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In a Facebook post shared to a page called Deep South Street Racing on Jan. 12, 2022, it was revealed that both JJ and his wife, Tricia, were involved in a crash while filming Street Outlaws: America’s List that has left them both injured. In the images attached to the social media post, multiple cars could be seen wrecked, with one having gone entirely off the road.After months of no updates, Tricia finally posted a video to Facebook on April 1, 2022, about what happened in the accident. After thanking fans for supporting the duo after the crash, she confirmed that she and JJ had lost their mobility for months and that they both previously had two screws in their legs each, but had since had one each removed.

They wrote, “JJ caught fire, crossed center, hit Tricia and rolled. Tricia was sent into three minivan rental cars that were protecting light towers/camera equipment. As of 7:00 p.m. Texas time they are both in the hospital in stable condition. I am unsure of the extent of the injuries at this time.”Nowadays, the couple is doing much better and gradually spending more time on their feet as well as returning to racing. JJ can be seen in Tricia’s live stream working on a car and appeared to be in good spirits, and a subsequent video shared the following day showed Tricia and JJ at an actual racetrack prepping to race. Clearly, things are going well for the duo, and we wish them the best as they continue to recover!

Who is Shelby on Street Outlaws end game?
Shelby Lynn on Street Outlaws Memphis. is a street racer who recently joined JJ the boss. Shelby joined the team in October 2022. She is a charismatic car racer from Memphis, Tennessee. So far, Shelby’s 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. has won the jj’s Arm Drop Challenge.
If you’re a fan of Street Outlaws, odds are that you’re familiar with one of its most famous racers — Jonathan Day, better known as JJ Da Boss. The driver has been making waves in the street-racing scene for quite some time now, and can usually be found driving around his 4,720-pound ’49 Chevy pickup named Ole Heavy.

With that being said, JJ and his wife, Tricia Day, got into a seriously scary situation earlier this year: a dangerous car accident. So, what do we know about what went down, and what about their current condition? Keep reading for all of the known details as they currently stand.
Neither JJ nor Tricia spoke out personally about what happened directly after the accident, but both were immediately treated at a Texas hospital right after the crash.

Who is the muscular girl on Street Outlaws?
Jessica Heath is both a street racer and bodybuilder, and she’s appearing on Street Outlaws alongside her husband Issa. Issa is also a bodybuilder, and both of them seem to be quite passionate about fitness.
This was also not the first time that JJ had been injured behind the wheel. According to a 2017 article from Dragzine, JJ fell asleep behind the wheel while driving to Arkansas and struck a concrete culvert on the highway at 55 miles per hour. He sustained a broken right hand as well as rib injuries and a series of cuts and bruises but otherwise walked away from the accident virtually unscathed.In the comments under an unofficial recap video of the crash, users shared some more insider information about JJ and Tricia’s state after the accident. One commenter seemed to have an inside source on what went down at the crash and directly after the fact.

What is JJ's real name Street Outlaws?
Jonathan Day, better known as JJ Da Boss, is the leader of the Memphis racing family. He has been around street racing since he was a toddler when his mother would carry him on her hip to watch his dad and uncle street race.
“Yall keep praying for JJ Da Boss and his wife Trish. Last night they were filming America‘s List and they both crashed. Trisha Wayne is in the worst shape so y’all keep praying for the MSO family they need it right now. Street racing is real guys, just like JJ says, ‘Tonight you could die,’ and he means it, so be careful to all y’all street racers,” the emotional post read, having since been shared thousands of times.

Some fans have mistaken Shelby for JJ’s daughter, but the two are not related in any way. JJ already has a 13-year-old daughter named Vada, who fans may have seen driving JJ’s new car, Tator. She has taken a keen interest in street racing, but is still too young to compete in major events like Shelby and her father.One racer who has been catching some serious fan attention as of late has been Shelby Lynn, who is wowing with her abilities behind the wheel. With that being said, who exactly is Shelby Lynn on Street Outlaws? Keep reading to find out! To check out more about Shelby and the rest of the Memphis Street Outlaws crew, be sure to check out Street Outlaws airing Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Discovery. There have been a lot of seriously talented racers who have showcased their skills on Street Outlaws over the years. The program pits the best of the best against one another in drag races for big prizes, and features all of the hard work, grit, and ingenuity that goes into building and maintaining the powerful race cars that the stars drive.Whenever the crew of Street Outlaws has been up against Big Chief’s Memorial Day Classic, the OKC No Prep Kings, or the Texas Outlaw Challenge, Shelby Lynn, aka Da Baby, has been present and ready to race her heart out. According to her Facebook, she has been a part of the Memphis Street Outlaws crew alongside JJ Da Boss since Oct. 5, 2022.This season has seen JJ bring on a few young talents, with Shelby being of particular interest to fans. In the time since she joined JJ’s crew, Shelby has been a pretty constant fixture on the show. With a powerful 1969 Camaro named Cuda that she built herself, Shelby has already won JJ’s Armdrop Challenge not once, but twice. She has also won races at JJ’s Armdrop Gulfport Dragway, defeating Tricia Wayne.

Well, if her last name sounds familiar, it should. Her dad is Kenneth Gulley, the owner of Gulley Garage, which is featured heavily on Street Outlaws: Memphis.
The court filing continued, “As the assault continued, Larkin literally believed the Street Outlaws were attempting to kill him. He literally feared for his life.”Mallory is always providing her followers with the latest race and Street Outlaws updates on her Instagram page. You can also follow Mallory on Facebook and her Snapchat @mallorygulley.

Last October, Mallory showed off her check for $10,000 after winning a race. “Congratulations to Mallory Gulley on her win last night good job girl,” Dennis Bailey wrote on Facebook.”When Larkin turned around, his wife, Plaintiff Genny Larkin yelled, ‘look out.’ When Larkin turned around, Defendant Day and the other two individuals were running across the street at him. Day and ‘Bounty Hunter’ threw punches at Larkin and tackled him to the ground,” the lawsuit read. “As Larkin went down, he felt immediate pain in his leg, as though his ‘muscles and tendons were ripping.’ At that point Larkin was on his back with his face exposed. The Bounty Hunter and Day continued the assault, punching Larkin in the face repeatedly and kicking him in the ribs.”

The petite blonde can be seen awarding the drag race winners their earnings on the Discovery Channel series, but a little research will prove that Mallory Gulley is more than just a pretty face.
According to her Facebook page, along with racing, Mallory is also an employee at Gulley Bail Bonds and KEG towing. She also studied at Arkansas State University, alongside her sister, Natalie Gulley.”Money girl” gig aside, Mallory go-to race car is her purple ’64 Chevrolet, which she has dubbed the Ugly Duckling. On the race track, she credits fellow female racer Chelsea Day for being her inspiration.The youthful racer can be found on Facebook, where more than 2k individuals have followed her. Nonetheless, she seldom shares updates of her life as she is of private nature. Because of that, there is little data about her folks and other relatives.

From that point forward, she has been working with JJ Da Chief. She has contended in the OKC No Prep Rulers, the Big Boss’ Remembrance Day Exemplary, and the Texas Prohibit Challenge. Since joining the group, she has been perceived as DA Child.
In the mean time, the subject got more into the spotlight when JJ shocked Shelby with her fantasy vehicle, a blue MSO. A video posted by TheReal Streeoutlaws shows that JJ shocked Shelby with her fantasy vehicle, which shows they have a decent bond.

Who Is Shelby Lynn on Road Fugitives? Shelby Lynn is a vehicle racer from Memphis, Tennessee, renowned for showing up on Memphis Road Fugitives. As per her Facebook bio, she has been working at Roads Across America since October 5, 2022.
Is Shelby Lynn Connected with JJ da Chief? No, Shelby Lynn isn’t connected with JJ Da Chief. Numerous recordings show that they are exceptionally close, and fans have guessed JJ Da Supervisor girl is Shelby Lynn, and they have a blood relationship.Lynn’s 1969 Chevrolet Camaro has won the JJ’s Armdrop Challenge in the two episodes. She even came out on top in races at JJ’s Armdrop Gulfport Dragway, overcoming Tricia Wayne. Because of her nearby bond with JJ Da Chief, fans have been mixed up that Shelby and JJ are connected. Here’s beginning and end you really want to be aware.

Shelby Lynn On Memphis Road Bandits is as of now at the center of attention and has been related with JJ Da Supervisor since October 2022. The new time of Memphis Road Fugitives has seen JJ Da Manager welcome on a couple of youthful gifts, with Shelby being intriguing to fans.
A Gander at Shelby Lynn Early Life and Family Foundation Shelby Lynn is a racer who earned broad respect in the wake of being highlighted in the Revelation Channel series Road Fugitives. She came to the hustling scene at 16 years old. Because of her hustling abilities, Lynn is viewed as quite possibly of the best driver in the Road Criminals series. One virtual entertainment client said JJ is a decent dad who cherishes his girl. This implies Shelby and JJ have the relationship of a dad and a girl. In any case, there is no reality about it. In any case, they are not related as JJ is hitched to Patricia, well known as Tricia Day. It is accounted for that JJ is the dad of 11 youngsters. With his significant other, Patricia, he has four children named Aubrey, Vada, Annaline, and Jonathan Wayne Day Jr. Moreover, his seven children are from his past issues. JJ was supposedly involved with Leighann Robinson, Maggie Nelson, Whitney Day, Andrew Harston, Josh Day, and Liz Slack.

Additionally, she clashed against Gary Danos in the principal episode. With a strong 1969 Camaro named Cuda, Shelby has proactively won JJ’s Armdrop Challenge not once however two times.More recently, she has spent time promoting her appearances on Street Outlaws and encouraging fans to keep watching. It’s unclear whether she’ll be on the show in future seasons, and part of that likely depends on how popular she is with fans during this season.

Even though there are a few consistent players from season to season, Street Outlaws is known for changing up its cast as it shifts location. While the current season of the show has a few regulars, including Kye Kelley, Lizzy Musi, and JJ Da Boss, among others, it’s also introduced us to Team Insane (who are new to regular viewers of the show).
Among Team Insane’s many interesting members is Jessica Heath — a street racer and bodybuilder who has quickly made an impression on fans of the show. Now, many want to know more about Jessica and where she comes from.In a post on Instagram, Jessica confirmed that she had raced at least two other times over the course of the season, and said that she expected that those races would also show up at some point as the season progresses. She didn’t offer any hints as to when those other races may be airing. For now, then, it seems Jessica’s new fans will just have to tune in every week in hopes of seeing her compete.

Team Insane is currently near the bottom of the leaderboard, but she’s nonetheless managed to make a substantial impression on viewers in part due to her decision to arm wrestle for lane placement during a recent race. First, she arm wrestled with NOLA team member Kye Kelley, and when she ultimately lost, they decided to flip a coin for race placement instead.

If her Instagram is to be believed, Jessica and her husband are very much in love and frequently pose together at the gym and at home. In fact, some of her posts are even a bit racy.
Jessica’s Team Insane is just one of the new teams that have joined the Street Outlaws crew this season. The other new teams are 252 Outlaws and Trailer Park Mafia. Jessica is certainly a new face to those who are familiar with Street Outlaws, but her recent appearance likely isn’t the last that fans of the show will see of her this season.

Jessica Heath is both a street racer and bodybuilder, and she’s appearing on Street Outlaws alongside her husband Issa. Issa is also a bodybuilder, and both of them seem to be quite passionate about fitness. She drives a blue Chevy and races for Team Insane.
The Memphis Street Outlaws crew appears to be connected in many ways. However, as with many reality TV shows, the cast has its dramatic moments. Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley enjoyed a honeymoon after their Street Outlaws drama.Shelby certainly appears to have been taken under JJ Da Boss’ wing when it comes to racing. He’s also cultivated some of the fastest Memphis street racers including Precious Cooper, Tricia Day – his wife, and Mallory Gulley – Kenneth Gulley’s daughter.

Street Outlaws fans often write in the comments of some videos to say that he’s a great dad and that they love to see a father’s love for his daughter.Shelby Lynne started her music career in 1988 with a duet with George Jones called “If I Could Bottle This Up”. She signed with Epic Records and released several country albums but none of them achieved commercial success. She left Epic Records and experimented with different genres such as western swing jazz pop rock soul blues folk Americana. Her breakthrough came with her sixth studio album I Am Shelby Lynne which earned her critical acclaim and a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2000. She has since released more than ten albums including a tribute album to Dusty Springfield called Just A Little Lovin’ in 2008.

Who is the girl from Memphis Street Outlaws?
Mallory Gulley Is More Than Just a Pretty Face on ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ Everything you need to know about “money girl” and badass Mallory Gulley from ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis. ‘
Shelby Lynne has been married twice. Her first marriage was to John Jackson, a guitarist and producer, in 1991. They divorced in 1993. Her second marriage was to Bill Bottrell, a producer and songwriter, in 2005. They separated in 2007. She has no children of her own but is close to her sister Allison Moorer’s son John Henry who was diagnosed with autism at age two. Shelby Lynne is a remarkable woman who excels in both music and racing. She has won a Grammy Award for her soulful songs and has conquered the streets with her powerful car. She is an outlaw in the best sense of the word: fearless, adventurous, passionate, and authentic. To learn more about Shelby Lynne and her latest news updates follow her on social media or visit her official website. Shelby Lynne is also an avid drag racer who competes in the Street Outlaws show on Discovery Channel. She drives a black 1967 Chevy Nova named “The Mistress” which has over 3000 horsepower under its hood. She is part of the Memphis Street Outlaws team led by JJ Da Boss who are known for their street racing skills across America. She recently won a big tire race at Holiday Raceway Alabama Armdrop 2022 beating some of the best racers in the country.Shelby Lynne is an American singer-songwriter who won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2000. She is also a drag racer who competes in the Street Outlaws show on Discovery Channel. She drives a black 1967 Chevy Nova named “The Mistress” and is part of the Memphis Street Outlaws team led by JJ Da Boss. In this blog post, we will explore who Shelby Lynne is as an artist and as a racer.

Shelby Lynne was born on October 22nd, 1968 in Quantico Virginia as Shelby Lynn Moorer. She grew up in Jackson Alabama with her younger sister Allison Moorer who is also a singer-songwriter. Music was an important part of their family but tragedy struck when their father killed their mother and himself when Shelby was 17 years old. She moved to Nashville Tennessee to pursue her music career shortly after.
Later in 2017, JJ was involved in another terrible accident while transporting two cars to Arkansas. Unfortunately, he dozed off behind the wheel, resulting in a significant collision in which he suffered a broken hand and rib fractures.She grew up alongside her half-sister, Emily Lacy. Trisha is also a well-known personality in the street racing genre. She co-stars with her husband in the television series Street Outlaws: Memphis.

Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend is called Silvana Mojica, a model and internet personality. Dave and Silvana’s relationship went viral following an episode of The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co aired. Dave revealed his relationship with the internet personality during the show.
The American television personality had seven children prior to meeting his wife, Trisha. Little is known about JJ Da Boss’ kids except for his eldest son Josh Day, aka Doughboy. He also races in the television series. Josh is married to a woman named Chelsea, and the couple has two children, Kamden and Novaleigh.JJ is famous for his legal business of purchasing old automobiles, designing them, and selling them to his client. The high-profile celebrity also gives advice to his clients on their cars’ best possible performance. Tuko.co.ke released an exciting piece about Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend and everything you should know about her. Of course, fans have been curious about Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend. The American online celebrity is known for his brave and extroverted personality and has long been under public scrutiny. However, he gained more prominence when he was cast on the reality television show Street Outlaws: Memphis. The series started airing on Discovery Channel in January 2018.

She has also collaborated with her husband and other personalities like Precious Cooper to create a team that delivers incredible entertainment for adrenaline junkies and race lovers.Jonathan Day, better known as JJ Da Boss, was born on 10 August 1973 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, to Barbara and David Day. JJ is 49 years old as of 2022. He has an American nationality and follows the Christian faith. He went to Rivercrest High School and graduated in 1992.

What happened to Trisha Wayne on Street Outlaws? On 12 January 2022, JJ Da Boss and his wife, Trisha, were involved in a car accident. The couple got admitted to the hospital after suffering injuries. JJ and Tricia were shooting the second season of Street Outlaws: America’s List on that particular day.JJ Da Boss and Trisha Wayne have been married for 13 years. They have four beautiful children. The couple grew up in the same small town outside Memphis and shared many interests, including racing. JJ Da Boss and Trisha Wayne have been in a relationship for more than a decade. The couple tied their knot in 2009. Both are known for their car racing career. On the other hand, Trisha Wayne (Tricia), also known as Midget, was born in Memphis, United States, to Terry Welch. People dubbed her Midget because of her short stature.

Romantic relationships in the American entertainment industry have been regarded as the bad side of the industry, as many of the entertainers end up having broken unions not long after walking down the aisles. Nevertheless, some entertainers like JJ Da Boss and Trisha Wayne do not just have long-lasting marriages but also successful careers.
JJ is married to Trisha Wayne, a car driver. The couple has been married for 13 years. They have four children together, three daughters, Vada, Aubrey, and Annaline, and a son, Jonathan Wayne Jr.

What happened to JJ's wife on Street Outlaws?
12, 2022, it was revealed that both JJ and his wife, Tricia, were involved in a crash while filming Street Outlaws: America’s List that has left them both injured.
The individual racers have featured together in certain times of the unscripted TV drama Road Criminals. During the pandemic in 2022, JJ and Tricia were met with a thorough mishap while going for the show.Shelby Lynn On Memphis Road Fugitives is a charming vehicle racer from Memphis, Tennessee. Lynn began working with Roads Across America on October 2022.This season, JJ has presented a few skilled riders and their supercars. Among every one of the riders, Shelby is the person who stood apart with her fixing and repairman thoughts.

Who is the muscle girl on Street Outlaws fastest in the US?
Jessica Heath from Street Outlaws Team Insane is a racer and bodybuilder.
Subsequently, he has not come back on the series since the mishap. Whitney is the oldest little girl of unscripted tv ruler JJ Da Chief and his most memorable spouse, Liz Slack. Whitney lives in Lepanto, Arkansas, around her mom, Liz and kin.Recordings and photos of this young person have turned into a web sensation since the racer shared them on his virtual entertainment. After seeing the image, a fan expressed; “In the event that the youngster is comparable to her mom Tris, Assuming she drives like Trisha, the road and world are in some hot water. Information is Endlessly power is Strength.”

Who is Shelby Lynne on Street Outlaws?
Shelby Lynne is an American singer-songwriter who won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2000. She is also a drag racer who competes in the Street Outlaws show on Discovery Channel. She drives a black 1967 Chevy Nova named “The Mistress” and is part of the Memphis Street Outlaws team led by JJ Da Boss.
JJ Da Supervisor Little girl Vada Jonathan Day, renowned as JJ Da Supervisor’s little girl Vada Day has shown distinct fascination with road vehicle hustling. As of late, the thirteen-year-old was seen driving JJ’s new vehicle, Tator.

Vada is the little girl of JJ and his subsequent spouse, Tricia Day. JJ Da Supervisor has eleven kids from two spouses. He has four kids with his significant other, Patricia Day.
It was a blessing from heaven to be a piece of the show with the ruler of race, JJ himself. Shelby goes by “DA Child” and clashed against Gary Danos in the main episode. Up until this point, she has won both of the difficulties.JJ as well as his significant other Patricia is a specialist with regards to road dashing. Tricia advances everything, from dashing to mechanical abilities, and goes by the name ‘Diminutive person’.

It was a supernatural occurrence they endure the experience and are in a good place once more. Joshua Day, also known as Doughboy, is the oldest born offspring of JJ and Liz. Joshua was born on Dec 31, 1990, in Joiner, Arkansas, U.S.

Is JJ The Boss and Tricia still married?
JJ has been married to Trisha Wayne since 2009. How many kids do JJ Da Boss and Tricia Wayne have? The couple has four children together. Their children are Vada, Aubrey, Annaline and Jonathan.
On February 2, 2020, Disclosure Channel began the show’s side project, Road Bandits: Quickest In America. The show is on its fourth season in 2023 and has broadcasted two episodes.Road Criminals is an unscripted tv show on Revelation Channel; the main episode circulated on June 10, 2013. The show is on its fifteenth season in 2023.

Day volunteered to bring up the entirety of his children to adore race vehicles and road dashing. In any case, only one of his little girls is keen on strolling in her dad’s strides.
His kids with Tricia are adequately youthful to affirm whether they would emulate his example or pick another way. In any case, one of her girls, Vada, is now there.

Lynn is an enthusiastic racer who has repaired her Camaro without anyone else and won JJ’s Armdrop Gulfport Dragway, guaranteeing her second success of this season.
Besides the fact that everybody cherished her dashing abilities, however she likewise procured a name for revamping the vehicle. After posting the pictures of her changing the carburettors, individuals on her virtual entertainment valued her endeavors.Some said-she is the following JJ, while some are hanging tight for her to contact her maximum capacity. No, Shelby Lynn isn’t JJ Da Manager’s little girl. Frequently, Lynn is confused with JJ’s high school little girl Vada, who was seen driving her dad JJ’s new vehicle Tator.

Why is Tricia in a wheelchair?
After surviving a near-fatal accident and becoming paralyzed from the chest down, Tricia Downing had a choice to make—sit on the sidelines or embrace her new situation and move forward.
Shelby has shared a few photos of the vehicle fix process on her virtual entertainment. She held the wrench and stirred up the tire autonomously, naming her vehicle Da Child.

This might just be the craziest team of drivers in the nation! The Memphis team, lead by JJ Da Boss has been racing together for what feels like forever and they have one rule – the team is everything. They never race each other, focusing instead on taking money from out-of-towners.
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Shelby Lynne appears in virtually every episode of Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel. She races head-to-head with the show’s best drivers and holds her own. As a result, many people tune in to see her compete.At the age of 16, Shelby entered the world of drag racing, and today she is regarded as one of the best drivers in the Street Outlaws series. Both her speed and her bravery behind the wheel have earned her a reputation for excellence.

Many Street Outlaws viewers tune in specifically to see Shelby compete. Because of her little size and the fact that she is sometimes the only female driver in the race, she is frequently viewed as an underdog on the show. Despite this, she has repeatedly shown she is a formidable opponent.
Professional drag racer Shelby Lynne has been featured in the Discovery Channel series Street Outlaws. She’s the offspring of Big Chief, a famous drag racer. It’s no secret that she’s a hard competitor in the program and that she has a reputation for being bold and taking chances.In general, Shelby Lynne is an essential element of the Street Outlaws cast. Both on and off the track, she is a formidable opponent and an inspirational role model. There are always a lot of people in her race because she is such a big deal in the racing world.Shelby values her time away from the track with her loved ones. She is also fond of the beach and traveling. She has taken in many rescued dogs throughout the years since she has a soft spot for all creatures great and little.

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Is Shelby on Street Outlaws JJ's daughter?
Some fans have mistaken Shelby for JJ’s daughter, but the two are not related in any way. JJ already has a 13-year-old daughter named Vada, who fans may have seen driving JJ’s new car, Tator. Cached
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