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Westin’s Defender Prisoner Seat is formed from strong ABS material and engineered to fit vehicle contours. Increased room makes for quick suspect loading and crevice-free design prevents concealment of contraband or evidence. The materials and construction allow for easy, safe, and thorough biohazard cleanup. Included is the Defender Ready Buckle Seat Belt System.

Quality Policy Statement: Westin Automotive, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with product and service which meet or exceed their specifications. The necessary tools and resources have been provided to all employees in an effort to keep quality at the highest standard. Our goal is to continually improve quality and service, resulting in total customer satisfaction.Westin® Automotive is an aftermarket product manufacturer and parent company of brands including FEY®, Brute™ and Superwinch winch products. Westin designs and delivers automotive products that give you the look and function you need to fit your active lifestyle. When you choose Westin®, you roll with style. Westin Automotive products are proudly designed, tested and engineered in San Dimas, California, USA. Innovation, passion and consistency have made Westin one of the industry’s leading manufacturers for over 40 years. Our diverse range of products is backed by a superior manufacturer warranty. When it comes to your vehicle, Westin is the name you can trust.

The Push Bumper Elite XD is made of heavy duty 4-gauge HRPO steel uprights to safely push another vehicle. It features 2 3I4 inch wide heavy-duty rubber strips on the uprights and are movable full punch plate grille. Uprights are pre-drilled for the addition of Elite Wing Wraps and PIT Bar Elite. Pre-drilled holes provide side-mounting points for popular LED Lights. The Push Bumper Elite XD also features an extra wide 4 5I8 stylized and pre-drilled center cross-plate with a significant surface area for top-mounting of LED lights or speakers. All exposed fasteners are black plated stainless for protection against rust. The Push Bumper Elite XD designs are vehicle specific for a clean finished look.
Westin’s Public Safety Division was founded on a simple basic philosophy of designing top quality, highly functional parts that combine good looks with superior performance, and are designed to last. Westin Products are “Engineered for Enthusiasts” for more than 40 years!Police1 is revolutionizing the way the law enforcement community finds relevant news, identifies important training information, interacts online and researches product purchases and manufacturers. It’s the most comprehensive and trusted online destination for law enforcement agencies and police departments worldwide.Westin Public Safety is a division of Westin Automotive Products, Inc., San Dimas, CA, that specializes in protective, functional, active duty vehicle equipment for the public safety sector. We offer agency’s the best in vehicle front-end equipment proven to preserve vehicle integrity and outperform standards for rigorous tactical maneuver technique testing.

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They connect to the pre-drilled Push Bumper and PIT Bar into a one-piece assembly. They feature welded cross bars (varies by application) and attach to the Push Bumper with a 7 gauge plate. They are also equipped with a 1-1/2” diameter vertical support bar to absorb impact in the event of a collision.

Westin’s Public Safety PIT Bar Elite is designed to bolt directly to a Westin Push Bumper Elite or EliteXD at the upper bumper level for the best PIT maneuver possible.
Westin’s PIT Bar Elite has been rigorously PIT tested and approved by major public safety agencies. The PIT Bar Elite is made of heavy duty 7 gauge HRPO steel horizontal bars and features two 2-3/4” wide rubber strips with plastic end caps for a clean finished look. It also features heavy duty HRPO steel reinforcing brackets for maximum strength. Westin’s Public Safety Push Bar Elite is made of heavy duty HRPO steel with 4 gauge uprights featuring 2-3/4” wide rubber strips. The Push Bumper Elite is designed with maximum safety features and options in mind. It offers customization for your agency’s specific needs and provides the best in strength, durability, and protection. Westin’s Public Safety Push Bumper Elite is made of bold 4 Gauge steel construction with uprights featuring the widest rubber strips on the market today at 2-3/4 Inch. The Push Bumper Elite is designed with maximum safety features and options in mind. It offers customization for your agency’s specific needs and provides the best in strength, durability, and protection. The Solid Top Channel completes the Push Bumper Elite front-end protection unit with clean and subtle style. It is made of a solid plate that is pre-drilled for easy installation on to the Push Bumper Elite. Westin’s Push Bumper Elite is US patent pending.The PIT Bar Elite builds upon the bumper by adding two 7-gauge HRPO steel horizontal bars to either side of the main unit. These bars are coated in the same 3/4” wide rubber strips as the Push bumper, plus plastic end caps for a clean finished look.Westin Public Safety Division also utilizes some of Westin Automotive’s more popular replacement bumpers that you often see on run-of-the-mill civilian vehicles, such as the HDX Bandit Bumper and Outlaw Rear Off-Road Bumper. Similarly, don’t be surprised to find other stylish and functional Westin accessories pop up on law enforcement vehicles like running boards, hitch steps, and LED kits.

The Push Bumper Elite forms the main component. This unit helps stop vehicles that are fleeing from police. It consists of two 4-gauge HRPO steel uprights coated in 3/4” wide rubber strips and connected by a pre-drilled center cross plate that can be customized by mounting extra lights or speakers. Depending on an agency’s specific needs, an interchangeable light channel can mount to the top for even more functionality. It accommodates up to four emergency lights from Federal Signal, Code 3, SoundOff Signal, or Whelen.
Similarly, steel Defender Series Window Guards and ABS Defender Door Cover Panels create a secure, confined passenger compartment that keep suspects safely contained in the backseat. Defender Series Front and Rear Partitions offer the same functionality, sporting 20% more viewing area than the competition.Attaching to the Push Bumper Elite/Elite XD with a 7-gauge plate, the Wing Wraps feature 1-1/2” diameter vertical support bars and welded cross bars that minimize vibration typically encountered at high speeds and, more importantly, absorb impact in the event of a collision.

Every year, patrol vehicles get more sophisticated. (Take, for example, the standard drivetrain on the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility is a 318-hp 3.3L V-6 hybrid that is 41% more efficient than the outgoing model!) But despite this progress, Government Fleet Magazine reports that up to 90% of fleet vehicles still need some form of upfitting. Remember, it’s not only the lawman who has access to modern technology—so do criminals. That means, public safety agents need equipment that can not only keep up with those less inclined to follow society’s rules, but they also need a way to safely stop, detain, and transport them. Given the current public health and safety climate, it’s an appropriate time to study the vital role of the aftermarket not only in fashion, but in function.

Westin Automotive consistently meets and exceeds changing Public Safety demands. With 40+ years of quality engineering under its belt, you can expect the same kind of dedication in your Westin aftermarket accessories as well.Have you ever considered the threat an officer faces simple buckling in a passenger? Reaching over a person who is inarguably experiencing a really bad day can manifest in some serious bodily harm. The Defender Ready-Buckle Seat Belt System addresses this concern by using an innovative design that relocates the retractor buckle nearest to the occupant’s shoulder.