Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gen 4

Users are easily able to replace the gun’s grips, outer barrel, inner barrel, slide and even the internal components…in fact, there is very little that can’t be replaced on the Hi Capa 5.1.Finally, gas efficiency is pretty good with the Hi-Capa 5.1, with the gun getting somewhere north of 90 shots or 3-4 mags per fill, which means it shouldn’t be too expensive to run in the long term.

Are Tokyo Marui guns plastic?
Tokyo Marui’s airsoft replicas were made primarily from ABS plastic bodies, but also used metal parts where needed. Their more recent models, such as the Type 89 and AK-74M rifles have had full metal externals. The internal gearboxes of these guns are primarily powered by rechargeable batteries.
That said, the Hi Capa 5.1 is a snappy, accurate and well-built airsoft pistol that feels excellent in hand and has a number of realistic and fully functioning features not found on less-expensive airsoft replicas.Although not the powerful (or cheapest) 1911 replica out there, its looks, accuracy and build quality should serve you well in game and raise a few jealous eyebrows at the same time.

That said, they don’t come stock with white dots, so they can be a little trickier to use on low-contrast targets or in low light settings if you don’t replace them or add a little white dot here and there.The Hi Capa is made of a polymer construction, which limits the type of gases it can be used with stock and impacts the long term durability if you’re a run and gun type.

In terms of grips, the Hi-Capa 5.1 comes stock with nicely textured ABS grips with diamond patterning on the front and back of its grips, as can be seen below.
The 5.1 is lightweight, accurate and reliable and, while its ABS construction does limit the type of gas it should be used with to some degree, can still deliver a fair punch to your opponents. The gun also is compatible with other models in the Hi-Capa range, such as the slightly smaller 4.3, which can make it a little easier to source authentic TM mags if you so desire. So the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa does look excellent and does look pretty close to the traditional real steel Hi Cap, with a few small differences here and there.In terms of usability, this reduced mass generally means it will consume less gas and have a somewhat faster cycle than its metal competitors and the polymer slide can function a little better and more reliably than metal in cold weather.

Although the slide is made from ABS plastic, the frame of the gun does include metal inserts and reinforcements, which make it much easier to swap in an aluminum or other metal slide, which is certainly a nice touch.The Hi Capa mainly requires routine GBB maintenance – cleaning and lubing up the barrel, spring guide, and internals on a fairly regular basis and checking the nozzles, pistons and seals on occasion.

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On the one hand, this makes the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 a pretty lightweight airsoft pistol, making it a joy to use for extended periods of time and making it a good choice as a dedicated secondary, since it won’t add significant weight to a loadout.The company even recommends using duster gas with the model as higher pressured gases can cause damage to the slide mechanism over time, as well as causing the stock O-rings to displace a bit.

Some users feel that this diamond pattern can dig into their palms and fingers a little too much, but we didn’t have much of a problem with them (we love that feeling, in fact) and feel that they do a good job keeping the 5.1 firmly in hand during intense play, especially if your palms are prone to getting a little sweaty.

In particular, a heavier slide will make the gun a little gas efficient and will reduce the cycle rate to some degree, although it will make the felt blowback action a little stronger.
In terms of accuracy, we saw the gun group well past 50 feet (15m), reliably hit center mass at around 100 feet (~30 meters) out with standard 0.25 g / 6 mm BBs and duster gas, and had no real issues hitting a target (albeit with greater spread) at even 150 feet (50 meters) with a little concentration and practice.For best fit and flushness, obviously it is meant to be used with Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 mags, but users do report being able to use other hi caps from companies like KJW, We Tech and more, so users can mix and match in a pinch.While certainly no FPS monster, it does do the job nicely in outdoor games and will chrono in comfortably at about any CQB or indoor game, regardless of how strict their FPS limits are.This can help ensure a longer lifespan for the gun and allows it better handle green gas (or even propane) and gives the Hi Capa 5.1 a little more oomph when it comes to recoil (albeit at the cost of cycle rate and gas efficiency).

So as not to run afoul of Japanese regulations on airsoft guns, the slide is made of ABS plastic (yes, even our “stainless” model), while the frame is made out of an aluminum alloy.
Parts for this particular airsoft pistol are plentiful and offered by a wide variety of companies, making it easy to shop around for parts at the best price. While perhaps not as realistic feeling as some other, full metal airsoft pistols out there, it does feel comfortable in hand and is easy to hold and carry around for extended periods of time. Tokyo Marui also includes some standard features like nicer grips and ambidextrous thumb safety in addition to a beavertail safety, which makes it safer and easier for lefties to use.Keeping with its name, this airsoft pistol can be fitted with a Tokyo Marui high capacity magazine that allows it to hold 31 BBs rather than the usual 16 or 24, as well as more specialty extended magazines of 50 BBs or more available as well.

Beyond that the gun is fairly easygoing, with the only caveat being the plastic slide mechanism, which users will need to take a peek at from time to time to make sure it remains in good condition (especially if using Green Gas).
A popular airsoft pistol, there is a lot of that can be upgraded with the Hi Capa 5.1. Aside from the grips, there are a ton of aftermarket barrels, hop ups, springs and more to tweak its performance and durability.

It also means that the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 doesn’t feel quite as hefty and solid in hand compared to other models, which can reduce the user’s sense of realism a bit considering it is based on a gun that weighs almost twice as much.

Is a Glock 17 Gen 4 Optics Ready?
The GLOCK 17 Gen4 in MOS Configuration is a full-sized, optics-ready pistol perfect for duty and self-defence. The MOS Configuration makes it easy to mount a miniature reflex sight on the pistol’s slide without the need for a new slide or separate mounting system.
In terms of overall size, as we mentioned it is very close to a Para Hi-Capa, but a little thicker overall than a standard 1911, so finding ready holsters for it can be a little trickier than other models.

The hop up is located on the underside of the slide, much like many other airsoft 1911s and M9s, which means you will have to disassemble the gun before tweaking the spin.
These serrations are pretty deep individually, and there are a lot of them, so it is quite easy to get a firm grip on the slide even when it is wet or if you are wearing gloves.From reviews about airsoft guns and accessories to tactics and discussions, Everyday Airsoft was founded to provide in-depth, honest and helpful tips and guides for all things airsoft.It is more or less the same price as Tokyo Marui’s other higher quality pistols, such as the Hi-Capa 4.3, and the MK23, not too far off from the Umarex Glock 17, and a bit more expensive than the TAC 1911 and KJW M9.

Typically coming in at over $150 (depending on retailer, obviously), the Hi Capa 5.1 isn’t exactly the cheapest GBB airsoft pistol out there and tends to be more on the premium end of the 1911 market.
That said, the gun does come with an 20mm undermount rail, so it is quite easy to add flashlights, lasers and other attachments to the underside of the gun.

Oddly, the rail attachment does not come mounted to the gun. Instead it is offered as a separate piece that users will have to install themselves by drilling a couple holes into the underside of the gun.
That said, it is a Tokyo Marui and that maintains a certain cache of its own in the airsoft world , and the markings it does have seem more or less in the style of a Para-Ordnance and should be fine at a casual glance.

Is Tokyo Marui airsoft gun good?
It is one of the leading producers of Airsoft guns, accessories, and other tactical equipment. Tokyo Marui’s airsoft guns are highly realistic replicas, making them a good choice for both collectors and gamers.
Ted Clark– Hailing from Florida, Ted has been an avid airsoft enthusiast since he was in middle school. When he’s not checking out and reviewing airsoft guns, he enjoys picking off his enemies one by one on the field as a sniper.

One thing to note is that the Hi-Capa 5.1 does not come with a threaded barrel, so if you want to add an airsoft suppressor you’ll need to buy a threaded replacement outer barrel for it or an adaptor, which is somewhat unfortunate.
Unlike the original Para, Tokyo Marui has gone the extra distance and added a few extra features and upgrades that weren’t available on the basic Hi Cap P14-45 model, which can be quite nice.The gun features a 112mm high quality (although standard diameter) 6.08mm Tokyo Marui brass barrel, a metal recoil guide with rubber stopper to prevent undue wear and tear as the gun fires.

How long is a Glock 17 Gen 4?
7.95 inch ADVERTENCIA1Length (Overall)**202 mm | 7.95 inch4Slide Width25,5 mm | 1.0 inch5Height incl.Mag.139 mm | 5.47 inch6Line of Sight (Polymer)165 mm | 6.50 inchLine of Sight (Steel)164 mm | 6.46 inch
That said, the TM Hi Capa 5.1 does lack any official markings, which can be a bit of a turn off for airsofters who value authenticity in their replicas.From world renowned airsoft manufacturer Tokyo Marui, the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 (GBB) is a gas blowback airsoft replica of a Para Ordnance P14-45 pistol, which is itself a higher-capacity derivative of the venerable M1911. This typically requires replacing the outer barrel as well, which is something users might want to consider doing eventually since the stock barrel is not threaded and cannot accept silencers or amplifiers out of the box. Gas-enthusiasts should also note that this is a very popular gun and there are a ton of aftermarket mods and upgrades available to increase its durability, such as aluminum slides.The blowback action of the gun when stock is quite slick and snappy. While the felt recoil is decent enough, thanks to the very light ABS slide the gun cycles at a pretty blistering rate and can be a blast to shoot (making it a good thing that it comes with a 30 round mag).On the other hand, the extensive use of plastics does make the standard Hi Capa 5.1 a little less durable than a pistol with a metal slide might otherwise be.

Will a Glock 17 jam?
Any gun can jam, no matter how well it is made, that includes Glock. There are many factors that can cause a gun to jam, such as dirt, dust, or even a simple manufacturing defect.
It is fractionally longer than the real steel version, a fraction of an inch give or take (~8.7 inch in the replica vs 8.5 inches for the 1911 and the Para Ordinance).With very little effort, users should be able to hit and get good groupings on targets well past 50 feet (15m) and potentially well past 100 feet (30m) using a stock 5.1 without much of an issue.

That said, users should be aware that if they are considering using green gas for extended periods of time they should consider upgrading to a metal slide, as the ABS plastic version may break over time.
It can be something of a handful if you are planning to exclusively use it for tight CQB games, in which case Tokyo Marui also offers a shorter 4.3 model you can check out.In our experience, its magazines slid in and out easily and smoothly and, despite being made of ABS plastic, it did feel quite solid in hand and not at all toy-like, which we liked.

What caliber is Glock 17 Gen 4?
9mm The Glock 17 is 9mm, short recoil-operated, semi-automatic, and uses a modified Browning cam-lock system.
All things being equal, this means less experienced users won’t have to exert as much force, making it easier to maintain sight alignment when firing and it also allows more practiced users to achieve some pretty rapid firing if they so choose.

A popular model, the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 is extremely customizable with tons of replacement parts available on the market, giving its owners a lot of freedom to adjust it for looks and performance.Overall, the wide availability of parts and easy customization of the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 make it an ideal choice for those who like to tinker and modify their airsoft replicas. Although the Hi Capa 5.1 is a great gun and high quality, you will pay for it (especially if you go with the more durable and fancy Gold match model). Performance aside, it is significantly more expensive than a typical airsoft pistol. It comes with adjustable rear sights, for example, as opposed to the fix low mounts that came standard on most P14-45 (you could, obviously, get adjustable ones if you were willing to pay for them).

The Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi Capa GBB is typical of the company’s eye for quality. Made of high quality ABS plastics, it is easy to carry around, decently sturdy, very well-built and fires accurately.
Note: Once order was made & payment confirmed, It cannot be Withdraw / Refunded or Cancelled. It may required 10-20% on re-stock & administration fee. *which included 5% non-refundable transaction fee charged by PayPal. Rainbow 8 processes all orders in HKD. While the content of your cart may be displayed in another currency, you will checkout using HKD at the most current exchange rate.It is one of the leading producers of Airsoft guns, accessories, and other tactical equipment. Tokyo Marui’s airsoft guns are highly realistic replicas, making them a good choice for both collectors and gamers.These Tokyo Marui pistols are more expensive than other brands but have many advantages in design and performance. The M9A1 is a compact, 9mm pistol from Tokyo Marui. It has a manual safety and its slide locks back on empty magazine insertion. This airsoft pistol comes with 3 magazines which hold 18 rounds each.One of these features is accuracy, which makes it easier to hit targets while shooting. Tokyo Marui airsoft pistols also have an adjustable hop-up system and an adjustable rear sight for better accuracy adjustments. They also offer a second rail on the frame for accessories like laser sights or flashlights for better aim at nighttime games.

In general, they offer various airsoft guns, ranging from AEG’s, airsoft gas rifles, airsoft pistols and all the way to airsoft submachine and light machine guns.Airsoft-direct is a premier uk based airsoft retailer, established 2003. We bring you the products that you want at the prices you can afford coupled with great customer care. The company is also well known for developing the AUG rifle which is one of the most popular guns on the market today and has been used in several Hollywood movies. The Tokyo Marui airsoft electric rifles are full-scale models, which means they look and feel like a real assault rifle. They usually have a plastic body with realistic-looking paint job and have an outer barrel with a metal body.Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

How many rounds does it take to break in a Glock 17?
At a minimum, you should put about 100 rounds through your new handgun, and to do it by firing a series of groups with a cleaning in between each. This will do a number of things to make your shooting experience better down the road.
Airsoft-direct is a premier UK based airsoft retailer, established in 2003. We bring you the products that you want at the prices you can afford coupled with great customer care.The Tokyo Marui airsoft guns are the most popular in Japan and it is for good reason. Their merchandise has high quality that is backed by consistent performance. It’s easy to understand why they are some of the best in the world. Tokyo Marui produces AEGs for all budgets, ranging from low-end to high-end with weapons made of plastic or metal. They produce an electrically charged, gas-operated system that utilizes the latest in battery technology through a battery charger that can be plugged into the wall or computer. It’s this high-pressure burst of compressed air that allows these firearms to fire their projectiles accurately at targets up to five hundred yards away. A burst of compressed air is able to reach higher pressures and faster speeds than any human could generate on their own, which allows pellets to fly through heavy material like tissue paper.

We will list some of our featured airsoft electric rifles from Tokyo Marui which have been gaining popularity in terms of their quality and performance:
These rifles are different from other types of airsoft guns because they do not rely on gas or CO2 to fire. Instead, they use electricity to power their electric motor which drives a piston that compresses air inside a cylinder and forces it through a nozzle where it will be expelled out at high speeds.Tokyo Marui airsoft guns has been a leading provider of quality airsoft products for decades. Based on the brand’s popularity, it’s easy to see why they are considered to be among the best in the world. The Tokyo Marui airsoft guns have been taking care of more than just their customers’ needs as they care about customer service and product quality as well.There are other great airsoft pistols from Tokyo Marui that we highly recommend, so be sure to take a look at this list of our featured airsoft pistols:

Really impressed with this replica, very snappy blow back. Functions perfectly and sends BBs very far. Hop up is fantastic out of the box and the gun does not need any internal upgrades whatsoever.However, there are always those who want a Glock 17. The 19 can feel a little awkward to hold in bigger hands and the other pistols are not everyone’s cup of tea, so if you’re only looking for a Glock 17… This in my opinion, is the one to buy. The hammer unit within the lower is of a similar design to the Glock 19, but there will be certain parts that may not be cross compatible. The trigger bar is certainly different, and the trigger spring also appears to be of a slightly different design. The magazine release is a little different to that found on other Tokyo Marui Glock models, on the Gen 4 model it’s of a significantly larger design and is also able to be swapped over (along with its spring) for left-hand friendly use. Many people prefer the Gen 3 magazine release for fear of inadvertently ejecting a magazine under stress, but I’ve personally not encountered this issue in either this model or my previous WE Gen 4 Glock 17 over several years of use.

The pull is smooth and easy to learn, a long mushy take up followed by a short, sharp release. The “wall” is easily felt and the reset is comfortably short, with an audible and dexterous click when engaged.
Another key point to consider with this pistol (along with many other Tokyo Marui pistols), is that you might struggle to load a completely full magazine into the pistol with the slide forward. Always leave at least one shot out of the magazine to prevent undue stress on the loading catch on the nozzle.

The trigger is virtually identical to that found on Tokyo Marui’s other Glocks. The design and action isn’t really a step forward from their earlier models, in fact, it’s the same design they’ve always used. I guess it’s a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and to be fair… There’s no reason you’d need to.
The first thing you’ll notice upon opening the box is that you have the ability to add and swap out the back strap on the frame of the pistol, enabling most users to find the perfect size and shape grip. Four back straps are included, two with a beaver tail and two standard. This gives you five grip options, allowing the end user to better configure their pistol for a good, tailored fit to their hand. I’d suggest that it would suffer where most metal slide Glocks suffer, cold weather reliability. The one thing that drives many people away from Tokyo Marui is it’s biggest asset, they build polymer pistols that generally work all year round. Putting how boring Glocks are aside, the Glock 17 Gen 4 is an unusual choice to make into an airsoft replica. Especially when you consider that Glock has already moved on to a 5th generation model, it feels a little… Outdated.As for the controls; Starting with the slide lock, which allows the slide to be removed completely from the pistol without tools. Simply cock the pistol, pull the bar down on both sides and push the slide forwards to release it from the frame. Re-attaching the slide is as simple as lining up the slide rails with the frame and pulling the slide all the way to the rear. Moving onto the pistol itself, let’s see what you get. The Glock 17 Gen 4 isn’t what anyone could call a work of art, it’s arguably even less aesthetically appealing than other, older generations of Glocks. But no one has ever accused Glock of wanting to make a good looking pistol, it’s simple and it works… Enough said. However there are valid reasons for choosing the Gen 4, it is the model currently in use with a number of organisations that make it rather interesting for us airsofters, notably the British Armed Forces (With the designation L131A1). In 2013 the MOD placed an order for 25’000 Austrian made Gen 4 Glock 17 pistols, originally procured to replace the ageing Browning Hi-Power (L9A1) and meet the needs of today’s armed forces.One thing I’ve always respected about Tokyo Marui is the safety advice at the start of the manual, it covers all the common sense bits, but also some of the more obscure ones such as: “don’t shoot yourself in the face” or “don’t operate this pistol within 2cm of your nose”.

I’ve managed to put this one though it’s paces, both at the home range and also in game. The results are exactly what you’d expect from a modern Tokyo Marui pistol, very good indeed. Inside 15m it’s an absolute nail driver, you can repeatedly put shots through the same hole. I’d go as far as saying that within this range, it’s far more accurate than most people using it. Beyond 25m, it’ll push out to AEG ranges of around 40/50m using .25 or .28 ammo. I tried to push it up to FNX levels of insanity by using .40 ammo, but despite achieving a consistent level of accuracy at up to around 20m, I couldn’t quite get enough hop adjustment to get outdoor ranges. Indoor though, this will shoot .4 weight ammo without a noticeable drop.
When they took the big step to improve their Glock lineup starting with the Gen 3 Glock 19, one of the biggest changes they made to the design was to increase the systems cylinder volume. Some saw it only as a negative, with the lack of compatible upgrades and parts being a frustration to many custom builders. However, the performance gains offered by this revised design, soon made it apparent that this was the right way to move forward with their Glock range. A couple of year on, those desirable custom parts are plentiful for those that want them.

Something I’d like to point out before moving onto the actual review… When it comes to Airsoft Glocks, it’s been my personal opinion that until the release of their Glock 19 nearly two years ago (reviewed here), Tokyo Marui have always made a range of Glocks that were only average performers at best. Even their new(ish) Glock 21 and 34 models used much the same internals as their original Glock 17 and Glock 26 models, a system that works, but it’s far from outstanding. Considering the other pistols they were churning out, the Glock series always felt a little dated.
How does it perform though? Marui have released a number of incredibly good pistols over the last 5/6 years, with their FNX 45 regarded as best in class when it comes to sheer performance… Well, that’s obviously MY opinion but I challenge you to find a better performing stock, scale pistol.

Another few elements carried across are the blowback and cylinder parts within the slide, I’ve not stripped these right down but I’d take an educated guess that these will be “the new standard” for Tokyo Marui Glocks.The front frame has the same universal rail as used on the Gen 3 series, the single anti recoil slot allowing practically all pistol lights (and lasers) to be accommodated. Under the universal rail, sits a faux serial number plate (the serial on this plate matches the slide and barrel which is a nice touch, but unfortunately it isn’t unique. This plate also acts as a “travel safety” when clicked rearwards, which is a feature not present on the real thing but hilarious when used on an unsuspecting friends Glock.

The iron sights are incredibly similar to the real thing (they’re plastic, feature Glock’s signature ball and cup sight arrangement and should be swapped out as soon as possible), unfortunately Tokyo Marui didn’t include their older glow in the dark “night sights” as per the Gen 3 model, but most Tokyo Marui Glock spec irons will fit if you’re looking to swap out the stock parts.

The pistol reviewed was purchased from Eagle 6, who generally keep spares and magazines in stock whenever possible. They also offer fantastic advice and arguably the best after-sales support of any U.K. retailer, however there are a number of Tokyo Marui stockists in the U.K. and generally it makes sense to shop around (unless you have a specific loyalty to one retailer) as there’s sometimes a deal to be had and money to be saved.
As for the older “legacy” Tokyo Marui Glock 17s? Much alike the older Beretta models, they should be discarded in favour of the newer models. If you’ve got one, consider replacing it. If you’re on the fence between options for a new pistol, buy the newer variant… It’s simply miles ahead of the older model. Certainly when you look at the price difference, there’s usually less than a tenner between them.The magazine is another addition to the Tokyo Marui Glock range, it uses the same ambidextrous design as the Glock 22 and is compatible with previous generations of TM Glock magazine (as long as you use the magazine release in it’s right hand configuration). The only difference between this and the Glock 22 magazine is it’s faux calibre markings, the 17 being marked as 9mm and the 22 being .40 (S&W). The magazines use the same long bolt design of the original Glock 17, this has an added benefit of making them slightly less prone to leaks. Like most Airsoft replicas, it holds more shots than it’s real world counterpart, a respectable 25 as opposed to the 17 rounds in a standard Glock 17 magazine.The burning question is, Can I recommend it to a friend? Well… I’d probably say no, mostly because It’s boring as shit. I’d steer a friend towards something with a little character, the FNX 45 or the M&P 9 offer similar performance, as does the USP 9 Full Size. There’s also the Glock 19 to consider, which is almost identical in build, has far more options to build a custom model and as mentioned, comes in a smaller package.The slide is marked with the usual Glock trademarks and caliber, with the country of manufacture moulded into the left hand of the slide. The “Gen 4” marking which on the real one is roll marked is well defined, but moulded on this replica for ease of manufacturing.

The recoil rod and spring mimics that of the real Gen 4, a dual spring system sits around the enlarged guide rod, with the bushing on the front being noticeably larger than that on the older Gen 3 models, something that is noticeably lacking on the WE version.
The slide stop lever (commonly known as a slide release) is of a low profile design and allows the slide to be held to the rear when the pistol is empty. When you wish to move the working parts forward, simply push down on the lever and the slide will move forward under power from the recoil spring system.I will say this about Tokyo Marui, and I know I‘ve said it before… Buy 100 Tokyo Marui pistols and you’d struggle to tell them apart in build quality or performance, buy 100 pistols from any other Airsoft manufacturer, you’ll likely get a few lemons and a few phenomenal performers. Tokyo Marui live and breathe consistency, and that’s a fundamental part of why they’ve outlasted many other manufacturers that dare to call themselves competition.

The grip is textured with a dot matrix pattern, which in my opinion is superior to that found on the older 3 Glocks, it provides a little more grip in wet and other difficult conditions. Then we come to those pesky finger grooves that appear to divide the Glock owner community, with some loving them… Others (such as myself) preferring to sand them down where possible. The grip angle follows that of older Glock models, although noticeably shorter from front to back than older Glock generations. This new design is to accommodate smaller hands, whilst giving those with larger hands the ability to use one of the several back straps included with the pistol.

There’s also a manual, a few paper targets and some promotional/warranty leaflets tucked inside the lid. The majority of this being zero use to anyone living outside of Japan, although it’s worth noting that the manual itself is fantastic. Although it’s in Japanese, the pictograms show you how to use all of your Airsoft gun’s features and an additional mini booklet provides a part list with a blown up diagram of where each component sits within the replica.
That about does it for the outside, but it’s far from the most interesting part of this new revised design. The internals of Tokyo Marui’s Glock 17 Gen 4 are closely modelled on their previous model, the Glock 19 Gen 3. It shares the same basic design of the Glock 19’s hop unit, although they are slightly different in shape and therefore not cross compatible.What about the other Glocks like Umarex or WE? Well, it’d be unfair for me to say that this is without a doubt the best Glock 17 available at the moment as I’ve held the Umarex version and it felt great, but… I’ve not had the chance to shoot it.

Straight serrations on the rear of the slide make cocking the pistol straightforward, although they’re rather boring in their design, they replicate the real one rather well. You can’t blame Tokyo Marui for this though, that’s all Gaston Glock’s doing.
There are four back straps to choose from: a medium and large grip option, both with or without a beaver tail. Personally, even with large hands, I get on without a back strap, my gloves effectively “sizing up” my grip. The back strap attaches via a clip at the bottom of the grip and a longer (included) frame pin at the top. I’ve been reliably informed that the MOD bought the Gen 4 in part due to it’s adaptable grip and then promptly decided that squaddies and bootnecks couldn’t be trusted not to lose or break bits, and so promptly hid all the back straps in a box located in a storage unit somewhere near Winchester. A bit shit really… As a U.K. taxpayer, I’m curious as to where these back straps are and how much I paid for them!The slide stop lever aligns with a metal tab on the slide itself, this design being Tokyo Marui’s new standard when it comes to their GBB Pistols. It prevents undue wear and tear on the slide, something that’s traditionally plagued older Tokyo Marui designs.The hop can be adjusted from an open ejection port without taking apart the pistol, but I find it easier to part field-strip the slide and perform most adjustments by looking through the barrel whilst visually inspecting the hop. Once adjusted, I’ve found this new design to be incredibly effective, not only does it appear to hold firm (my Glock 19 hasn’t slipped at all and neither has this Glock 17) but it’s also able to lift far heavier weights than legacy Glocks, which tend to max out at .28 ammo from stock.

Is Tokyo Marui full metal?
As is common with the company’s other products, the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 is not a full metal airsoft gun.
The trigger guard is virtually identical to that found on the older Gen 3, rather chunky due to its polymer design and it’s often ground down by discerning Glock owners at the rear to enable a slightly higher grip.When the order is finished every registered customer will get the exact amount of loyalty points/credits to his account, which corresponds to the value of purchased goods. These points/credits will then be able to apply – in the next order – such as discount for the ordered goods (1 credit = 0,01 € discount). The number of credits which you get for the purchase of certain goods you can find in the detail of every product from the product description.

Great product. Awesome quality, like you’d expect from a TM. Works very well also with WE G17 mags (which I even like better because you can hear the gas filling the mag and also are cheaper). The extra night sights are super useful in a dark environment.
After click we log in You into the system. Some data will be pre-filled in. For your next purchase will no longer be required to fill in the delivery details again.Excellent replica. Looks good, feels good and most important off all tight groups. Great service from AirsoftGuns; rapid respons to questions, friendly and professional.

They arrived in almost perfect condition and I’m very satisfied thank you, if I could nit pick about anything there are some oil stains on the glock 26 but I’m sure they will fade eventually.

Hesitated at first to order and ship to the Netherlands. But I did. Shipment was correct and the Replica arrived within a week. Would definitely order here again. Cheers. Rawer
Automatic electric pistols (AEP) run on 7.2V rechargeable batteries. These pistols and compact submachine guns are often more reliable than gas-powered replicas in cold weather. However, due to their lower voltage supplies and miniature gearboxes, they usually generate lower muzzle speeds (about 0.25 – .5J per BB, 25–50 m/s for 0.2g BB) and slightly slower rates of fire than replicas using a full-sized gearbox system.Tokyo Marui Gas blowback pistols are designed to use HFC134A refrigerant to fire BBs and also to blow back the slide, mimicking the recoil of automatic hand guns. Refrigerant is sold in canisters similar to small propane canisters used in portable gas range. Propane based “Green” gas can be used, but could damage the replica due to higher pressure it exerts to mostly plastic parts used in gas blowback replicas, but many replicas have proven safe to use with propane or green gas.

Can you dry fire a Glock 17 Gen 4?
It’s ok to dry fire your GLOCK pistol, but we recommend using a snap cap or dummy round if you will be dry firing for a long period of time.
Tokyo Marui makes LPAEG replicas scaled down for use by children from the age of 10. They are powered by 6 AA batteries and have lower power than their 1:1 scale counterparts.These are bolt-action “sniper” rifles. Before each shot is fired, the shooter has to pull the bolt, cock the piston and load a BB into the chamber. All three versions of the VSR-10 share the same stock, same internals and same air chamber. The Pro-sniper version has a black stock, 430 mm long inner barrel and is the most accurate of the three versions. The Real Shock version has a metal weight in the piston to simulate recoil. Real Shock has a simulated wooden stock and the same 430 mm long inner barrel. However, due to the vibration caused by the heavier piston’s impact, Real Shock is the least accurate of the three, albeit only by less than an inch difference at 20 m distance. G-spec is shortened version with a silencer attached. Inner barrel is 303 mm long, but has a slightly tighter bore. Due to short inner barrel its accuracy is close to Real Shock, but a couple mm more accurate. A needle-like contraption called air brake protrudes from the piston. The air brake plugs the cylinder before piston impacts, trapping a small amount of air between the piston and cylinder. This reduces impact vibration and adds to VSR series’ unique accuracy.

Recently, Tokyo Marui has delved into the world of Gas Blowback Machine Guns. These replicas work very similarly to Tokyo Marui’s Gas Blowback Pistols, in that they use HFC134A refrigerant to blowback the bolt assembly to mimic the recoil of an automatic rifle or sub-machine gun when shooting the BBs.
Tokyo Marui makes a small series of semi-automatic guns that fire by compressing the spring and releasing it as the trigger is pulled. These are mostly marketed at children in various colors, but Tokyo Marui has released black and silver editions which come in more professional looking boxes. The barrels create a short range hop-up effect. Tokyo Marui only recommends that a special .12 g silver projectile of theirs be used, and that it be loaded with a proprietary speedloader which holds 90 projectiles.

Does the Glock 17 jam a lot?
A Glock will very rarely jam if you follow the proper maintenance procedures and use the correct ammunition. Make sure to clean your Glock after every use, and only use factory-made Glock ammunition. If you take these precautions, your Glock should never jam.
Tokyo Marui was the first company to introduce airsoft guns powered solely by electric motor gearbox-driven spring-piston assembly in 1992, which they called “automatic electric gun” (AEG). This compact air pump system was implemented in their first battery-powered automatic firing replica, the FAMAS F1. Other airsoft guns were then introduced. The 3-gear AEG design developed by Tokyo Marui is still in use today, and has been copied numerous times through the years by many other airsoft manufacturers.Tokyo Marui has combined remote control and airsoft by making a series of 1/24 scale remote controlled tanks that fire BBs. By remote control, a user may move the tank forwards and backwards, turn in place, rotate the turret, elevate the barrel, and fire. The range is only 25 m for 0.2g BBs. The tanks run on eight AA batteries. Scale variations on the simple and strong Big Bear chassis included both regular and “Super Wheelie” versions of the Jeep CJ-7 Golden Eagle and Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, each lacking the oversized wheels and tires of the Big Bear and equipped instead with more scale-looking Goodyear offroad tires. A proposed third version which would have been Marui’s ninth release was that of a Mitsubishi Pajero, shelved due to licensing problems. Twelve models were released in all, numbered 1 through 13 since the aforementioned ninth model never made it to market. Tokyo Marui was also at the forefront of the developing radio control hobby in the mid-1980s with a line of high-quality 1/10-scale electric buggies, monster trucks and even an unusual NASCAR Winston Cup stocker, all in kit form. This kit of Bill Elliott’s Coors Melling Ford Thunderbird was built on a four-wheel drive buggy chassis; despite that full-scale NASCAR racers are rear-wheel drive. The body could be raised or lowered for either onroad or offroad use and two full sets of wheels and tires were included, pre-mounted sponge slick tires for onroad and knobby spiked rubber tires for offroad. The Big Bear Datsun, a 1/12-scale monster truck topped with a Datsun pickup truck body, powered by a Mabuchi RS-380 motor and initially sold via mail order, was one of the best-selling radio controlled models of the period and contributed greatly to the hobby’s growth.

Tokyo Marui has also in an attempt to compete with Tamiya manufactured 1:24 scale model cars, Mini 4WD of their own RC cars as well as licensed by other companies including Kyosho and educational models. The early nineties recession would force the company to scale back production to airsoft guns. Tokyo Marui has since returned to the RC car market, albeit the lucrative mini RC market with its 1:24 cars and also since 1994, builds remote driven Godzilla models. In 2007, Tokyo Marui released Z- scale model trains under the Pro-Z title including fully developed rail dioramas with several different trainsets. Recently, Tokyo Marui has entered the electric scooter market.
Tokyo Marui makes several replicas that are powered by compressing a spring. For the shotgun and grenade launcher models, each shot fires three BBs at a time. Tokyo Marui’s airsoft replicas were made primarily from ABS plastic bodies, but also used metal parts where needed. Their more recent models, such as the Type 89 and AK-74M rifles have had full metal externals. The internal gearboxes of these guns are primarily powered by rechargeable batteries. A standard, unmodified Tokyo Marui gearbox will fire 0.20 g airsoft pellets at 240 to 300 feet per second (73 to 91 m/s) — around 0.8 to 0.9 joules (0.59 to 0.66 ft⋅lb) of muzzle energy – depending on the model. These gearboxes may be modified for higher performance with aftermarket parts, but Japanese law limits their power output to 0.98 joules (0.72 ft⋅lb). Tokyo Marui’s electric blowback pistols (commonly referred to as EBBs) are powered by four AAA batteries and typically fire at 160 ft/s (49 m/s) with a 0.12 gram BB. Some models may be select fire, and most models have an additional grip safety that must be held in order for the pistol to fire, with the exception of the Combat Delta models that use the gun’s usual grip safety. The pistols feature a very weak blowback, and the slide usually only moves a third of the distance that it would on a typical GBB or real firearm.The company had its own center for airsoft sport called Tokyo Marui BB Sports Field which was operated during 2009 and 2010. The guns have appeared in numerous movies and it has merchandising arrangements with many games. Strong competition by the end of the decade, especially from Tamiya and Kyosho, caused Marui to pull out of the hobby-grade R/C market. They returned to the R/C market in 2000 with a still-popular line of ready-to-run, 1/24-scale military tanks (see below). Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd (株式会社東京マルイ, Kabushiki-gaisha Tōkyō Marui) is a Japanese manufacturer of airsoft guns and toy cars located in Adachi, Tokyo, and are famous for pioneering the design of battery-powered airsoft guns. Their products are principally sold in Japan, but are also exported worldwide.

Dieses Modell besticht durch die absolut detailgetreue Nachbildung der berühmten Glock 17. Der Kunststoff des Griffstückes ist extrem hochwertig und fühlt sich wie das Original an. Schlittenfang, Safety-Trigger und Magazinrelease funktionieren genau wie bei der echten Waffe. Dank der originalen Abmessungen passt dieses Modell in viele Holster.