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Of course, all that is power basically useless without a good transmission to put it to the pavement. To get you thinking about your transmission and its importance to your vehicle’s performance, we’ve compiled a list of the most common transmission questions, according to the Summit Racing tech department. (Yes, the Summit Racing guys were kind enough to supply the answers too.)Most TH700-R4 transmissions downshift from fourth to third anytime there is more than half throttle applied (except Corvettes, and some Camaros and Firebirds). This makes it difficult or impossible to cruise at high speeds in overdrive.

Unlike a lot of items you buy for your vehicle, bigger is predominately better when it comes to transmission coolers. The answer is as big as you can get or to run multiple coolers in a series, again staying away from the factory radiator cooler lines.

Unless operating in an environment where the outside temperature is below 0 degrees F, you should cap off the radiator cooler line openings and run your cooler lines directly to a new cooler mounted in front of the radiator. This allows the transmission to have its own cooling system and doesn’t allow the engine water temperature to heat the fluid.
A trans-brake simultaneously applies low and reverse gears, which holds the vehicle in position. When the activation button is released the reverse hydraulic circuit is instantly dumped allowing the vehicle to launch.

The O.E.’s solution for the problem in some cases has been the use of a one way roller clutch built into the alternator pulley. This allows the stator assembly to free wheel under decel conditions eliminating the chirp and premature wear on the belt. Now keep in mind that this type of pulley is much more expensive than the traditional pulley, therefore the manufacturers will not install them on every single new vehicle produced.To maintain fourth gear, you need a TH700-R4 Kickdown Kit or a Throttle Valve Plunger & Sleeve for 700-R4. The B&M TH700-R4 Kickdown Kit includes a sleeve and requires the use of a factory ’94’ plunger; plungers that are stamped ’94’ can be found in V8 Camaros, Firebirds, and Corvettes. The TCI Throttle Valve Plunger & Sleeve comes with the plunger and the sleeve. Installation of one of these kits will allow you to operate at approximately 85-percent throttle opening before the kickdown to third occurs.

Within the past few years the Auto manufacturers have found that the greater electrical demand of all the electronics on newer vehicles call for larger, longer lasting alternators. These larger alternators have a much heavier “Stator assembly” (the part that is spun by the belt internally) which puts more pressure on the serpentine belts. This increased pressure is present during both acceleration as well as deceleration. The extra rotational weight could cause belt glazing and ultimately loss of traction, thus a chirping sound intermittently.

What does a TransGo shift kit do?
TransGo SHIFT KIT® valve body repair kits are engineered to correct rough shifts and other malfunctions that can reduce transmission longevity and durability. You may notice a more ‘progressive’ shift feel after a TransGo kit has been installed.
The easiest and least expensive way to improve the shifts of your automatic transmission is to install the Shift Improver Kit. If you want additional manual control of the transmission, you would choose the B&M Transpak. If your transmission needs an overhaul, the Transkit is your best choice. Most transmission companies recommend mounting your external transmission oil cooler in front of the radiator. This allows for adequate airflow. If this is not possible, then you should mount it in a location where the cooler can receive airflow. In extremely tight quarters, you may also want to build an air dam to direct more air to the cooler. There are two basic ways to identify your automatic transmission: transmission pan shape and overall transmission dimensions. You can check out this earlier OnAllCylinders post for transmission dimensions and a slide show of different transmission pan shapes.In a later post, we’ll help you diagnose common transmission issues and sounds, so you can get your tranny working properly. For now, let’s answer the basics:

It doesn’t often get the same respect or attention as the engine—until it starts acting up. You’ll most likely see dozens of engine build stories in magazines before you see an article on a transmission. And we spend hours under the hood or around an engine stand in an attempt to wring every last bit of power from an engine.
Shift kits simply eliminate many of the restrictive oil flow problems in the transmission’s valve body. The results are firmer shifts and reduced slippage and shift overlap. Manual transmissions are little bit harder to distinguish, so the Summit Racing guys often turn to Hurst, which has an assortment of diagrams to help ID a manual tranny. To figure things out on your own, you can view the diagrams by clicking the links below: David Fuller is OnAllCylinders’ managing editor. During his 20-year career in the auto industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing.If you’re trying to fit a different transmission into your chassis, or if you’ve got a custom project in the works, you’ll need to measure the tranny to make it fits. Summit Racing put together a chart with the dimensions of popular GM, Ford, and Chrysler automatic transmissions. Check it out.

There are several components that will allow this type of installation. The Converter Lockup will allow converter lock-up operation in non-stock applications. You should also consider the B&M TV cable, which can be used for conversions as this is an adjustable length cable. B&M also offers a linkage adapter kit that can be used to position the TV cable. This adapter will save a lot of fabrication.
Transmission ratios are based off the rear axle ring and pinion ratio. Optimum ratio is often determined by the intended purpose of your vehicle—daily driver, race car, street/strip—and Summit Racing offers a special Gear Ratio calculator to help you narrow down your choice.

Here’s a suggestion: with only 4500 miles your dealer is obligated to identify and repair the source of the complaint. You may have to try another more sympathetic dealer too! The suggestion; ask them to change the serpentine drive belt and note changes if any to the chirping sound. Now, all this is assuming the last technician did his due diligence in checking other things such as body mounts, engine mounts and hoses and any wiring crossing over from the motor to the body that may be rubbing on something.Hi David, I read your Quick Guide to Differential & Driveline Noises. I have a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country that chirps when decelerating generally between 30-20 mph. Chrysler says “Normal Engine Noise.” but before that they thought it was the water pump and replaced it but to no avail. Seems to be getting worse and louder with only 4500 miles now. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.

No, it will not. The term ‘reprogramming’ in the name of our kits only refers to hydraulic circuit changes. The term has no correlation with vehicle computer programming.Both TransGo SHIFT KIT® valve body repair kits and Reprogramming Kit™ high performance valve body kits do not make or require any changes to vehicle PCM/TCM programming.

TransGo SHIFT KIT®, Reprogramming Kit™ and specialty products with accompanying technical information are designed and engineered for use by professional technicians. While some TransGo products can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer with average mechanical skills and a good selection of tools, others may require transmission-specific tools or transmission removal from the vehicle. Each product on […]
The term ‘shift kit’ is a trademarked brand name, owned by TransGo and may only be used to designate products manufactured by TransGo. The brand SHIFT KIT® is our line of valve body repair kits for professional installers.While drivers of manual transmissions nearly always use their parking breaks, many drivers with automatic cars often neglect this essential device. When you engage your parking brake after parking your car, you will help to take pressure off of your vehicle’s output shaft. In the event that your car shifts slightly while it is parked, the parking brake will help to prevent the transmission from becoming seriously damaged.

If you grew up driving manual transmission vehicles, you may have learned about the technique of downshifting to slow down on a hill. While downshifting can be a helpful technique when you drive a manual transmission vehicle, this practice might cause devastating damage to your automatic transmission. Rather than forcing your automatic transmission into a slower gear to reduce your speed of travel, you can safely slow down by gently tapping on the brakes.

Are shift kits hard to install?
Once the pan is out of the way and you have cleaned up the fluid mess from the driveway and yourself, you can get into the task at hand. Installing a shift kit is actually pretty straightforward.
Your automatic transmission needs to come to a full stop before you move the shift selector from one of the drive functions into park. If you switch between reverse, park, and drive too quickly, you run the risk of grinding your gears and causing serious damage to your car’s transmission. To protect your transmission from harm, get in the habit of slowing down your shifts and waiting for your car to come to a complete stop, before you select a new drive mode.One of the causes for short throws is a lack of traction, which may be improved with transmission shift kit. Shift kits let you use that inactivity energy for forwarding movement by better utilizing the heat normally produced by slipping during long overlap, resulting in quicker shifts and improved city fuel efficiency.Numerous types of shift kits are available, each with its own set of functions. A performance-oriented shift kit is intended to improve shifts by altering the flow of transmission fluid through the valve body, although other modifications may be made as well. The more consistent each shift is, the greater the performance boost. Even if it is just fractions of a second, the faster reaction time of a shift is beneficial to your performance.

A shift kit is a collection of components for a vehicle automatic transmission with the goal of making the vehicle’s shifting between gears more efficient. Automatic and manual transmissions are both addressed by kits.
There are several types of shift kits designed for different tasks, but, a performance-oriented shift kit is designed to provide firmer shifts by changing the flow of transmission fluid through the valve body. By “firming up” each shift, a performance gain is achieved. Even if it is fractions of a second, the quicker response time of a shift is a performance upgrade.

We have remapped the fluid feed holes to change how much fluid is supplied to a clutch pack. By increasing the size of a particular feed hole, you reduce the application rate of the associated clutch. This gives us that quick, positive shift feels without causing the clutch slip.Unfortunately, many auto enthusiasts either live with their transmission’s seamless shifts or pay someone to modify it. It is understandable that many people are unwilling to get their hands dirty when it comes to a manual gearbox. However, regardless of what you may think, a shift kit and reorganizing a valve body only takes a few basic tools, many of which you already keep at home! This, along with spending some time in the garage or driveway. Finally, having the gearbox outside of the truck or having it on a lift would have made the process go more smoothly.

Installing a shift kit can also help your transmission last longer. This happens by reducing the slippage and shift overlap that is inherently built into a transmission to create those smooth shifts. Installing the shift kit does require transmission pan removal, separation of the valve body, and the drilling of hole(s) in the valve body separator plate, but this is something you can do at home.Installing a shift kit might also aid in the longevity of your vehicle’s transmission. One of the primary causes of slippage and shift overlap in the transmission is to eliminate them by reducing slip and shift overlaps. The installation of the shift kit does require transmission pan removal, valve body separation, and hole(s) drilling in the valve body separator plate. However, this is something you can do yourself at home.Automobile engineers have been known to excessively enable shift overlap in order to improve shifting smoothness. In this scenario, the transmission is operating in more than one gear at the same time. The term “slush box” was coined to describe early automatic transmissions because of their excessively smooth, disconnected feel.The converter size and stall should also be taken into consideration when choosing between the two. Stock size converters with mild stall speeds will feel the shifts more than say a 10-inch, 3,000 stall converter using feed holes larger than 1/8-inch. Small diameter, higher stall converters will soften the shift feel.

Does shifting fast hurt the transmission?
Shifting Before Your Car Has Stopped If you switch between reverse, park, and drive too quickly, you run the risk of grinding your gears and causing serious damage to your car’s transmission.
It is quite simple to install a shift kit. The kit will include a steel plate, some springs, and hopefully straightforward instructions from the manufacturer. The driver may use shift reprogramming kits, which are commercially available. This will consequently chirp his or her tires when they reach Second gear, which is typically the case. It is a fact of life. Everybody does it, even if the rumbling from the tires is not audible. Installing one of these kits will provide quick power transfer between gears, albeit at the cost of a smooth, continuous shift that enthusiasts will appreciate.Briefly, the valve body is responsible for directing the transmission fluid to various valves that operate the appropriate clutch pack or band servo. It is a tangle of fluid pathways and passageways that direct transmission fluid to push various valves that control specific components of the automatic gearbox. In some shift kits there are options for a Heavy-Duty or a Street/Strip option to choose from. This means that a decision needed to be made. The choice between the two is application dependent. If you are installing our Shift Improver kit in a motorhome, a vehicle that is used for towing, or one that sees a lot of stop and go driving, the Heavy-Duty setup will probably be the best fit. The Heavy-Duty kit will give you firm, positive shifts, but it still delivers shifts that are comfortable enough for daily-driven street vehicles. The Street/Strip setup is the way to go if you are installing this kit in a high-performance application. Whether it is an on or off-road race vehicle or street machine, the Street/Strip setup will provide quicker, even harder shifts than a Heavy Duty install. The transmission valve body is like the nerve center of the automatic transmission. It is a maze of fluid channels and passages that direct the transmission fluid to push various valves that operate the appropriate clutch pack or band servo. But, how does drilling a hole or two in a sheet of metal change the transmission’s shift characteristics? The fluid feed holes regulate the amount of fluid that is supplied to a clutch pack. By increasing the size of a given feed hole, you shorten the apply rate of the corresponding clutch. This gives us the quick, positive shift feel to prevent clutch slip which is all part of the reason for adding a shift kit to your transmission.

The extended shift overlap improves the smoothness of the transmission, but it also puts the friction surfaces to work harder and reduces efficiency and durability. The friction causes greater heat, which destroys seals and clutches and causes them to wear prematurely.
Briefly, the shift kit upgrade simply alters the flow of fluid through the valve body, creating firmer shifts and improved efficiency. If it is an improvement, why didn’t the factory do it initially? That is easy. The general public would probably have been returning cars left and right, feeling that they would rather have smooth shifts, not firm. In general, the popular opinion is that shifts need to be smooth. Total performance was not at the forefront of the mind of car builders, but customer comfort was.Many individuals are familiar with the words, but few people truly comprehend what a shift kit is and why it is needed. Briefly, the automatic transmission shift kit essentially improves upon the transmission’s shift timing which, in turn, improves the transmission’s firmness and component durability.TransGo’s R&D team, led by longtime engineering director, David Hardin, focuses on engineering solutions with the builder in mind by eliminating labor- intensive and expensive processes on the bench while maintaining a price point to keep shops profitable and competitive.

Do shift kits really work?
Shift kits simply eliminate many of the restrictive oil flow problems in the transmission’s valve body. The results are firmer shifts and reduced slippage and shift overlap.
It was only after many years of friends and customers affectionately referring to these kits as “shift kits”, after his industry nickname, Mr. Shift, that the company decided to trademark the name SHIFT KIT® .After serving in the US Army, TransGo founder Gil Younger, discovered his passion for transmission diagnosis and repair while working as a mechanic at a California dealership. After authoring several of the very first transmission technical bulletins, Younger quit his job at the dealership to start his own transmission repair shop.

What comes in a shift kit?
It is quite simple to install a shift kit. The kit will include a steel plate, some springs, and hopefully straightforward instructions from the manufacturer. The driver may use shift reprogramming kits, which are commercially available.
Our product lines include SHIFT KIT® valve body repair kits to address common driveability complaints and failures, Reprogramming Kit™ performance valve body kits with custom performance and heavy-duty options as well as a variety of specialty components.By 1969, TransGo had already established a solid reputation engineering and producing different valve body repair kits. Builders knew for certain units, buying a TransGo valve body repair kit was as essential as an overhaul kit.Universal reaming tools, like the one made for all GEN2 FWD Ford and General Motors six speeds, so builders don’t have to constantly shell out big bucks on specific tooling and equipment

Younger recognized that most common transmission complaints related to issues occurring inside the valve body. He spent weekends delivering some of the industry’s first technical rebuilding seminars, while engineering and manufacturing transmission fixes from his shop bench late into the night.
TransGo, LLC is an industry-leading manufacturer of valve body kits and components for the professional repair trade as well as racing and performance enthusiasts since 1959. Over six decades, TransGo has earned its reputation for exceptional quality, durability, performance and unmatched technical customer service, trusted by millions of customers, installers and end users.In 1959, Gil opened TransCo, which became TransGo, a valve body repair kit company whose primary goal was to diagnose, correct, prevent and reduce transmission complaints with time-saving and easy fixes. During Gil’s ownership of TransGo, the company collected a long list of industry firsts; the first ‘valve body repair kit’, the first to engineer and manufacture lengthened valve lands, the first to oversize a bore for replacement valves and the high performance valve body kit.

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What does TransGo do?
TransGo, LLC is an industry-leading manufacturer of valve body kits and components for the professional repair trade as well as racing and performance enthusiasts since 1959.
TransGo engineers a variety of must-have upgrades and solutions for the professional technician and performance enthusiast. If we make it, you can be sure your transmission will benefit from having it.

Are shift kits hard on transmissions?
While the extended shift overlap creates a very smooth shift, it also reduces the efficiency and durability of the transmission by making the friction surfaces work overtime. The added friction also creates excessive heat, which prematurely wears out seals and clutches.
TransGo Shift Kits include everything you need to address the most common transmission driveability complaints and failures in one box. Shift Kits are engineered to restore hydraulic integrity with easy-to-install and cost-effective solutions.Take your transmission to the next level without sacrificing durability with TransGo Reprogramming kits. From ultra-responsive full manual control to customized performance and towing options, we have the solution.

TransGo’s shift kit corrects, prevents, reduces and upgrades pressure regulator and actuator feed system malfunctions. Plus, it adds overboost protection and improves TCC stability. It also makes your job easier: it doesn’t require special tools or the transmission’s removal for installation.
To accomplish these benefits we would install what is known as an automatic transmission shift kit, which is probably one of the most misunderstood upgrades in the automotive world.Transmission shift kits can reduce this overlap time while improving the overall shifting action. By better utilizing the energy normally turned into heat by slipping during extended overlap, shift kits allow you to instead use that inertial energy for forward motion with quicker shifts, therefore you’re also able to notice improved city fuel economy.

Where is the headquarters of TransGo?
Where is TransGo ‘s headquarters? TransGo is located in El Monte, California, United States .
Most vehicle owners are willing to live with the faster shift patterns in exchange for the extended durability and added fuel economy. Plus, the fact that shift kits can be installed in a few hours without removing the transmission from the vehicle makes them a logical upgrade.

How do I contact TransGo?
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This is desirable because the automobile manufacturer’s engineers sometimes allow far too much shift overlap (when the transmission is actually in two gears at once) in an effort to increase shift smoothness. It’s this overly smooth, disconnected feeling that earned early automatic transmissions the label “slush box.”

While the extended shift overlap creates a very smooth shift, it also reduces the efficiency and durability of the transmission by making the friction surfaces work overtime. The added friction also creates excessive heat, which prematurely wears out seals and clutches.
The evolution of transmissions has made these machines and systems increasingly complex. When transmission repairs are required, determining the cause and cure for what ails can be tricky.At Mister Transmission we have access to leading-edge diagnostic equipment, enabling us to offer you the fastest and most accurate findings about what’s going on inside your vehicle’s transmission. Many people know the words, but not many fully understand what a shift kit truly does or why it’s desired. In short, an automatic transmission shift kit modifies the transmission’s shift timing in order to dramatically increase shift firmness and durability of the transmission components. We carry a variety of shift kits for most makes and models and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. However, due to the fact that one misplaced shift valve or spring can result in a malfunctioning or damaged transmission, it’s highly recommended that you allow the experts at Mister Transmission to perform the installation of a shift kit for you. To have a shift kit installed in your vehicle’s transmission, please contact your local Mister Transmission.

Great! The Transgo SK-47RE Shift Kit is specifically designed for a stock transmission. The Transgo SK-47RE Shift Kit for your 1996-2003 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 47RE improves your transmission shift characteristics for firmer lockup, while reducing drain back and soft shifts.
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