year and wing spiker, Tanaka, is a great upperclassman to his younger teammates. Tanaka is often seen acting mentor to Hinata and Kageyama, keeping Tsukki and Yamaguchi in check, or breaking up any fights. Despite Tanaka’s best efforts to come off as intimidating and tough, deep down, he’s a kind person that genuinely cares about treating his teammates well and taking good care of his underclassmen.Aone has shown on multiple occasions that he is one of the more mild-tempered members on his team and is even the one to break up any fights or arguments as he dislikes conflict among his friends.

Kita takes his position as captain very seriously and takes it upon himself to always ensure to take good care of his fellow teammates; especially when they are sick.
He is by far one of the more mature members of Karasuno and knows not to crack under pressure; even if just to keep up a calm appearance just for the sake of reassuring the rest of his team. Second-year and wing spiker of the Inarizaki team is Atsumu’s twin brother, Osamu. Unlike his brother, Atsumu, Osamu is not much of a hot head and is very laid back. However, even with his calm demeanor, Osamu, like his twin brother, still takes his place on the team very seriously and can still get overly competitive at times. Osamu and Atsumu often (sometimes unknowingly) work together to better each other and improve their skills for the team. Outside of Karasuno, long-time fans of Haikyuu!! have shown much love to the wide cast of players; appreciating each and every one of them for their unique playstyles and personalities. For any dedicated fans or any new faces looking to get into the series, here are all the profiles of the main characters in Haikyuu!!.Yamaguchi was initially introduced as a very nervous person and as a result, didn’t perform well under pressure, which was when the team needed him the most. With the help of his teammates and their support, Yamaguchi eventually overcame his anxieties and learned how to handle the pressure like a pro.

Sugawara is a setter and also the Vice-Captain of Karasuno. However, don’t be fooled by his kind appearance, Suga tends not to hold back when it comes to reprimanding his own teammates when there’s an important lesson to be learned.
Yamaguchi, despite his tendency to crack under pressure, is Karasuno’s pinch server. Yamaguchi is a first-year and Tsukki’s closest buddy. It was thanks to Yamaguchi’s perseverance that roped Tsukki back in when he began to waver the team’s synergy.

Iwaizumi often acts as a foil to Oikawa and is there to give him a helping hand or to call him out on his childish behavior. The two work together to bring out the best in Aoba Johsai.
Looking for the latest gaming news, features, interviews, reviews, and deals? Want to stay up-to-date with the industry? Get the very best of GameRant sent straight to your inbox. Oikawa may be a third-year and the captain of Aoba Johsai, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing his infamous feud with Karasuno’s first-year, (and fellow setter) Kageyama. During the earlier arcs of the series, Oikawa served as one of the main antagonists. The handsome Coach Ukai was a setter on his team back when he was in high school and utilizes his years of experience when teaching and mentoring his team.Keishin Ukai is the capable coach of the Karasuno volleyball team. His status as a Karasuno alumnus initially made Ukai refuse the position as coach, as he was insistent on keeping his time at Karasuno as nothing but “pleasant nostalgia”. After Takeda’s many attempts, Ukai eventually gave in to his pleas and formally took the position as Karasuno’s Coach.

Third-year and Team Captain, Daichi, is often seen as the “dad” of the group and is constantly left to deal with the younger member’s quarrels and antics. Daichi is the backbone of Karasuno; without his leadership, the members lose motivation and direction.
When it comes to volleyball (among a handful of other sports), statistics like height can be very important to a player’s overall profile. While it may be a trivial detail in other cases, these dedicated volleyball players make it a point to record their heights as accurately as possible. To help these stats be much more accessible, the following table has been made to keep track of each main character’s age, birthday, and height.While Atsumu enjoys playing around with others and getting the best of them, he still puts all he has into volleyball and takes his position on the team very seriously.

What zodiac is Tendou?
Tendou Satori is a Taurus zodiac sign, which belongs to the Earth element of astrology, along with Virgo and Capricorn. The symbol of Taurus is the bull, which represents a bull-headed nature. As a Taurus zodiac sign, Tendou Satori is a multitasker.
Often compared to an owl, third-year Bokuto is both the ace and captain of Fukurodani’s volleyball team. Bokuto was first introduced as one of the top five aces in the country. While a powerful player on the court, Bokuto is incredibly fickle and allows his emotions to get the better of him; especially in tense situations.

Hinata has grown exponentially throughout the series; from struggling with his rivalry with a former opponent, Tobio Kageyama, to working side by side with him and acting as Karasuno’s power duo.
While height can definitely be an advantage in the realm of volleyball, second-year, Noya, is proof that even shorter players can have their time to shine. Noya is the libero of the Karasuno team and uses his height to his advantage. While taller players excel at things like spiking or blocking, Noya specializes in agility.

Third-year, Ushijima is the captain and ace of the Shiratorizawa volleyball team. He served as the main antagonist during the arc in which Karasuno faced off against his team. Ushijima is a very cold individual and often comes off much too blunt for his own good, and makes others feel unwelcomed.
While Asahi is the team ace and stands a daunting six feet tall, he’s much less menacing than he looks. While he is often teased for having a “scary” appearance by other classmates, he’s incredibly kind and wouldn’t hurt a fly. This gentle giant is surprisingly very sensitive and often lets the stress and/or guilt of a match’s outcome weigh on his shoulders, despite being a third-year with more experience.

What does Tendou mean in Japanese?
Way of Heaven Tendo (天道 “Way of Heaven”), a religion in Japan.
Terushima is the captain of his volleyball team at Johsenji High. He is a second-year student and is very energetic. He often acts childish and doesn’t take things very seriously as he states that his place on the team was purely for fun and doesn’t genuinely care about the sport or getting better.

Oikawa’s partner and vice-captain, Iwaizumi, is also a third-year at Aoba Johsai High. Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s chemistry wasn’t built overnight; the duo has their long childhood friendship to thank for their synergy on the court. Iwaizumi is a triple threat, being Aoba Johsai’s ace, vice-captain, and wing spiker.
Tendo is Shiratorizawa’s third-year middle blocker. He is often referred to as “Guess Monster” by others due to his eerie ability to consistently deny opponents with his blocks on the court. While off the court, Tendo tends to be loud and cheerful, often found annoying his fellow members for fun, he is a completely different person when in a game.Atsumu is the second-year starting setter of Inarizaki High’s volleyball team. Atsumu is a sly person; he often enjoys provoking others around him while keeping a cool exterior in order to get a rise of them even further. Atsumu is also a hard-headed and stubborn person and very rarely listens to others.Akaashi is Fukurodani’s clever second-year vice-captain and setter. Akaashi is very quiet most of the time and is often responsible for keeping team captain, Bokuto, in check whenever he happens to find himself at loss or discouraged.

What is Tomoe's MBTI?
Tomoe – ISFJ They typically want to work hard, get along with others, and make sure they do what is expected of them.
Oikawa may seem like an arrogant and prideful person, but when it comes to what’s best for the team, he’ll always do what’s right. However, many other teams don’t often see this side to him and give him unflattering nicknames, like “Trashykawa” or “Crappykawa”.Ushijima, unsurprisingly, has the tendency to take things literally, making him difficult to befriend and joke around with. Ushijima is a very rational person and dislikes people with baseless confidence or unjustified optimism. Kuroo, Nekoma’s fierce captain is also the team’s middle blocker. He’s also well known as the “scheming captain”. Kuroo’s presence was essential to Tsukki’s growth in the series. Despite them being from rival schools, Kuroo took it upon him to practice with Tsukki (along with other opposing team members) and helped Tsukki better understand both himself and the sport. However, after Terushima’s encounter with Karasuno High, he began to see things differently and understood that victory was much more satisfying after putting one’s heart into the sport.

While Akaashi tries his best to call Bokuto out for his childish antics and allows him to learn lessons on his own, it also seems that Akaashi gives into Bokuto’s immature behavior and still gives him the praise that Bokuto craves from his teammates.
Suna is the quiet second-year middle blocker of Inarizaki. Suna is frequently seen with a very cold, deadpan expression on his face. However, Suna sometimes enjoys watching petty conflicts between his teammates. While still a bit of a slacker, Suna is a very calculated person and often takes the time to analyze each situation carefully.This causes a bit of turmoil in Fukurodani, but luckily, Bokuto has his best friend, Akaashi, to help keep calm and level-headed to get back into the game and dominate the other team.

First-year, Koganegawa, is the setter for Date Tech. Koganegawa is almost the complete opposite of Aone. Koganegawa is loud and energetic, often resorting to acting first and thinking later. While very motivated to better his skills for himself and his team, he often is misguided and tries to improve in the wrong areas.
Sakusa is the ace and wing-spiker for Itachiyama Institute. Sakusa was also named one of the top aces in the country, which was particularly impressive as he is only a second-year student. Sakusa is a very calm and collected individual and always takes the time to assess every situation in order to make the best move. He is a very cautious player on the court but still very competitive.Tendo has the ability to hone in on the game and focus all his energy on reading his opponents. Tendo’s encounter with Hinata was an important one as he then learned that his ability to read his opponents was a skill Hinata excelled at as well.

Karasuno High may be the team to take the main stage for the majority of the series, but Haikyuu!! is just as much about the home team as it is about their relationships with their opponents. In addition to the main Karasuno members, many other players from away teams play a critical role in the entirety of the series. All the friends and foes (but mainly friends) the powerful Kage-Hina duo meet throughout their journey make for a lengthy roster.
Aran is a third-year student at Inarizaki High and is one of the volleyball team’s wing spikers. Just like Bokuto, Aran was one of the top aces in Japan. Unlike some of his teammates, Aran is a very level-headed person and very mature. He’s often the “straight man” to many of the other Inarizaki’s other wacky antics, always calling them out on their nonsense. Noya’s abilities as a libero make Karasuno’s defense a force to be reckoned with. Even with being the shortest member of the team (even falling a few centimeters behind Hinata), Noya contributes just as much as everyone else. Hinata’s partner in crime and also the series’ deuteragonist, Kageyama, is an essential part of the story as he plays a large role in Hinata’s (and also his own) personal growth. Kageyama and Hinata act as foils for one another yet still manage to make each other stronger. While at the beginning Kageyama was seen as a selfish “King Of The Court” and didn’t understand teamwork, throughout the series and his journey working alongside Hinata, he eventually grew and matured.However, when it comes to Tanaka on the court, it’s as if he’s a completely different person. Tanaka may have a heart of gold, but when it comes to going up against his opponents, he’s incredibly competitive and tends to be a prideful person.

Why was Tendou bullied?
(Y/N) (L/N) is a teenage 18 year old drummer in the Shiratorizawa band. She’s a 3rd Year in High School at Shiratorizawa Academy. Besides her drumming skills, people hated her and bullied her for her personality and make fun of her bruised fingers…
While rather immature at times, he still takes his title as captain very seriously and is often seen scolding others or making sure fellow teammate, Kenma, doesn’t get too invested in his video games during practice.

Kita is both the captain and wing spiker on Inarizaki High’s volleyball team. Kita is a third-year student and is known to be a bit on the blunt side. While Kita may seem a bit intimidating because of his cold demeanor, Kita is actually a very kind-hearted person deep down.
Kenma may be a soft-spoken person, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t pose a threat on the volleyball court. Kenma is often referred to as the “brain” of the team and is responsible for keeping the team composed and decoding any opposing team’s weaknesses. Many of Kenma’s fellow teammates are rather loud and energetic, making him stick out rather easily.While Team Captain, Daichi, is often seen as Karasuno’s father figure, Suga serves as the team’s tough but fair mother figure. Suga is a kind upperclassman and often comforts the other members when they’re down, but still makes sure to scold them when they are in the wrong. ENFJs are driven by a deep sense of altruism and empathy for other people. They have an intuitive sense of the emotions of others, and often act as an emotional barometer for the people around them. However, their compassion not reserved for the people close to them: they are often humanitarian in nature, and may feel genuine concern for the ills of the entire human race. They tend to personally experience the feelings of others, and feel compelled to act when they see people suffering. ENFPs prize individuality and often consider the pursuit of happiness to be the highest priority in life, both for themselves and for others. They place great importance on personal freedom and self-expression, and want to be able to go wherever inspiration leads.Comment: Finally done after I got a request on tumblr! It took a while to figure out the characters types, especially Tomoe, Himeko and Mizuki! 😀 I haven´t finished season 2, so I decided to watch the show while typing the characters. The next one on the list is Kuroshitsuji!

INFPs value authenticity and want to be original and individual in what they do. They are often concerned with a search for meaning and truth within themselves. Following tradition holds little appeal for the INFP; they prefer to do their own exploration of values and ideas, and decide for themselves what seems right. INFPs are often offbeat and unconventional, but they feel no desire to conform. The INFP would rather be true to themselves than try to fit in with the crowd.
Although they are characteristically fun-loving, ESFPs are also typically practical and down-to-earth. They are grounded in reality and are usually keenly aware of the facts and details in their environment, especially as they pertain to people. They are observant of others and their needs, and responsive in offering assistance. ESFPs enjoy helping other people, especially in practical, tangible ways.INTJs are typically reserved and serious, and seem to spend a lot of time thinking. They are curious about the world around them and often want to know the principle behind what they see. They thoroughly examine the information they receive, and if asked a question, will typically consider it at length before presenting a careful, complex answer. INTJs think critically and clearly, and often have an idea about how to do something more efficiently. They can be blunt in their presentation, and often communicate in terms of the larger strategy, leaving out the details.

“I would love it if my child had your features, my god have you seen your baby photos? You were the cutest kid I’ve ever seen.” You open one eyes to see tears streaming down his face, a smile on his lips.
“Tendou, a woman can not physically conceive a child an hour after she births her previous one. You must wait at least 3 weeks before y/n can get pregnant again.” You scrunch your nose at his monotone explanation.“I’m a monster. I look like one and I act like one.” You can almost see his face, cheeks red from the alcohol and tears, hands shaking as they run over his face.

“I’m just scared y/n. What if my kid thinks I’m a monster. My heart would break beyond repair, I think.” the hand gripping yours loosens a little, and he moves to where your stomach is, his hand softly caressing your stomach.
You were elated, it felt like you were floating. The two of you had never discussed having children explicitly, but Tendou always mentioned how great of a mother you would be when seeing you interact with kids.You roll your eyes slightly and look around the room and then to the little baby in your arms. Somehow, your little family looked a little more complete than it had been before.

Your heart stops. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen. No, you were supposed to laugh together and be happy they you were finally making your family a little bigger.
You walk around the house with the test in your hand, excitement coursing through your body, anticipation making the minutes tick by slower than usual.Lying in bed you try to fall asleep, this was all a bad dream. The bed sinks on one side and you can slightly smell the liquor on Tendou’s breath as he examines your face.

“If our child looked like me I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d love them so much. But other people wouldn’t y/n.” You can hear him clear his throat and take your hand.
He lets out a laugh “If you were awake you’d slap my arm and tell me I’m being ridiculous, and that you love me no matter how I look, and that you’ll love this kid even if they look like me.”

What is Tendou Satori's future job?
Tendō has since become a chocolatier in Paris, France.
“And you, I bet you’re going to be as beautiful as your mama. Y’know you lucked out, having a mother this kind. You’ll be kind too. I know you will, and I’ll love you until the end of time, when the galaxy explodes.” You can feel your shirt get a little wet from tears.‘Idiot….’ was the only thing going through Kita’s head as he sat on the couch, head clutched in his hands as he sighed out of frustration. You and your husband, Shinsuke Kita, had just had a bad argument. One that ultimately resulted in you walking out and driving to a hotel for the night. He took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself down, replaying the night in his head.

What MBTI type is Tendou?
Satori Tendo – ENTP His unpredictable, quirky personality makes him stand out and simultaneously perplex and intimidate other players.
“Sugino ditched about 20 minutes into the dance…Last time I saw him he was busy shoving his tongue down another girls throat.” Reon rubbed comforting circles on her back as she took a deep breath trying to calm down. “Listen…I’m saying this as her friend and yours…go over there. And ask her to dance,” Tendou opened her mouth to speak but the brunette cut him off, “She will say yes, just ask. Use your Tendou Satori charm or something, I don’t know! Just ask!” His eyes never left yours as he sung this to you, your heart rate steadily picking up its pace as he continued to twirl you around the floor. As the song slowed so did he, his movements less sporadic and more intentional, hi grip on you firm and reassuring, and his eyes showing only honesty and sincerity. The team made their way to the gym, laughing and goofing around as per usual. “Y/n!” You felt your heart rate increase as you slightly turned to see Sugino walking towards you, face neutral. “Hey, you ready to go in?” You turned towards him and smiled, smile wavering when he wore a different colored tie than the one you two had chosen. Deciding not to mention it you waved goodbye to the boys and went off with Sugino.As the song started to play, he began to sing along, dancing becoming more and more goofy, but all the more memorable and sweet. Your laughter rang through the air as he spun you, extending his arm as he flung you to the side, only to roll you back into his chest, swaying and spinning you as the song went on.

Why is Tendou called a monster?
He is cheerful and loud, though a bit sardonic. As an elementary student, he was called a monster for his looks and was told he couldn’t join the volleyball team by other students because of that.
“I told you this was a BAD IDEA! Did you listen?! NO!” Kunimi ducked again as he laughed at his good friend, Kenjirou Shirabu’s exclamation. “To be completely fair-“ Kunimi again stuck his head out from behind the big rock, shooting at the enemy before returning to his place beside his friend. “Do I ever?”

Ignoring the thoughts running through his head he caught up with Ushijima and the two headed to meet up with the rest of the volleyball team. On the way to the gym from Semi’s dorm (that had been the meeting place) the team stopped at your dorm to pick you up, since your ‘date’ claimed he wouldn’t be able to. Oh yes, Tomohito Sugino one of the school’s most popular heart throbs and Vice-captain of the soccer team. You had had a crush on him for just over 2 years now, constantly ranting and gushing to Tendou…who just so happened to have a crush on you.
“Shirabu I swear I will kill you where you sit-” “And what would Kanna think of that? The she really wouldn’t want to dance with you.” “That’s it-” Reon nearly missed Semi’s collar as he pulled him away from the second year setter, sitting him back in his seat while Kawanishi snickered and Ushijima looked at the pair with disappointment. Tendou’s gaze remained on the table, his head propped up on the hand that his elbow was holding up while his other hand messed with the table decorations.